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Did the red trail, its very hilly to start and a good track but quite dangerous in parts. Unfortunately. I came off about 3 miles from the end, down a steep rocky incline smashing my front teeth on a rock and breaking my elbow. Please be careful, its quite a tricky trail in parts.

Kerry, 20/Aug/2018

Sorry to read about your accident. You are quite right, this is a red grade trail which is described as "Suitable for proficient MTBers with good off-road riding skills and fitness. Trail contains challenging climbs, tricky descents and technical features such as drop-offs and large rocks." A useful reminder to all that this trail is not for novice cyclists.

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I was so lucky to meet Shaun R from GSK He invited me out to HF (Hamsterley Forest) to mtb-bike. It was a very good experience to mtb bike in this forest. There are a lots of trails here and they (the builders) has done a great job. There are a lots of down hill here and a lots of jumps. Persons who like to go down hill should try HF. Nature are fantastic and the trails are very wide compare to DK's I would say. You just have to go there.

Many thanks to Shaun R and HF

Allan S, Denmark, 24/May/2018
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Easy enough to miss out on the gravel road bits of the red and just focus on the trails. Polty's and K-Line are a hoot - great work by the trailbuilders and FC. Thanks

Joe M, 23/Apr/2018
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There was not enough singletrack for the extensive amount of fireroad. At the start,you went uphill for almost 2 hours with no singletrack or downhill. A good route for people with unlimited stamina and patience. I did the route in snow and ice which I would HIGHLY dis-encourage, this made the normally fun and fast sections slow and dangerous. We will be coming back for the Downhill Descent and the singletrack sections of the red route but will not be doing the whole red perimeter route.

Jacob, 17/Feb/2018
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First time here, good sections with the right amount of technical features that flow great (I went on the Black and Red Sections). However, I would advise looking at the map to avoid some of the lengthy fire roads. All the routes are clearly marked. Definitely coming back sometime soon.

Anonymous, 20/Jan/2017
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Too much fire road not enough single track.

Mark Fyles, 4/Jun/2016

Work to increase the distance covered by single track is ongoing, but as you can imagine building several miles of trail is a lengthy and costly process. With a map and some half decent navigation skills, riders can miss out large sections of forest road if they wish and concentrate their riding on the single track sections

Forestry Commission Response

Bought a Voodoo Bizango on Wed and did the red route on Fri my first time and loved it. What an experience I can't wait to get back.

Gary H, 28/May/2016
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First day on the red (one fall, no submission grapple fans), had a great time and can't wait to return.

For first timers all routes are clearly marked and the staff at wood n wheels were great, I'd advise sticking yr head round the door even just to ask if any sections are closed.

Cl33tus, 9/Apr/2016

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