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A wide range of scenic walks you can never get tired of, great for dogs and look out for the deers if you're lucky enough to spot them.

D Bingley, 20/Dec/2017
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I love it up in Wharncliffe and Greno Woods. Brilliant for dog walking, cycling and running. Well maintained too.

Jalex, 2/Sep/2016
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Went today, large extensive woodland perfect for a short walk or a longer hike

Anonymous, 7/May/2016

Thank you for your response to my concerns with regards to public safety The area that I referred to being churned up and in complete disrepair is up by a pond , very dangerous its boggy and slippery Its hard to explain where the trees have fallen but it is part of the woods which should be monitored and maintained

Flossy, 14/Dec/2015

Hi Flossy I have sent your comment on to the local team. Please email if you wish to give us more information or ask further questions.

Forestry Commission Response
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Terrible place in complete disrepair paths churned up , fallen trees and sink holes appearing . I would not give it a star but no other option The worst part about Wharncliffe Woods is the illegal off road motor bikes and quads its a accident waiting to happen My advice dont bother going there much nicer places to visit in the area

Flossy , 18/Nov/2015

We regret that you haven't enjoyed your visit to Wharncliffe Woods. We've checked the waymarked walking trails and although there may be one or two sections where the drainage needs some attention, they could not be described as generally churned up or in disrepair. We also regularly check these trails for fallen trees, and that makes me think you may be referring to informal paths through the woods. We don't have the resources to maintain such paths to the standard of formal trails, but please let us know exactly where the areas are which you think need attention, and we can look at them to see if they justify any repairs. We have been working with South Yorkshire Police to deal with the motorbikes and quads which use the woods on occasions, and the police have confiscated vehicles and prosecuted riders. However, with a wood as large as Wharncliffe, and with such extensive boundaries, it's not possible to keep them all out all of the time.

Forestry Commission Response

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