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Hi, Went to visit Berwick Glades 20/10/2017 at 10:30 hrs and found the gate to be locked. Assumed perhaps a fly-tipping incident was the cause but after then parking at Hornchurch C.P. and walking through to Berwick Glades we found that it was reasonable clear. Is there a reason for the closure?

A suggestion for that particular car park is to erect bollards with a limited width restriction approx. 30mtrs from the road to stop lorries and large vans etc entering. Also erect a couple of bollards at the pedestrian access to the glades from the car park, as I have seen vehicles drive on the parkland and race round it. Tyre tracks still visible. Many thanks.

Will, 20/Oct/2017

Hi Will. Berwick Woods and the car park on Berwick Pond Road are managed by Tarmac. The Forestry Commission only manage the neighbouring Berwick Glades. Community Ranger

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i find this area has an excellent level of biodiversity, although recently this has been marred by scramblers riding in this area.

roger, 16/Oct/2016

We are aware of this issue and are investigating ways in which we can tacle this behaviour. We would advise anybody witnessing motorcycles or quads to call 101

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Nice walks but rubbish all over the car park and in the wooded area loads of tin cans and rubbish.

Terry, 23/May/2016

Hi Terry. The Forestry Commission does not manage the car park and woodland adjacent to Berwick Glades. I will pass your comments onto Tarmac who manage the car park and Berwick Woods. Scott - Community Ranger

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This is a nice open space and it is hard to believe you are on the edge of London, with the adjoining Hornchurch Country Park and Ingrebourne Hill you can have a good couple of hours walking here. It is a shame that it is difficult to cycle or walk to nearby Belhus Woods. The traffic zooms along the aveley road making cycling a bit daunting and there does not seem to be any footpaths. Are there any plans to connect these open spaces or is there anything an individual can do to campaign for a link?

Tony, 5/Jan/2016

Hi there - thankyou for your comments about Berwick Glades. We are pleased you enjoyed the links to Hornchurch Country Park and are working with other organisations to increase access between the network of greenspaces in the local area.

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