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The cyclemap is very poor -) roads are not easily distinguishable from off-road (important when trying to avoid roads).

There doesn't appear to be anywhere where I can download a map showing all the numbered junctions

Stewart Walker, 19/Jun/2017

Is a cycling helmet required or is it just recommended ?

Anonymous, 6/Jun/2017

Thank you for your question. It is recommended that you wear a cycle helmet in case you fall off, but it is up to the individual cyclist if they wear one or not.

Forestry Commission Response
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very poor webpage. Map for cycling is not good enough, more detail needed.

s scott, 16/Jan/2017

Thank you for your comment. There are plans to redevelop the website in the future; however it is not possible to upload an interactive map at the moment. The map we have on the page is designed to be printed off for use with the cycle route way markers on the ground. Or for a more detailed routes it can be used in conjunction with an Ordnance Survey map.

Forestry Commission Response

Waymark 213 on the old railway line from Wootton Bridge to Brockenhurst tells me I can continue cycling straight ahead or turn right onto the gravelled track to Longslade View car park, which is a good link to Sway. When I cycle into the car park from the road, a sign tells me I may NOT cycle on this track. Are there any more one-way cycle tracks in the New Forest?

Confused, 20/Jul/2016

The authorised cycle route is along the old railway line and the track from the railway line to Longslade view car park is not part of the network, although we are aware that people use it. The arrow sign will be swapped to the correct one.

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Map needs much more detail to be useful. I paid 2 for a paper version, useless! Better to spend a little more and buy an OS map.

Anonymous, 27/Jun/2016

Can u hire bikes?

Kim, 3/Feb/2016

Thank you for your question. There are many locations through the New Forest where you are able to hire bikes. You may wish to visit the New Forest Visitor Information website; as they have details of bike hire establishments in the local area.

Forestry Commission Response

What is by-law that prohibits cycling (other than on cycle tracks) in the New Forest?

I have found "Statutory Instrument 1982 No 648" elsewhere on your website but it doesn't appear to mention cycles.

Pierce, 29/Sep/2015

As responsible land managers the Forestry Commission work very closely with the Verderers of the New forest to help maintain the balance between managing recreation and conservation. Cycling is currently only permitted on the waymarked gravel tracks in the New Forest of which there are over a 100miles of. Keeping to these tracks helps minimise the disturbance to wildlife and well as reducing the pressure on more sensitive parts of the SSSI .

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Is it permitted to push bikes across the open forest between the designated cycletracks ? I can see why riding off tracks would be frowned on but pushing surely is harmless - and certainly less damaging to terrain and non-gravel tracks, paths, etc than the riding of horses, for example ? So many such tracks and paths seem to get very cut up by horseriders.

Also I wonder if you could clarify, is it just the signposted network of tracks that one can ride on or is it permissible to ride on other gravel tracks ?

As someone who started riding in the New Forest in the less regulated times of the 1950's I'm not too sure I've kept up to date with the "letter of the law" !

I would be very grateful to know the exact position as this subject has come up in discussion recently. Richard

Richard Holley, 30/Nov/2014

Thank you Richard for your comment on cycling in the forest. Firstly, to get one piece of information clear for you, it is only permitted for cyclists to use the designated cycle routes in the New forest and no other tracks. Although not perfect in the way they link together, there is over 100 miles of cycle route that will take you through the heart of the New Forest landscape. The routes can be found on maps (and the OS Explorer map) that are available at the Visitor Centre and cycle hire shops. They link via B roads that are not too busy. To answer your other question, I think you have a valid point, as on pavements if you are dismounted you should be allowed to push your bike along non-designated tracks to connect from one route to another. This does not break any bylaw. Please enjoy riding in the forest again!

Forestry Commission Response

Will the potholes at most car parks be repaired this year? I cannot access the forest other than by car but the abominable state of the car parks limits access severely unless one drives an off road vehicle.

forest enthusiast, 11/Aug/2014

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the condition of car park surfacing. The Forestry Commission manage 134 car parks across the New Forest, providing public access and enjoyment for all. Our car parks are inspected on a regular basis to assess their condition and remedial works undertaking accordingly. It is not possible to keep every car park in the condition we would like due to our limited resources. During June and July we undertook maintenance on 40 of our car parks, making the most out of the dry weather. The Forestry Commission welcome visitors at all times of the year and would hope that with what limited resources we have, we try to ensure minimal inconvenience to visitors by keeping all of our sites open and in a safe condition. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch and I do hope that I have answered your concerns.

Forestry Commission Response
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Perfect if you like hills

Anonymous, 5/Aug/2014
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