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What is happening at Moorpark Richards Castle entrance to the woods. I have travelled up there 3 times recently to find that the car park is off limits. Can you confirm when access to the car park will be available.?

Anonymous, 27/May/2018

Sorry to hear you have travelled there 3 times for it to be closed, we did advertise the closure. It was closed for harvesting operations but it is now open.

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Anonymous, 18/Oct/2017

Hi its not clear where i can ride my horse, i would like to ride through the vinnels but do not know the route. ie a map of bridleways

Anonymous, 12/Oct/2017

Hi if you buy an Ordnance Survey Explorer map 203 that shows the bridleways in Mortimer Forest in adequate detail.

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Lovely autumn walk in the Forest but wot has happened to the bench at High Vinnalls? Nowhere to sit while we ate our apples!

Diana Pollock, 3/Oct/2017

Glad you enjoyed your walk. We had to remove it for safety reasons as it was rotten. Don't worry we are going to replace it.

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Are horse riders allowed ?

Sandra Inott, 25/Sep/2017

Hi horse riders are allowed on the stoned forest roads and bridleways. We ask you to stay off the waymarked walks.

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Red squirrel sighting: Greatly enjoyed our walk in Mortimer forest last Monday, while visiting Ludlow for a few days. We walked down the Climbing Jack trail and then down Mary Knoll valley and, just before we reached the intersection with the Climbing Jack trail to go back up towards Whitcliffe Loop, we saw a red squirrel. I am sure this is what it was, having grown up in Switzerland, where there are only red squirrels and no greys, but only saw its back and tail. I watched it moving away through the trees but didn't manage to actually catch sight of the animal again.Just thought I would let you know as it does not seem to be included in your list of species that occur in Mortimer forest.



Dr Deborah Curtis, 26/Aug/2017
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We walked the nine mile climbing jack route yesterday and would like to say a big thank you to the forestry commission. The trail is extremely well sign posted and maintained. It was a beautiful walk with stunning views.

The Joneses, 5/Feb/2017
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I really think for such a large, multi-day event (Woodpecker Rally), you could have given more than a two day warning! I'm sure locals are well aware of it, but we are visiting for the weekend and had planned walks and cycles specifically in Mortimer Forest and Hopton Woods. There doesn't appear to be any events listings we could have read to avoid this, so we rely on your notifications.

Phil, 1/Sep/2016

Hello, I take your point and we will try to improve next year. I did try to get in touch with you via the email supplied and twitter with some options but wasn't able to get hold of you.

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Lost dog - we found in for forestry up from the car park near the Moor School a lost black Labrador bitch, all black, in good condition, had whelped recently but had no food it it's belly. We asked other walkers about an owner, without success. A couple of ladies, who walk their dogs there daily, did not recognise the bitch, but the younger lady offered to take the bitch home with her and put it out through social media, something we do not get involved with. However if you get a query at your office of a lost dog, tell them to try social media.

Susan Thornley, 14/May/2016

Thank you for letting us know

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