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We tried to visit yesterday but turned around and went elsewhere when we saw that it is 10 to park on a Bank Holiday!

Deb M, 8/May/2018
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I understand that pedestrians and dog walkers have to share with bikers but they dont seem to know that. Pedestrians should have right of way on shared routes and should slow down or stop to let pedestrians walk on. There are more than enough bike trails for them to break their necks on, the shared ones should be at pedestrian pace with bikers properly acknowledging that.

Andy, 4/Oct/2017
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Tried to visit this bank holiday weekend whilst in the area however we were unaware of the 10 per car just to park!!!

so unfortunatly we were forced to u-turn and go home.

20 just to park is way too much regardless of what is on offer

Anonymous, 1/May/2017
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there are walking routes and mountain bike routes please use the proper one don't complain if you walk on a cycle route

Anonymous, 21/Apr/2017
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So many mountain bikes & they all expect walkers to stop & stand to the side of the narrower routes - you get nowhere at all. So frustrating & stressful - some of the rode past em & my precious dogs far too fast. Not an experience I will be repeating. Mountain bikes rule ok here that's for sure :(

Anonymous, 27/Oct/2016

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