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I live fairly locally but haven't been in for a while. Visited today, I think the parking is over priced unless you are a family and able to spend all day in the forest. The cafe was really disappointing 2 for 3/4 of a paper cup of tea and 2.75 for a small slice of dried up coffee and walnut cake. If I visit again I shall certainly be bringing my own food!

Sue Pickering, 13/Jun/2017
2 Stars 2 Stars

great place to go for outdoor pursuits the big let down the cafe cheap food at way over the top prices needs to be looked at otherwise a very pleasant visit.

E.Fairweather., 21/May/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Rode the red route on 7/5/17 and really enjoyed it great ride good sections. The whole dalby experience is great and I have given it 5 stars.

Until you finish your ride and think you will go to the restaurant and have a good hearty healthy meal, how wrong we were four of us had the worst post ride meal it was awful. And to say dalby is promoting health and fitness , outdoor activities it really needs to get its act together with the food .

So not even 1 star for the restaurant.

But don't let that put you of going it's a great place, just take a sandwich.

Peter Jones, 8/May/2017

Visited on April 30th and all the payment machines were not working. Was there something wrong or did I just muck up?

Please let me know.

Nigel Brown, 30/Apr/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

We had a brilliant day with Dave top man and his team in daulby forest tree top adventure


A very professional team and we shall certainly

Be returning

Thank you all

Peter and Julia-Ann Smith, 27/Apr/2017


Would it be possible for you to give me advice or the contact details of who I need to speak with regarding the possibility of me paying for a bench with a memorial plaque dedicated to my brother.dalby foresthe holds such happy memories for us both and he loved been there. So a bench there would be a fitting tribute.

I hope you can help with my request

Good bye

Adrian Nicholson

Adrian Nicholson , 26/Apr/2017
2 Stars 2 Stars

Visit spoilt by being ripped off in the cafe. Prices of food and drink are extortionate, size of teas/coffees has virtually halved since last visit (prices still same!), no trays, no plates available. Highly recommend taking own food/drink on visits. Forest is lovely, cycling is good.

Mark Hutchinson, 21/Apr/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

First the rant then praise. After reading all about why should it cost 8 i found the reason all the dog walkers leaving bags full of #$@! And even a pile of mess by the side of one of the gruffalo activity boards all this has to be cleaned up by someone also roads and trails don't build themselves. This place is fantastic and i will pay 8 all year long just to watch my daughter smile, have fun and learn 1 less trip to mcdonalds so your kids can have fun and freedom seems like a good sacrifice. 5* for this place absolutely fantastic love it

Daniel, 29/Mar/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

I love the Red XC MTB route. A great test of fitness and technical MTB riding. makes me laugh when people moan about it on here because they obviously can't hack the pace! Parking is a bit steep though, especially in summer. Makes airports look good value!

Anonymous, 28/Mar/2017
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First of all, 8 to park. After a break from mountain biking for some years a friend and myself decided to go back and ride the red route. Utterly disappointing, there seems to have been no money put into the trail which is basically the same boring format from the late 90's. Trail centres have moved on, leaving Dalby woefully inadequate - especially when you get charged 8 parking. The whole route is dull and just seems to be uphill!! My advice, if you're a beginner then go, if you're experienced - leave well alone or face going home miserable!! Dalby forest, you need a trail designer and new ideas.

Mark John Redmond, 11/Mar/2017
1 Star 1 Star

Great MTB trails, please do something about the terrible cafe.grumpy staff, only thing on sale was a cold sausage roll or pie. Go to Landegla and see how a proper cafe should be run.

Anonymous, 30/Dec/2016

Maddie, try the Moorcock inn, Great Langdale.might be what you're searching for. It is still there. Couple of front rooms essentially

Anonymous, 12/Nov/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

I'v ridden this trail a few times over the years, love the fact that its a decent distance, most trail centre Reds are over far too soon. This one is perfect for me. Rode it again a few days ago with a mate & we had a superb time. We both agreed it feels quite old school (I mean that as a compliment-not a criticism) its kind of extreme xc & doesn't feel contrived & generic (jump-berm-rock step & repeat for 15 miles) like some other trail centres can. A natural feel & flow to it. The singletrack is super sweet-I'm wanting to use 'flow' again to describe it, but the trail designers have done a superb job of making the singletrack incredibly enjoyable. There is just enough fireroad to give you a breather & a few min to babble between yourselves about how good the last section was!-but you never feel that it goes on too long. we both rode whippy little steel 26" hardtails (Me- On one Inbred, Mate- Stanton Slackline)& these bikes suited the trails perfectly, you don't need a full bouncer really, I'v tried & it dampens the fun (pun not intended-but I'll take it) Personally I don't begrudge the parking charges at all when you see how much trail there is to maintain & what a good job they do. Bargain! Really cant fault the place. Oh, take spare brake pads if its wet, the mud there is sandy & super abrasive like nowhere else I'v ridden.

Marc Pickersgill, 7/Nov/2016

I'm looking for a very very small, old pub, the smallest oldest pub I've ever seen, I visited back in the 80's, somewhere in Dalby forest, does anyone know if it's still there?

Maddie, 27/Oct/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Easily one of the best FC sites out there. Fantastic day out for the family and enough routes so that no visit is the same as the last. Great visitor's centre.

Richard, Rachel, Nala, Rufus, 23/Oct/2016
3 Stars 3 Stars

Parking was excessive, why do the charges double in the summer? I think this is too much, I can understand a small increase to help raise money for upkeep but 8 per car is too much, especially for larger families with two cars. Other than that, a very nice day with lovely scenery.

Anonymous, 31/Aug/2016

Hello, thank you for your comments about the admission charge. Income generated from the admission charge is reinvested into the maintenance and development of the facilities such as walking and cycling trails, play areas and picnic sites. With regards to the summer/winter charge, the £8 summer charge covers admission for a day, as days are shorter in winter we reduce this to £4. Please note that there is a £4 charge after 4pm in the summer. Once again, thanks for your comment, we hope this explains the reason for the admission charge.

Forestry Commission Response

We have been coming to Dalby forest for the past six years ,we love it!

It gets better ever year.

BUT.... What has happened to the cafe?

We were in Pickering for a weeks holiday, we always spend at least 5 of those days in the forest, and have always had our lunch in the cafe. And every time we have been we have always said how great the food , drinks and service have been...

After our second day this year we brought our lunch with us.

No food on the menu available ( TAKE IT OFF IF YOU DONT SELL IT)after queueing for 45minutes! Staff not interested, tables dirty , lots of angry customers.

Why has this happened? Do you not care anymore?

David Morris, 26/Aug/2016

Hello, thank you for your comments about our café, I’m sorry that you were disappointed by your visit to our café. We are working with the café manager to reduce queues and improve the service. We always aim to give visitors the best possible service and we apologise if we didn’t achieve this when you visited us.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic place, loads to do for every age and ability.

Rose and Eve Morris, 20/Aug/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

I visited Dalby for the first time today. I was there with my partner and 4 children all day. A fantastic day out. I think the parking fee of 8.00 was a bargain for a full day out. We had fun in the stream. Walked the dog. Did the stick man trail, had a picnic and played at the park. I was very impressed. We will be back again soon.

Claire, 18/Aug/2016

We come to Dalby Forest all of the time, and absolutely love spending our time and money with you. However I felt it appropriate to mention our disappointment that our child (and all other children surrounding us) had to be asked to be quiet whilst they were following your Gruffalo / Stick Man trail today. May I ask why on earth a decision was made to place a live theatrical event in such close proximity to an area which is guaranteed to stir up child excitementHaving children told by staff at the bridge where we lovingly play poo sticks to be quiet really made us feel uncomfortable today. May I suggest that if such theatrical performances are so seriously thought provoking that people are offended by the sound of childrens laughter, that you organise such an event to take place in another section of your vast forest? We visited you today because of the immense sense of freedom and safety is gives our familyand this includes the freedom that children have to explore and vocalise their delight at their surroundings. If we wanted an afternoon of quiet reflection we would have visited a library or a theatre.and left our two year old at home. Thumbs down this timeI left it unrated because its the first time Ive had cause for complaint.

Debbie W, 31/Jul/2016

Hello, thank you for the comments about your visit to Dalby Forest. During the summer we trialled theatre within the forest, we appreciate your comments and if we decide to host another theatre production we will take these comments into account. Once again thanks for taking the time to send us your thoughts and we hope that you enjoyed the other aspects of your visit to Dalby.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

We had a great day cycling, picnicking and booked into Go Ape for an hour on the day. We'll definitely return and see more of this fabulous Forrest.

Mrs A Lammie, 26/Jul/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

I would like to give my utmost credit to all the venue staff at Kaiser Chiefs concert who were extremely helpful and supportive when my friend took ill on the night of the gig. Thank you for all your help guys...

Anonymous, 30/Jun/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Anonymous, 26/Feb/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

loved it all. coming 10th Feb do you have a bluebell wood /area?

mr barrie shackleford, 24/Jan/2016

Hello, it's great to hear that you're coming to Dalby in February. We have snowdrops and daffodils along the forest drive and the Pexton Moor walk (1.5 miles) is great for seeing other flowers. Thanks

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Went to watch Paloma Faith..excellent venue.parking and directions.had a fanastic night Queen P even spoke to my daughter.

faye, 27/Jun/2015

Hi could you tell me if dogs are allowed to come too

sue bayes, 26/May/2015

Dalby Forest is a great place to walk your dog! We would ask that you follow the dog code (link below) We hope you enjoy the walk.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

...Would like to add that the ongoing work maintaining the bike trails is much appreciated - Rides fantastic in all weather conditions!

Mike, 27/Apr/2015
5 Stars 5 Stars

Having now visited three times, I am impressed at the MTB routes (red route inparticular) how each section is maintained, managed and route it takes through the forest. Each section offers something new and the views, which change with each twist and turn, are spectacular. And all this for 7.00? It is really a bargain. After my wife and I first visited, we booked into Thornton Le Dale for the weekend, so we could explore more of the forest. The added bonus of seeing a buzzard made the weekend. Well done to all the staff at Dalby.

Anonymous, 26/Apr/2015

I didn't know there was a race/event on today. Half of the red route was shut :( Still glad I went though, just did 2 laps and a bit of blue route to make up for it. Now I notice you have a twitter page but I've always come here for trail updates.

Mike, 26/Apr/2015

Hello, I'm sorry that you were affect by the event this weekend, I'm glad you made the most of your day. We also have a Facebook page DalbyForestFC. Thanks

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Just got back from a day at Dalby Forest with my wife and 2 small children. It was an absolutely fantastic day and we barely scratched the surface of things to see and do. The children loved every minute. Thanks to the guys and girls at the Forestry Commission, your hard work is very much appreciated by us.

Ben Mitchell, 24/Apr/2015
2 Stars 2 Stars

7 come on i live in Cumbria and you dont have to pay to get into any forest there, Whinlatter and Grizdale both have visitors centres bike rides and walking routes and its free, since when did our national forests become pay for view the place itself really nice but 7 no. Then to top it off the cafe was horrendously expensive 2 hot chocolates and a cup of tea 3 bits of cake 14 i know people have to make money but i find that a bit over the top.

ben hobson, 9/Apr/2015

Hello, thank you for your comments about the admission charge, money from the charge helps us to care for and manage Dalby Forest for people, trees and wildlife. This involves looking after and improving facilities, trails, car parking and play equipment. We couldn’t do this without your support.

Forestry Commission Response
1 Star 1 Star


Sorry, but turned back at the gates.

Anonymous, 5/Apr/2015

Hello, from March to November the charge is £7 all day or £4 after 4pm. You can also purchase a Discovery Pass for £42 if you are a regular visitor. This gives you access to 12 walking trails within the forest as well as 5 cycle trails and 2 play areas. The admission charge is reinvested into the facilities to help maintain and develop them. Thank you.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

lovely day out with the family today at Dalby. For 7 entry fee I think it is a bargain! The only thing which annoyed me was the face that our party and others were constantly on our gaurd for speeding cyclists who were everywhere. Are there any routes which are purely for walkers only? We were taking our lives in our hands and it spoils lovely walking in what should be a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Looby, 22/Mar/2015

Hello, thank you for the comments about Dalby, I'm pleased that you have enjoyed your visit, with regards to walking routes, the Dalby Beck Red trail is used by walkers and cyclists (walkers go one way around the route and cyclists go in the opposite direction) there are several other walking only trails within the forest. Thanks

Forestry Commission Response
2 Stars 2 Stars

Went today to walk the dog. 7!!!!! To get into the forest to walk my dog. Ridiculous. I turned around at the gate.

Ok in the summer if people are going to picnic and ride bikes but 7 for a dog walk is a bit silly.

Please can someone let me know if it is 7 all year and on an evening.

Claire Aspen, 22/Mar/2015

Hello, thanks for your enquiry about the admission charge, from March to November the charge is £7 all day or £4 after 4pm. You can also purchase a Discovery Pass for £42 if you are a regular visitor. This gives you access to 12 walking trails within the forest as well as various cycle trails and play areas. The admission charge is reinvested into the facilities to help maintain and develop them. Thank you.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

We were a group of five which included one disabled person, i enquired as to a wheel chair friendly route and was told to follow the red circle with the black arrows in. I was told it was approved by the DDA for chairs and prams etc. However the very end part of the trek was quite hard going and we really built up a sweat trying to get the wheelchair along the paths. Maybe its ok for motorized scooters but defiantly hard work for self propelled or push wheelchairs. Other than that the day was wonderful and we all enjoyed it. Will visit again but maybe hire a scooter.

Anonymous, 19/Feb/2015
3 Stars 3 Stars

As a walker with a dog I find Dalby lacking in quality forest walks away from the sound of cars and not carved up by cycle paths.

g shaw, 8/Dec/2014

Hello, thank you for your feedback about walking trails at Dalby. Dalby has 11 dedicated walks within the forest. The quieter walks are toward Crosscliff and Bickely Gate, maps are available from the Visitor Centre. Many thanks

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

This is a 5 star place to visit but only if you do not have a young child/baby that needs changing. The fact that i had to change my baby son in a smelly disabled toilet in the visitors centre is a joke when compared to the price of parking in the forest. Also the fact there is only one changing room/toilet when the majority of people wwho go had young children is shocking. Luckily i didnt have to queue unlike the 4 people waiting behind me or he would have been changed in the cafe!

All other aspects of our day at dalby, brilliant!!

daniel george, 17/Nov/2014

Hello, thank you for the comments about your recent visit to Dalby. We check the WC facilities frequently, however if you find that they need attention please let a member of staff know and we will attend to it. We will also be installing baby changing facilities into the Ladies and Gents toilets. Many thanks.

Forestry Commission Response

Please could you give me some info on the best place to park our horse trailer and take our horses on a fairly easy ride. We have not ridden in Dalby forest before. Many thanks

Aud, 5/Nov/2014

Hello, thank you for your enquiry about horse riding in Dalby. We recommend that you park at Adderstone Field, which is about 6 miles along the forest drive from the entrance at Pexton Moor. At the moment we do not have a way marked horse trail, although this is something we are looking at. You are welcome to use the forest roads and bridleways within the forest. Many thanks

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

I used to visit Dalby regularly as a child and now we have children of our own it is a great place to visit for all ages - we love walking around Brimham Rocks. We visited a couple of weeks ago and at first I was quite taken aback by the ■7 charge however, we think it is good value for money considering the amount of facilities there are and the high maintenance of the area. We took a picnic and used the walking trails, playgrounds etc - there are not many places you can go to spend the day for only ■7! Maybe a slightly reduced winter rate would be good as obviously some activities etc are not available?

Yes you could take part in the paid activities and visit the lovely cafe but this is not compulsory for a great day out.

Trudi, 16/Oct/2014

Hello, I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Dalby. There is a reduced winter charge of £4 from November to February.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

We took our horses there for a sponsored horse/bike ride which was very well organised. Goid parking for horse trailers & routes well marked. Why can we not find any information on how/where to ride our horses any other time at Dalby Forest as with cars & roads becoming more dangerous for horse riders it seems a shame that we cannot access our beautiful forests on horseback like cyclists can.

Dalby is fantastic for children and I take my 3 children to the park regurarly throught the year for walks & picnics.

Anonymous, 29/Sep/2014

Hello, I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the horse event at Dalby. You are welcome to ride your horse here again, we recommend that you park at Adderstone Field as there is plenty of space for large vehicles to park there.

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