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hi fished at hatchet pond several times , now registered disabled is there concessions on day tickets and if so how much are they ty.

chris cawsey, 12/Jan/2018

Thank you for your e-mail. The day ticket price for concessions is currently £7.00 for 2 rods and £9.00 for 3 rods

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What the best bate to use

Anonymous, 2/Jul/2017

As a variety of fish live in Hatchet Pond, therefore the bait can vary. However boilies can be used in moderation and only dead marine fish should be used for pike fishing..

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I think the pond has no smaller fish in it, due to cormarrants eating them all.

Anonymous, 21/Feb/2017

What's the lake record carp

Anonymous, 24/Jul/2016

Thank you for your comment. The Carp can weight up to 30 plus pounds.

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Are there a lot of carp in hatchet pond? What's in there?

Oli, 10/Jul/2016

Thank you for your question. There are various fresh water fish in Hatchet Pond, including Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Pike, Pearch, Eels and Rudd.

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last time i went was not good ,but the time before was a good days fishing and picnic. with my 2 dogs which i kept on leads.

the time before was spoilt by a person breaking large branches of the trees and throwing in the pond for their dogs.

the language spoilt it for everyone and the dogs spoilt the fishing.

and i wasted 10.00.

i think i reported it at the time on this site

chris, 22/Sep/2015
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can you tell me are you allowed to use spinners or lures to pike fish hatchet pond

chris, 21/Sep/2015

Thank your comment. Only dead marine fish can be used a bait for Pike fishing at Hatchet and Little Hatchet Ponds.

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