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I absolutely love this place. The runways are eerily beautiful and the control tower, tucked behind the right runway, is a piece of history slowly decaying. A wonderful walk, around 5-6km through beautiful woodland. So lucky to have places like this on our doorstep.

Tracy Hefferon, 28/Aug/2017

Love going there to bycycle down the runways. Went there today with daughter and granchildren. Paid homage to the Control Tower. Sureal to realise it was all built before any of us were born.

Chris T, 7/Aug/2016

Saw Bee Orchids for the first time in the wood today alongside one of the runways. Beautiful.

Anonymous, 25/Jun/2016
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Been there a few times. Never found the control tower. Where exactly is it. Is it among the woodland or at one end of a runway?

Simon , 3/Jul/2015

It is close to one of the runways.

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This is a site of historical importance.It is whwhere the pathfinders took off from on the days leading to d-day.Nearby Beaumont Wood is where they camped.I think there should be some kind of memorial to these heroes.

David, 25/May/2015

There was also an iron age site within the wood, and there are several medieval wood banks. There were some trees planted in memory of personnel based there during WWII.

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