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Ace place on a warm sunny day in early august if you are prepared to spend time, best with a scope , Honey buzzard, goshawk, sparrow hawk, cross bill, bullfinch etc

John wheldon, 11/Aug/2017

Thanks for the comments John, glad you had a good day!

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We revisited the site this year on 12th July, sadly nothing has change since my comments of last year. In fact the views are worse, you cannot now see over the bracken when sitting on the seats.

Vic Cozens, 20/Jul/2017

We apologise for this oversight. In some cases we are not able to undertake these works until schedules permit.

Forestry Commission Response
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The amount of trees around this site block out a great deal of the view, which is a great shame as this could be a brilliant site.

Vic Cozens, 20/Jul/2016

Thank you for your comments, we will look into this when we next inspect the area.

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This is a lovely place to park the car and enjoy watching the birds - we were privileged to see a jay today along with the many smaller birds, and a handsome pheasant. A grey squirrel also came along to steal some bird food, as is often the case!The trees have grown up over the years, so the views down to Troutsdale are quite limited but it is a peaceful place to visit. Thanks go to the Forestry Commission for the seating and the parking area. Shame on those who show a lack of appreciation by leaving litter!

Virginia, 3/Apr/2016

Glad you enjoyed your visit and thanks for the comments!

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