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Bacton woods is absolutely great, loads of walking trails and a lot of singletrack for cyclists to explore, its just such a shame the mountain bike trails are not marked and maintained as there is so much potential at bacton with the type of terrain which is there and most trails are there, they just need to be marked and the only other really good mtb spot in Norfolk is Thetford which is flatter than Bacton but still this is a great forest to go to.

Anonymous, 31/Aug/2018
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Having previously lived in the forest of Dean, it was lovely to be in a woodland area again, my only issue of note would be that the way markers are a little inadequate in places.

Dan, 28/Jun/2018

Thank you for letting us know. we will see what can be done working with our local partner who helps us manage the wood

Forestry Commission Response
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We visit regularly with children and it still amazes me that people don't pick up after their dogs. There can also be litter, which we pick up as we usually have a bag with us. Some people just don't deserve to have beautiful woodland to enjoy. Would waste bins help, even if they look out of place....? Sad but true.

S Harris, 23/Oct/2017
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We love bacton woods and often go there to walk our 2 spaniels. We went yesterday (1/10/17) and couldn't get parked in the car park which I have never known! ! So we thought we would go today, well, never in my life have I seen so many poo bags all over the place!! They were everywhere in the car park and the foot paths. It was very very disappointing to see it in such a state. Maybe you should consider putting in more bins and having them emptied frequently.

Rebecca, 2/Oct/2017
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Really enjoyed my time exploring the woods, so much to see and so many different little trails to follow.I did however find it difficult to keep to the colour trails as many posts were hard to find.Also I had three, failed, attempts to try and find the pot boiling site. Just means I will have to visit again.

Heather, 25/Jul/2017

Many thanks for your feedback & we're pleased that you enjoyed your visit and yes do come back again.

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Enjoyed the walks around the woods but disappointed that although dogs were encouraged there were no bins for dog mess. I am prepared to clear up after our dog but do not enjoy having to carry it around with me for miles.

Trevor Ward, 20/May/2017

We plan a visit in a couple weeks time,

My husband requires a small mobility scooter for any distances.

Are any of the trails flat enough for a mobility scooter?

Thank you

Kim, 9/May/2017

Please see the trails pages by clicking on the left user menu.

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Will there be an Easter egg hunt at Bacton woods this year. I can't seem to find any information on one. My children have loved this in the part.

Doubleforwards, 26/Mar/2017
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Hi, I've been enjoying these woods for years along with my family. I recently bought a metal detector and wondered if I could get permission to give it a whirl in the woods. I am a member of the national detectors club and have my own public liability insurance?

Sam, 27/Feb/2017

Sorry but metal detecting is not permitted on the Forestry Commission estate.

Forestry Commission Response
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These Woods are a tremendous amenity for the local community and visitors from further afield and it would be a great shame if they are allowed to get into a state of neglect. I am pleased to hear, therefore, that remedial works will take place once the weather improves to reinstate the damaged footpaths and other areas resulting from the recent tree felling operation. I wonder if some action could also be taken to improve the main pond which should be an attractive feature and a pond life facility but which is spoiled by the availability of large quantities of loose tree branches (enhanced by the recent felling) in its surrounds which inevitably end up being thrown into the pond during school holidays,etc.

Adrian Maycock, 16/Jan/2017

You comment and thought will be passed to our Forestry Operations team

Forestry Commission Response

I echo the thoughts of the previous contributor regarding the appalling state of a number of the footpaths and storage areas used by your contractor during felling operations. I am pleased to hear that reinstatement works will follow as soon as weather permits. Walkers need to exercise great care in the meantime.

Anonymous, 11/Jan/2017

Having retired to North Walsham over 3.1/2 years ago, we have loved walking our dogs in these stunning woods. However since the recent tree felling the woods have been left in an appalling state. The debris has just been left where it fell and the footpaths are in some places almost impassable. We are so disappointed to see these once beautiful woods left in this condition. Can anything be done to rectify our concerns.

Tim Smith North Walsham., 6/Jan/2017

The recent work has been to remove some diseased trees and remedial work to tidy up is planned but currently it is too wet.

Forestry Commission Response

Hiya folks who do I get in touch with regarding your deer cull programme

Rob Stubbinss, 22/Dec/2016

Please contact our office on 0300 067 450O

Forestry Commission Response

Absolutely devastated with the current felling of a large scope of trees in Bacton Woods. As a local resident, we often visit this magical place. I understand about the fungus disease, but please can you confirm that the area will be re-planted? The thinning is also getting a bit extreme. Every year it looks less like a natural wood and more like a man-tampered place.

Jo Le-Rose, 12/Dec/2016

The area will be left for natural regeneration. You might like to know that in 2017 there will be a public consultation on the Forest Design Plan for North Norfolk including Bacton Wood.

Forestry Commission Response

I understand the need to thin the trees, but I notice a large area on the east side of the wood has been almost completely cleared. What is the reason for this and is this area going to be re-planted?

Anonymous, 26/Nov/2016

The trees were felled as they were diseased with honey fungu; so it was a sanity felling operation the area.

Forestry Commission Response
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We love Bacton Woods - normally.

I had lost my map so went on line to download a new one. After 20 minutes I gave up. Having diverted for two road closures in N. Walsham we arrived at the wood to fin that effectively the whole wood was closed.

Isn't anybody on your staff competent to put relevant notices on line?!

How long is the tree felling to continue and can we expect an on line notice when the wood is fully open again??

Colin Woodgett, 2/Nov/2016

Details of the closure are online with a map and the work is expected to continue to the New Year.

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Lovely space to walk the dogs but absolutely diabolical signage. Not only is it difficult to find your way round the supposedly marked circular routes but there are no back to the car park signs either. Ended up just wandering around hoping to stumble across the car park

Andrea, 10/Sep/2016
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Stunning forest for mountain biking or CX. The single track is so plentiful, so reach and reasonably fast. It is everywhere!! It is simply, simply beautiful to ride here. And not entirely flat either, by the way. A delight.

Michael, 1/Sep/2016
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Just the place to take the dogs for a walk on a hot day! Shady but not oppressive, lots of paths off the main trail, very pleasant! I agree with Vivienne- the trail marking is completely useless:we never did find the pond. You need clear markers in the car park showing the starting points for the trails, and arrows indicating direction. Luckily, woods not so large as to induce panic when you lose the trail!

Anonymous, 17/Jul/2016

Hi, I am hoping to come to Bacton Woods. I want to find out how accessible the trails are for an all-terrain wheelchair (a Boma). Is there any information on this?

Also, I downloaded the ForestXplorer app and it didn't show Bacton Woods, which was a surprise. Also, there is a similar named app: Forest Xplorer, which also didn't show Bacton Woods. Please clarify what is going on. Surely a list of all the woods and a statement on progress for inclusion in the app would be possible, if they are not included.

Mark , 23/Jun/2016
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Yes, please, the pool could do with some attention. Fantastic woods for walking with real diversity of types of trees. Loved the primroses and the bluebells. Did we see deer? We thought we did twice, but they came and went so quickly. We were only in Norfolk for a few days but managed several walks in Bacton Woods. We did not feel the map of the way-marked trails was helpful or accurate. Without the app "map my walk" on my phone we would have been very lost!

Vivienne, 10/May/2016
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Re mountain bike request: I would strongly oppose any attempt at putting something like this in these woods. They would be dangerous to other users, even when not in use, and would spoil one of the few remaining wooded areas accessible to the public.

Anonymous, 7/May/2016

Would it be possible to hold a small gathering for my birthday in the woods? Would we have to speak to someone?

Anonymous, 9/Feb/2016

Please contact the office on the number shown on the right.

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