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A lot of small children play and touch the gruffelo, it would be a good idea to spend a few hundred pounds to put a gated fence found it as lots of dogs cock their leg up it. This would protect your future visitors and I,m sure would be approved by parents.

Barry Collins, 19/Feb/2018

Many thanks for your communication. Unfortunately a gated fence is not going to resolve the matter. Being in a forest environment it is highly likely that all manner of animals both large and small are impacting upon the statue, this is the nature of the environment in which the statue stands.

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What a mess! Half term so thought the family would meet together at the woods for the children to have some fun. 1st car was allowed in but the other 2 were told to park at the exit and walk in due to no parking! There were at least 4 parking spaces when I (the 1st and only car allowed in). Very disappointed as the other drivers didnt know the area. After seeing the mess up there with not much for the children to do, no park! We decided to meet back up (another mission!) and head elsewhere with upset children that had especially decorated rocks for the gruffalo trail, again that wasnt there anymore either. I really hope these new plans are good ones. Not a good experience during half term.

Anonymous, 16/Feb/2018

Thank you for comments. We are sorry to hear of your disappointment. Half term is of course a busy period for us with the schools being off. We brought in a Circus Skills entertainer for some of the days and also installed a Disc Golf Course for visitors to experience if they wished. For updates on the development works please see our Website development page and also our Facebook page at ‘Wendoverwoods’.

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I have walked these woods with my dogs since 1975, the footpaths have never!!been so bad due to cyclist using them. This really needs to be sorted. Using a car to get there I have to pay. They need to contribute to their damage!!

Barry Collins, 28/Jan/2018

Many thanks for contacting us via the website with your concerns about our footpaths. Unfortunately, we have experienced some exceptional weather events this winter which has made the ground significantly wetter than in recent years. This and the increased footfall we have been seeing over the same period has resulted in a wetter experience than we’ve come to expect as normal. Cyclists are permitted to use the designated trails and only need to pay if they bring their cycles to the woods by car.

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Shame about cyclists using the non cycling trails still, churns up the trails and verbal abuse from cyclists when you point out that they are off the designated trail.How about them having to pay for a permit like the horse riders that say they could be contolled a bit more and raise money to help keep the paths open.

Martyn Cleal, 14/Jan/2018

Thank you for providing us with this feedback. We are very sorry to hear that your visit has not been as you would have liked. Where we find cyclists using non cycling trails they are dealt with. Unfortunately, we are unable to monitor all trails at all times, as we are sure you can appreciate.

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We travelled for forty minutes to get to Wendover Woods on New Years Day, bringing three small excited children to walk the Highway Rat trail . We were extremely disappointed that there were no activity packs left for them to buy. I feel this is unacceptable. You must have known that over the Christmas period there would be more people wanting to visit. Surely more packs could have been obtained.

Susan Ward, 8/Jan/2018

I am sorry you were unable to obtain a pack on the day. Our Highway Rat trail packs can be obtained from 2 main sources, the Café and the Forest Office. If you are unable to secure a pack from either of these points a third option is to contact our Duty Ranger on 07796 313507.

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Please can you tell me what orienteering markers are out of action

Graham, 17/Nov/2017

All the posts are in place. Half of them were relocated last year in order to keep the trail fresh and updated. Please check your map and if you need an updated one, please pop into the Forest Office or Café in the Woods.

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Are there sculptures of all the characters from the gruffalo on your gruffalo trail or just of the gruffalo himself? We came last year to do the stickman trail and left with a very dissapointed 4 year old as the trailers no longer there dispite being advertised on your website. We don't want a repeat performance.

Anonymous, 21/Oct/2017

Thank you. We have the Gruffalo himself who has been in situ since 2015, but we do not have the other characters on the trail. If you need any further information on the day, then please call our rangers on 07796 313507

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Hello what day you planing to sell Christmas trees this year?

Kasia, 3/Oct/2017

The Christmas Tree Sales Centre will start on Thursday 30th November.

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Was there ever a Gruffalo statue? If so where is it as we couldn't find it!! Very disappointed toddlers!!

Anonymous, 17/Sep/2017

Yes, we do have a Gruffalo sculpture. He has been on site for 2 years on the meadow overlooking our viewpoint. He is marked on our current leaflet and is a short walk from the Café. He can also be found towards the end of our easy access trail. Just walk round and when you pass the bench at the end of the narrower section, turn left towards the open area and he is in the meadow looking at the views. I hope you manage to find him.

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I lost a camera at the woods on Sept 3rd. Wondered if one had been handed in?

Love the woods. Great for families

Mrs S Rollinson, 5/Sep/2017

No I'm sorry but we have not had one handed in to us here. You could try the Café on 01296 620294? Or if you want to call us on 0300 067 4160 we can take your details if anything does turn up?

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I don't really know if you can fly drones at Wendover Woods so if you could you please inform me

Anonymous, 27/Aug/2017

Wendover Woods is in a controlled airspace. If you are operating a drone above 7kg you must not fly in these areas without prior permission from the air traffic service provider controlling that airspace. If you are under 7kg, it is still strongly advised to notify the air traffic service provider of your activity. The drone operator must hold a current and valid CAA license to fly such a device, this includes all types of Drone from small recreational devices to large professional rigs. Please include a copy of the operator’s license in your application if you intended to use a Drone for filming. It would also be your responsibility to advise the local RAF Traffic Control range control of your activity and submit an appropriate flight plan and also inform other local authorities including the Police. you can find more information at I hope that information is useful?

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Please send 100 copies of your DL brochure for display at High Wycombe Library. Our mailing details follow:

The Library

5 Eden Place

High Wycombe

HP11 2DH

Many thanks


Alison Brothers, 10/Aug/2017

We will do thank you.

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I am a frequent visitor to wendover woods and i have a car park pass . I am sick of the cyclists going the wrong way through one one way system. they dont slow down and feel it is their right of way. Often on the way out we meet large groups of cyclist coming in the out enterancd and i end up stopping as they make no concession to me who is going the right way through the system.

Is there anything you can do to stop this.? Cyclist dont pay to use the lovely woods but i as a car driver do.

Angela gregory, 20/Jul/2017

We’re sorry to hear that inconsiderate cyclists are causing an inconvenience for you. The one way traffic system only applies to motor vehicles; cyclists are permitted to go in either direction. However, it is clearly in their own interests to be considerate of other users on the forest drive or on any other shared trail in the woods. If you do encounter a large group of inconsiderate cyclists please inform the Duty Ranger on 07796313507 and they can contact the event organiser to discuss the matter with them. We will also look into installing a notice on the drive entrance/exit to remind cyclists they are on a shared road with oncoming traffic.

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Don't count on the gates being open at 8am - gave up waiting at 8.10 this morning - not for the first time.

Anonymous, 18/Jul/2017

I am sorry the gates were not open at 8am for you. Our duty ranger was off sick that morning and we got to them a little later than usual.

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Utterly disappointed at my family's visit today the so called Park area was shocking trees cut down very little to do and not suitable for disabled children.

Anonymous, 8/Jul/2017

We are starting an exciting series of improvements to our site including new café, new toilets, new all inclusive play trail, a new car park, and a site office. The trees have been cleared to relocate the car park out of the centre of the area used by our visitors, to provide a safer more attractive vehicle free space. The work will be taking place over the next year and it will cause some disruption. These plans have been out to consultation and tailor to meet the needs of our visitors. The improvements will improve the provision all round. I am sorry you didn't enjoy your visit but hope you will visit once the work has been completed.

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Is horse riding permitted?

Daisy, 23/Jun/2017

Yes, we have a permissive horse riding trail. For more information please visit our website at or give us a call at the office on 0300 067 4160.

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Dear sir,

We Japanese school visited your beautiful place on 9th June as a part of school curriculum. When students were walking around with special missions done by us teachers, my colleague happened to see the couple having a sex in a bird watching hut in a purple trail. He was really upset and shocked about it. Of course we told students not to pop in it with another reason. When we went there a month ago, the hut was sealed with yellow tape and was closed. We hope you will find a proper solution to stop it, though it is difficult.

Kind regards,

A Sekine

Ms Akiko SEKINE, 11/Jun/2017

I am very sorry to hear of your experience. It sounds like your colleague managed the situation well in the circumstances. I will make the team aware and we will monitor the situation going forward. The tape was when the building was closed for repair, which was recently completed. I am sorry you missed visiting the hide on that occasion.

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Hello I'm thinking of coming to do the gruffalo trail, and wanted to bring my dog are the welcome

Thank Serina.

Serina, 1/Jun/2017

Yes, dogs are welcome in Wendover Woods. Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Children's Play area, but dogs under control are welcome throughout the rest of the woodland.

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Signs for walking trails should be more obvious.

Anonymous, 24/May/2017

Thank you for your email. We are just starting on some exciting improvements to the centre of the woods and way-finding our trails is included in this. There will be a central point where all the trails will start from, making it much easier to navigate. In the mean-time please pick up a leaflet or download from our website at

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can you please let me know if the bluebells are at their best right now.

thank you

Anonymous, 13/Apr/2017

The bluebells are out at the moment but many are still coming out into flower.

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Today Sunday was a nightmare people parking anywhere and driving at speed whilst blasting out music. There seemed to be a mass B&Q going on .Some sort of festival? Managed to get away from it all for a walk. I also feel it is unnecessary to increase cafe space it's all becoming too commercial.

Angela , 2/Apr/2017

This weekend was Iranian New Year. As part of the celebrations, people come together and enjoy the great outdoors. It has increased in popularity over the last few years and is a great community event. It was also the start of the Easter School Holidays. The planned improvements aim to reduce issues with parking and traffic, which will make the woodland a nicer place to be at busy times.

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Would be nice if there was weekend education for adults, the very people who should be teaching thier kids instead of relying on others. Camping, bush craft, identification skills would all be well desired, camping both in the woods and near by fields should be encouraged, and support of reintroduction of wild animals should take place in and around these woods

Anonymous, 9/Mar/2017

Thank you for your suggestions. We are planning improvements to the woods which will support education in the future. We currently work with many groups to provide training and until recently we had a bushcraft instructor training in the woods. The woods are designated as a local wildlife site and are full of wildlife, both common species and more rare like the Firecrest or glow-worms.

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want to take my 3 yr old on the gruffalo trail, has anyone done it yet also with a push chair? 8 also have a 3 month old! I'm not local so do not wish to travel that far to be u able to do the trail and visit the play ground. Can anyone advise? ;)

Jamie, 23/Feb/2017

Hello, the majority of the Gruffalo Spotters Trail can be done with a buggy, but there are several short sections that can be muddy with puddles in wet weather, and may pose a challenge to light weight buggies. All terrain buggies with large wheels should be fine.

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A decent forest and no more waste bins needed. It is easy to take away your own rubbish and not leave any trace. "Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua." As man disappears from sight, the land remains. ~Maori Proverb

Anonymous, 16/Jan/2017
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We did the hilltop trail and there was not one waste bin along the trail. When we returned to the cafe again there wasn't any bins to be seen for our cups. Could you place more bins around the site and trails.

Anonymous, 29/Dec/2016

Thank you for your comment about bins. We don't currently provide waste bins other than those by located by the Café, as we try and encourage people to take their own rubbish home. There are bins by the Café for waste that we produce on site like your cups. We are planning site improvements and bins will be part of these plans.

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We loved the stickman trail! Will there be another Julia Donaldson themed trail?

Katie, 2/Nov/2016

We have two themed trails coming up. The Autumn Trail which is in the woodland now, followed by the Christmas Trail which will be coming late November/early December.

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Have you considered putting a few more dog bins around the woods, maybe at the junctions where the main paths meet.

Tony Skeggs , 22/Oct/2016

We currently have five dog bins on site, which we feel is sufficient. As there are currently many trails it would be costly to put bins on all of them so we have put them on the start of the most popular ones and at two of our other entrance points.

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It was FAB!!

Anonymous, 9/Oct/2016
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Might be best to remove the website about the Stickman trail as it's not available to do anymore....

Anonymous, 7/Sep/2016

Oops, they should have all gone. Thanks for the message. I'll do that now.

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Lovely woods and scenery and good for family's however can get very busy on bank holidays

Anonymous, 29/Aug/2016
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My friend & I paid for a day permit to ride our horses and it was wonderful. On a joy day it was wonderfully cool in the shade of the trees and a fabulous way to to spend an afternoon.

Nikki Smith, 13/Aug/2016

Is the entrance to the woods now accessible as I drove over from Oxford last week and couldn't get in so had to go home again. I plan to come on Monday with a friend but don't want to traipse over if I have to go on long diversion!!!

Anonymous, 28/Jul/2016

Please contact the duty ranger phone on 07796 313507 for up to date information. I apologise but the council have been very scarce and vague with information to us, which we appreciate is frustrating for our visitors as we cannot keep up to date with developments on the road.

Forestry Commission Response

Really disappointed to miss out on Wendover Woods today. The diversion signs are shocking.

Pauline, 22/Jul/2016

I am sorry you found these difficult to follow. We had a lot of difficulty with the council trying to get this adequately signed.

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We love coming to the woods and cafe and planned a visit today to take advantage of the shade from the tres. The road closure caused a lot of problems (for us and most people we chatted to) and resulted in us turning back and heading home. We are planning a return visit at the weekend, I hope the diversion signs improve by then!

Matilda's Mum, 19/Jul/2016

Thank you for you feedback. We apologise for any disruption you experienced. We have been given minimal notice and information about the road works but we are striving to ensure the diversions are in place. We are hoping all the works before the entrance will be completed for the weekend.

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can teachers bring a coach full of children to the wood and den build? Better still have you got anyone on site that will facilitate den building?

barbara, 13/May/2016

Schools are welcome to come and use the woods and the den building area. We currently have Green School run facilitate events in the woods, have a look at the link on our website

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Can you hire bikes for a day? Thanks

Derek Barker, 13/May/2016

I'm afraid we don't have bike hire at the woods.

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Can you let me know if anyone has handed in a gold chub key please, I lost it on Thursday morning, I'd walked from the Hale Lane entrance, keeping right.

Thank you.

Sarah, 22/Apr/2016

I'm afraid we haven't had one handed in as yet. If you would like to contact the office, we can let you know if we do have one handed in this week? The office telephone is 0300 067 4160. Thanks.

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Is the stick man trail still running?

Danielle , 8/Apr/2016

Yes the stickman trail is still running in Wendover Woods.

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Is the gruffalo still at Wendover woods? Visiting tomorrow.

Many thanks

rachael wright, 1/Apr/2016

Sorry for the late reply. Yes the Gruffalo is still in the woods. Hope you enjoy your visit.

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Why don't you have parking costs on this website?

Anonymous, 31/Mar/2016

The parking costs are detailed in the "Planning your visit section" - the link is I hope that helps?

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