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First time here, good sections with the right amount of technical features that flow great (I went on the Black and Red Sections). However, I would advise looking at the map to avoid some of the lengthy fire roads. All the routes are clearly marked. Definitely coming back sometime soon.

Anonymous, 20/Jan/2017
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Too much fire road not enough single track.

Mark Fyles, 4/Jun/2016

Work to increase the distance covered by single track is ongoing, but as you can imagine building several miles of trail is a lengthy and costly process. With a map and some half decent navigation skills, riders can miss out large sections of forest road if they wish and concentrate their riding on the single track sections

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Bought a Voodoo Bizango on Wed and did the red route on Fri my first time and loved it. What an experience I can't wait to get back.

Gary H, 28/May/2016
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First day on the red (one fall, no submission grapple fans), had a great time and can't wait to return.

For first timers all routes are clearly marked and the staff at wood n wheels were great, I'd advise sticking yr head round the door even just to ask if any sections are closed.

Cl33tus, 9/Apr/2016

Transmission, accelerator and nitrous closed August 1st and 2nd for a race, fair enough, there was notice on this site. So I decided to come over this weekend, and what do I find, those downhills closed yet again, but this time, no notice.

Rob Turner, 9/Aug/2015

Sorry to read you came to the forest expecting these trail sections to be open this weekend. We did post this on the same 'Latest news' bulletin on the Cycle Trails page as the closures last weekend so we could give as much notice as possible of both weekend events.

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great im 9 year old and its great

Matthew usher, 4/Apr/2015
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Visited Hamsterley for the first time today to ride the red route. I'd visited this website yesterday so was aware that part of the trail was closed and that diversions were in place. Followed the signs taking a left over the bridge just past the big house for sale, up the short climb then right up a long steep climb on rough road to the cross-roads. Original route straight ahead was marked closed so followed the diversion sign left and then onto the clearly marked red route down sections which I really enjoyed. Disappointed to find ourselves back at the starting point with only 5 miles on the clock. Did a few circuits and took in The Loop (really good) to get the miles in. Enjoyed the parts of the route that we did ride but disappointed to miss out on a lot of the trail due to poor signage.

Dave, 19/Mar/2015

Sorry Dave - the diversion signs were not clear enough at the crossroads. The trail crosses this point twice (a bit like the middle of a figure of eight). The usual signage refers to 'outbound' where you turn right and 'return' where you turn left as you did. Unfortunately, the diversion sign was not clear enough for those who don't know the site. I hope you return again to ride the whole trail.

Forestry Commission Response
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As a regular visitor to Hamsterley, I would just like to mention the increasing number of "pot holes" in the Transmission and Accelerator downhills. The volunteers and forestry workers do a superb job maintaining all the single tracks, but these holes need filling in. They spoil the thrill of the downhill as they slow you down, and are an accident waiting to happen.

Rob Turner, 13/Oct/2014

Thank you for the feedback on the trails. The sections you mention get very heavy useage and will start to show signs of wear and tear. We will continue to monitor the trails and repair any defects that are potentially dangerous, but as long as the trail remains within the grading standard (which is red for these trail sections), they will be upgraded as soon as resources become available. The Hamsterley Trailblazers routinely organise trail maintenance days - you would be very welcome to come along and lend a hand.

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Only gets a 3rd star because I went when the heather was in bloom and the views of the purple moors at the far end of the trail was one of the best I've ever seen. The MTBing wasn't enough bang for the buck though. Heed the other advice and look for shortcuts to the 3 fun sections. They were pretty good - especially the first 2. The third was a bit technical rock riding for a blue/red rider like me to enjoy on a blind / first-time descent.

Ed, 29/Aug/2014
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I ride here most weeks and yeah theres a few climbs but thats good if you want to up your fittness so stop moaning! Anyway transmission is a great section and there are short cuts back to the top so worth doing at least 4 times before you to accellerator a few times then nitrous then go up to section 13 and boneshacker...

MARK, 28/Aug/2014
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