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A wide range of scenic walks you can never get tired of, great for dogs and look out for the deers if you're lucky enough to spot them.

D Bingley, 20/Dec/2017
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I love it up in Wharncliffe and Greno Woods. Brilliant for dog walking, cycling and running. Well maintained too.

Jalex, 2/Sep/2016
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Went today, large extensive woodland perfect for a short walk or a longer hike

Anonymous, 7/May/2016

Thank you for your response to my concerns with regards to public safety The area that I referred to being churned up and in complete disrepair is up by a pond , very dangerous its boggy and slippery Its hard to explain where the trees have fallen but it is part of the woods which should be monitored and maintained

Flossy, 14/Dec/2015

Hi Flossy I have sent your comment on to the local team. Please email if you wish to give us more information or ask further questions.

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