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This is an amazing find, jungle esque in places, beautiful bluebells cascade in wooded enclaves.

Anonymous, 7/May/2017
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Childhood-defining locale. A great spectacle and would heartily recommend.

M, 29/Mar/2017
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I planted a tree in hodgemoor wood in 1969 with my school. I went to see how the trees had grown last week. The first time I had been back for a while, I loved it, it was wonderful. Am I right in assuming the hs2 route runs through the wood, the map looks like it does. I am not sure how I can meet my promise to protect my tree.

M, 27/Sep/2016

The route of HS2 goes close to but does not go through Hodgemoor Woods. However please note that we do undertake regular forestry operations for the health of the woodland and cannot guarantee that your tree will not be affected during one of these.

Forestry Commission Response

Hello can you help me - are the charcoal kilns still in situ in Hodgemoor woods or if not - their approximate location and best place to start from.

Many thanks.

Anonymous, 4/Sep/2016

The kilns are no longer on site in Hodgemoor. They were removed some years ago. The yard itself and the remains of the barn are still present. From the car park head east parallel to the road until you meet the horse trail. Turn left and head down the horse trail until you pass a pond on your right. The old charcoal yard is now on your left. I hope that helps.

Forestry Commission Response

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