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POWER WASHER BROKE AGAIN !!!! As a regular mountainbike at Dalby forest this ongoing saga over the power washer is getting boring now.The ongoing argument on who owns it (bike centre now closed)or Dalby forestry commission. The only thing you have done when it does work is remove 1 of the lances and now charge 1.50 where is was 2 lances and 1 !!! Please don't think that this was missed by your loyal mountainbike riders either. Why don't you supply a hosepipe at the washing area , hardly high tech but would work. When asking at the centre for a hosepipe you will be told that the chemicals and oils will wash from the bikes into the drains....environmentally hazardous .but happy for the old vans you use to do exactly that. I only give constructive criticism where due but please sort this out as you must be losing riders who don't want to put their dirty bikes into their clean cars..come on Dalby forest get the hosepipe set up if you can't sort the washer out.... (still cleaning the inside of my new car out)

Graham, 4/Feb/2018

Hi for the Jackie abbot and Paul Heaton concert is there camping available

Rachel laity, 3/Dec/2017
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I love visiting Dalby Forest with my children and grandchildren. We do always bring our own food so not aware of expensive food and drinks. I was reading through the information about Dalby Forest and was surprised to see that it is free for motorcycles - why is this?

Ali, 8/Nov/2017
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The 2 gents at reception were brilliant and extremely helpful! I couldnt give a five for the missing wooden character and the snake on the app refused to work but we had a great time and it was in my eyes a cheap day out.

Mark Hudson, 2/Nov/2017
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I used to ride in Dalby as a teenager and absolutely loved even the limited choice of trails and the JMC Foundation downhill was always great. After 16 years off a bike I started riding again and am absolutely loving the trails these days.

Anyone complaining should realise these trails are maintained by volunteers, who would love your help on the one weekend a month they meet up and that Dalby Forest is not a trail centre and we should be thankful we are allowed to ride there at all.

Michael Rayner, 21/Oct/2017
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Loved our family visit to Dalby, especially finding the Gruffalo!

Bakers, 13/Sep/2017

Been visiting the forest to ride for many years. After reading the views of a visitor in a national mountain bike magazine last month I visited yesterday for a ride. I have to admit that the gated system is basically a pain. I had taken cash and had to find another visitor willing to let me pay them and use their card so I could go home. Secondly 8! I visit other forests in Wales and Hansterley and Scotland to ride and honestly they are way less expensive and the trails for mountain bikers are way way better maintained and have more interesting and challenging to ride. I found many of the sections I know well in a really badly maintained state with potholes and deep deep puddles in some fairly critical places. Also I have to say the car park was the quietest I have ever seen in many years for a Saturday morning at 11am. I have to say I won't be rushing back any time soon as therapy very mercenary feel to the parking charge, I heard that the bike shop is closing due to high rents and the good courtyard cafe has scaled down the food offering. 8 is a rip off for anybody visiting to ride. I suggest you invest some of the huge funds collected back into the trails as Mtb is BIG business and you are shooting the cash cow by taking us for granted. Also you have been named and shamed in the largest circulation magazine in the country.

Paul Whittle, 10/Sep/2017
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Brilliant day out. Headed to the Gruffalo walk as we have a pushchair and it's a nice flat walk, however the kids (and big kid) spent over an our running round the embankment and down to the stream having a brilliant time. Never finished the walk. Then later headed up to the lake, which is stunning. Next time we will bring a Bbq. Facilities are conveniently located everywhere and kept stocked and clean. Fabulous play areas. Great family day out.

Lindsey, 31/Aug/2017
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No free disabled parking. We can not access the whole facilities, but expected to pay for them. Won't be back.

Anonymous, 22/Aug/2017
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Dalby forest is a well none for Its massive red rout and World Cup rout ,I decided to come down and see what it was all about on my enduro bike ,the trails are very hilly and I found after every down hill there was another climb after climb and I was surprised that there were no down hill trails or any flowey free ride trails . I think dalby would be a lot better if there was a affordable uplift and some down hill and free ride trails it's a shame to see all of the land at dalby not being used to its full potential,the closest bike park is in Newcastle and is to far for most dh riders to travel to this would bring more people to dalby and would be a lot more fun

Ryan , 19/Aug/2017
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Great day in treetops for 11 and 14 year old, our adult son and partner. Four year old we looked after meanwhile had great time in large playground of wooden structures suitable for range of ages. Cafe not great so bring BBQ or PiqNik. Great to be in a beautiful forest with no WiFi or BT signal for the day

David and Shelagh, 18/Aug/2017
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Great place for a day out got the discovery pass as come a lot to mountain bike and this is a good saving plenty of parking and well maintained cycle trails great for a short bash or a full day out can't find anything wrong except the cafe seems to be more miss then hit at the visitors centre but tried the small one next to the bike shop very good great value day out with loads to see and do keep it up

Fraz, 15/Aug/2017
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We are regular visitors, and while the disabled bays are in a cramped area of the car park they have not until now been a problem, however we have gone from a generous 16/17 bays down to a crowded 5 bays (admittedly the 6 near the village have never really been used) but the 10 near the visitors centre have gone down to 4, unless it was vandals who have removed the signs, and even more importantly when we arrived there was ONE car, yes mine, not only displaying a disabled badge, but all of the others were people getting out of their car who couldn't care less that they were blocking a disabled bay, and even thins was a better attitude than the staff who couldn't five a flying duck (rhyming slang!) that non disable people were parking in the bays, we have to pay the same as everyone else, the ONLY concession we get is a effing parking bay, and we don't even get that! Oh sorry I forgot - a single toilet that is often filled with a queue of parents! and having to try and use a wheelchair on gravel, similar to using sandpaper as a lubricant!

Oh and safety grounds - better signs telling people to only go one way around the car park would be an idea! The non-existent signs mean that people often try to go the wrong way to reach an empty place, we had a line of 4 cars trying to do this at one point today

Rob Newman, 13/Aug/2017
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Went for the first time on the Gruffalo trail - unfortunately two of the creatures wouldn't appear (and didn't for the couples beside us either), one of the footprint signs was broken and on the ground, one of the binocular signs was snapped in half and one of the animals that did appear would only appear sideways. All in all it was not worth paying 11 for (parking +activity bag)

R, 13/Aug/2017
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I am very disappointed to read some of the comments posted about Dalby. It remains one of the best value for money days we have had. 8 is nothing for a day out for a family of 4. You can't entertain a family for that price anywhere else. Cycle and walking trails are excellent, the play parks are lovely and the upkeep of these things must be very costly. I say, put the price up again and keep out the moaning riff raff. OK the cafe isn't great, but bring a picnic,or better still a bbq.

Anonymous, 12/Aug/2017
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Beautiful place unfortunately ruined by the money grabbing side of it. I'm near the lake district which is just amazing and that is for everyone's benefit no matter how much money you have/haven't. So I was surprised to pay 8 to get in to park. The cafes were equally expensive and not nice food to match the extortionate prices. I'm from the north west coast so we have beautiful scenery everywhere, the north east coast is just as stunning so I'll continue to go but I'll not bother with dalby forest again.. Shame they could only think of the way they have to raise funds for conservation. They need lessons from over this way maybe? :)

Claire , 9/Aug/2017
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Went to visit Dalby Forest it is a good job you can turn round at at the barriers because I did 8.00 to park your car is absolutely disgusting it's a couple of quid in other forests that I have visited there is no way you can warrant those prices if it was 2 or 3 quid our would more than double your income

Robert Mealor, 29/Jul/2017

Car parking is 8 for less than two hours visit to go to go ape, some carpark pay machines don't take cash!! I had to walk to the visitor centre to pay with cash as I didn't have a card with me. Sat nav doesn't work with post code and poor signposts from some roads better off using directions on a map than satnav (sent up farm track that had sign outside saying satnav error)!!!

Katie peach, 26/Jul/2017
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Called managers there to report a dangerous dog and antisocial behaviour. They said they were 'not prepared to put their staff in danger by confronting the perpetrator, that I would have to contact the police'. Clearly this means that visitors to the forest will be afforded no protection by the operators, a blatant contravention of the Health & Safety at Work Act. My advice is to avoid the place.

Anonymous, 21/Jul/2017
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Visited Dalby forest today. We took our digs and young daughter so didn't expect to walk far. Did the gruffalo trail but unable to use the app as no signal.

It was a lovely walk.

Only two bugbears were nearly 6 for three bottles of water ( you need to go prepared with your own drinks and food as cost astronomical ) and 8 to park despite only a short visit. So if you go plan to be there all day.

Anna-Marie Bull, 19/Jul/2017
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It's a shame to see that the cycle loop hasn't changed much over the years and seems to a lesser concern to the FC. Scotland seems to change and develop trails more regularly which is probably why they are better.

Anonymous, 16/Jul/2017
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We were at the Elbow concert last Saturday night in the forest. It was absolutely brilliant. The band were on top form. The setting is wonderful and jousts adds to the atmosphere..

The parking arrangements were well organised and this year the mass exit had been better organised (hurrah).

This was our fourth year of concerts in the forest, we've had sun,torrential rain, midges but every year has been an absolute memory maker.

Well done Dalby Forest . . If you've never been ,try it. I shall be looking forward to next years event. .

Anonymous, 28/Jun/2017
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I live fairly locally but haven't been in for a while. Visited today, I think the parking is over priced unless you are a family and able to spend all day in the forest. The cafe was really disappointing 2 for 3/4 of a paper cup of tea and 2.75 for a small slice of dried up coffee and walnut cake. If I visit again I shall certainly be bringing my own food!

Sue Pickering, 13/Jun/2017
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great place to go for outdoor pursuits the big let down the cafe cheap food at way over the top prices needs to be looked at otherwise a very pleasant visit.

E.Fairweather., 21/May/2017
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Rode the red route on 7/5/17 and really enjoyed it great ride good sections. The whole dalby experience is great and I have given it 5 stars.

Until you finish your ride and think you will go to the restaurant and have a good hearty healthy meal, how wrong we were four of us had the worst post ride meal it was awful. And to say dalby is promoting health and fitness , outdoor activities it really needs to get its act together with the food .

So not even 1 star for the restaurant.

But don't let that put you of going it's a great place, just take a sandwich.

Peter Jones, 8/May/2017

Visited on April 30th and all the payment machines were not working. Was there something wrong or did I just muck up?

Please let me know.

Nigel Brown, 30/Apr/2017
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We had a brilliant day with Dave top man and his team in daulby forest tree top adventure


A very professional team and we shall certainly

Be returning

Thank you all

Peter and Julia-Ann Smith, 27/Apr/2017


Would it be possible for you to give me advice or the contact details of who I need to speak with regarding the possibility of me paying for a bench with a memorial plaque dedicated to my brother.dalby foresthe holds such happy memories for us both and he loved been there. So a bench there would be a fitting tribute.

I hope you can help with my request

Good bye

Adrian Nicholson

Adrian Nicholson , 26/Apr/2017
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Visit spoilt by being ripped off in the cafe. Prices of food and drink are extortionate, size of teas/coffees has virtually halved since last visit (prices still same!), no trays, no plates available. Highly recommend taking own food/drink on visits. Forest is lovely, cycling is good.

Mark Hutchinson, 21/Apr/2017
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First the rant then praise. After reading all about why should it cost 8 i found the reason all the dog walkers leaving bags full of #$@! And even a pile of mess by the side of one of the gruffalo activity boards all this has to be cleaned up by someone also roads and trails don't build themselves. This place is fantastic and i will pay 8 all year long just to watch my daughter smile, have fun and learn 1 less trip to mcdonalds so your kids can have fun and freedom seems like a good sacrifice. 5* for this place absolutely fantastic love it

Daniel, 29/Mar/2017
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I love the Red XC MTB route. A great test of fitness and technical MTB riding. makes me laugh when people moan about it on here because they obviously can't hack the pace! Parking is a bit steep though, especially in summer. Makes airports look good value!

Anonymous, 28/Mar/2017
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First of all, 8 to park. After a break from mountain biking for some years a friend and myself decided to go back and ride the red route. Utterly disappointing, there seems to have been no money put into the trail which is basically the same boring format from the late 90's. Trail centres have moved on, leaving Dalby woefully inadequate - especially when you get charged 8 parking. The whole route is dull and just seems to be uphill!! My advice, if you're a beginner then go, if you're experienced - leave well alone or face going home miserable!! Dalby forest, you need a trail designer and new ideas.

Mark John Redmond, 11/Mar/2017
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Great MTB trails, please do something about the terrible cafe.grumpy staff, only thing on sale was a cold sausage roll or pie. Go to Landegla and see how a proper cafe should be run.

Anonymous, 30/Dec/2016

Maddie, try the Moorcock inn, Great Langdale.might be what you're searching for. It is still there. Couple of front rooms essentially

Anonymous, 12/Nov/2016
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I'v ridden this trail a few times over the years, love the fact that its a decent distance, most trail centre Reds are over far too soon. This one is perfect for me. Rode it again a few days ago with a mate & we had a superb time. We both agreed it feels quite old school (I mean that as a compliment-not a criticism) its kind of extreme xc & doesn't feel contrived & generic (jump-berm-rock step & repeat for 15 miles) like some other trail centres can. A natural feel & flow to it. The singletrack is super sweet-I'm wanting to use 'flow' again to describe it, but the trail designers have done a superb job of making the singletrack incredibly enjoyable. There is just enough fireroad to give you a breather & a few min to babble between yourselves about how good the last section was!-but you never feel that it goes on too long. we both rode whippy little steel 26" hardtails (Me- On one Inbred, Mate- Stanton Slackline)& these bikes suited the trails perfectly, you don't need a full bouncer really, I'v tried & it dampens the fun (pun not intended-but I'll take it) Personally I don't begrudge the parking charges at all when you see how much trail there is to maintain & what a good job they do. Bargain! Really cant fault the place. Oh, take spare brake pads if its wet, the mud there is sandy & super abrasive like nowhere else I'v ridden.

Marc Pickersgill, 7/Nov/2016

I'm looking for a very very small, old pub, the smallest oldest pub I've ever seen, I visited back in the 80's, somewhere in Dalby forest, does anyone know if it's still there?

Maddie, 27/Oct/2016
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Easily one of the best FC sites out there. Fantastic day out for the family and enough routes so that no visit is the same as the last. Great visitor's centre.

Richard, Rachel, Nala, Rufus, 23/Oct/2016
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Parking was excessive, why do the charges double in the summer? I think this is too much, I can understand a small increase to help raise money for upkeep but 8 per car is too much, especially for larger families with two cars. Other than that, a very nice day with lovely scenery.

Anonymous, 31/Aug/2016

Hello, thank you for your comments about the admission charge. Income generated from the admission charge is reinvested into the maintenance and development of the facilities such as walking and cycling trails, play areas and picnic sites. With regards to the summer/winter charge, the £8 summer charge covers admission for a day, as days are shorter in winter we reduce this to £4. Please note that there is a £4 charge after 4pm in the summer. Once again, thanks for your comment, we hope this explains the reason for the admission charge.

Forestry Commission Response

We have been coming to Dalby forest for the past six years ,we love it!

It gets better ever year.

BUT.... What has happened to the cafe?

We were in Pickering for a weeks holiday, we always spend at least 5 of those days in the forest, and have always had our lunch in the cafe. And every time we have been we have always said how great the food , drinks and service have been...

After our second day this year we brought our lunch with us.

No food on the menu available ( TAKE IT OFF IF YOU DONT SELL IT)after queueing for 45minutes! Staff not interested, tables dirty , lots of angry customers.

Why has this happened? Do you not care anymore?

David Morris, 26/Aug/2016

Hello, thank you for your comments about our café, I’m sorry that you were disappointed by your visit to our café. We are working with the café manager to reduce queues and improve the service. We always aim to give visitors the best possible service and we apologise if we didn’t achieve this when you visited us.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic place, loads to do for every age and ability.

Rose and Eve Morris, 20/Aug/2016

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