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Visited the woods on Saturday 5 May and had great difficulty in finding any signs showing where any of the trails started. Basically your signing is a joke. It was only by chance that we found a trail to walk. Your maps also are totally confusing. Not sure we will return although the woods are lovely.

Mr Legh, 7/May/2018

Thanks for your comments and feedback. As part of our transformation we are developing a brand new information point in the core area of the Forest Centre. This will be staffed by Forestry employees during our normal opening hours. The team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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Is there a mountain bike track suitable for 8yr olds?

Where do I find a map?

Anonymous, 16/Mar/2018

You find out about cycling at Wendover Woods here

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Hi I regularly walk my dog around the woods 4 - 5 times a week most of the time with no problem with other dogs except on a couple of occasions with a professional dog walker that has 5 - 6 dogs off the lead and recently these have attacked my dog, OK as I carry a staff I could fend them off my dog but if ever this pack decide to attack a younger person I doubt if the dog carer could control the pack, just wanted to make you aware, the dog walker is a company called Potter Paws, Aylesbury also pretty sure there is a limit now on the amount these walkers are allowed to be in control of.

ged shepherd, 11/Jan/2018

Thank you very much for drawing this to our attention. We shall record this information and make further investigations.

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I was looking for the easy trail but couldn't find the start of it . Help please

Sue, 5/May/2017

The easy access trail starts from the first small car park you come to in Wendover Woods. If you are at the main car park, head to the Toilet block, past it and turn left. Carry on this path to the end, where you will meet the small car park. The trail starts along the back edge of the car park.

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Are dogs allowed off leads in all areas? I was at Burnham Beeches today and it was really difficult to find areas where did were allowed off lead. Thanks!

Anonymous, 5/Apr/2017

Yes, dog are welcome throughout the woods as long as they are under close control. By this we mean you are able to recall your dog and it is within your sight at all times. We ask that dogs are kept out of the Children's Play Area, and that owners consider putting their dogs on leads around the Café.

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Could be a lovely place, but to be honest it lakes wild life. There is a long forgotten pond, nothing to offer education to adults, and it would be incredible to have small areas to allow camping

Teddy, 9/Mar/2017
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Its a shame that some cyclists choose to use paths clearly marked "no cycling" ,nearly got run over today by 2 mountain bikers, when challenged was told to get stuffed. How about permits like the horse riders, would make it easier to control people who misuse the facilities.

Martyn, 21/Aug/2016
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We have often enjoyed walking in these woods in dry weather but when we walked the 'Easy access' trail this first week of December, this is what we found. The very young may still cope but the very old or mobility-challenged will not find it pleasurable or safe, and I wouldn't like to push a wheelchair round there. Since you advertise it as an 'easy access surfaced trail', you may like to think about replacing the 'surface', which seems to have disappeared.

Celia Francis, 4/Dec/2015

Thank you for your comments. The trail has been very popular this last winter and the surface has suffered. I am sorry this spoiled your visit. We are planning to start a series of visitor improvements next year which includes a new easy access trail and play trail to improve accessibility across the site.

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