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Good place for the kids to let off steam 😉... but the prices you have to pay for a drink are extortionate and as for the carpark ! 7.50 for two and a half hours... won't be visiting any time soon.

Jacinda Westhorpe, 6/May/2018

quick you allow dogs into the cafe?

ian, 29/Apr/2018

A dog that aid a person who has a disability e.g. a guide dog, are allowed into the Café. All other dogs are welcome to sit with their owners on the large patio in front of the High Lodge Café.

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Love going but the cafe is ridiculously expensive which is a real shame

Anonymous, 25/Mar/2018
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I am sorry to repeat myself about trail diversion maps. However, whilst they are always updated monthly on site at the information point, your website has not been updated since 8 September last year.

Andrew, 26/Jan/2018

Please accept our apologies but we are currently experiencing difficulties with the background system that runs our website. The trails web page is showing it was last updated on 7 Dec 2017 but you are quite correct in that the attached diversion map is now an out of date one of 8 Sept! I will have uploaded the revised map at 7 Dec when updating the page.

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Love the trials & paths and so does the dog! Just a shame the coffee is terrible. Would spend a lot more time there if they invested in a decent barista and bakery selection.

Suzahn Wilson, 26/Jan/2018
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Anonymous, 24/Jan/2018
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Hi, we traveled here using Google for directions as I'm sure many do, however it takes you no where near the main visitor centre, pretty frustrating! This is an easy fix on Google that can be changed by the FC. Not a great start to the day.

Although the cafe is a franchise, I was really disappointed to find them using coffee pods, really unsustainable, takeaway cups to sit in and polystyrene trays to serve food in, completely the wrong message the FC should be sending out.

Christina, 17/Jan/2018

Thank you for your feedback. We are in the process of reviewing our website which will include how customers can access directions.

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Why are the cycle trail diversion maps on your website so many weeks/months out of date? I have been a season ticket holder for about eight years and a regular visitor. It occurs to me that those travelling long distances would benefit from up to date information. For example, I would not want to travel the 90 mile round trip that I have, to find that the trails or section that I was looking forward to riding were closed.

Andrew, 1/Dec/2017

Thank you for your comment. Cycle trail diversion maps may take a few days to load onto the website dependant on staff availability. However it would not be weeks/ months out of date. The latest version is also always available from staff at the High Lodge Information Point when you arrive on site.

Forestry Commission Response

Can you please explain why you are not allowing discovery pass holders are not being given priority booking for Gary Barlow. I have been a pass holder for many years and was so pleased when you offered priority booking for Olly Muirs, long overdue may I add. I don't use any of the other benefits on offer with the pass and am beginning to wonder if it's worth having one, a lot of others in the Thetford area feel the same. Kind regards D Buffin

Daphne Buffin, 16/Oct/2017

Apologies for the delay in responding to your comment due to a breakdown in the system. I have forwarded your enquiry to our CRM team who will reply direct to you, via e-mail.

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Be careful of ticks. My daughter had one in her neck after a visit October 17.

The cafe was extremely slow and staff not very friendly.

Anonymous, 12/Oct/2017

Hello, my husband and I are thinking of visiting but can't find any information on how to access the forest without driving there. Can we use any public transport to get there? In the absence of this, are there secure bike parking facilities on site?



Felicity Baynes, 30/Sep/2017

Apologies for the delay in responding to your enquiry. The nearest train station is Brandon but you will then need to take a taxi to the Forest Centre. Alternatively, it is a 3.7 mile cycle ride from the station. There are bike parking areas on site but you will need to bring a heavy duty lock for security.

Forestry Commission Response

This may sound a strange request but my son took part in an Airsoft (Combat) day at Thetford Forest on Sunday 24th September 2017. Sadly he lost his phone, It's a Samsung Galaxy and possibly has a cracked screen. They covered a good 2-3 square miles that day unfortunately. It contains all his University stuff etc. If anyone hands it in, are you able to contact me (his mum) on 07719682940 as he is currently without a phone. I believe he mentioned this to someone on sunday before he left, but not sure if it was yourselves or Combat Airsoft (The Event holder?) Much appreciated, Julie Cook (Mum)

Cook, 28/Sep/2017

Apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. I have forwarded your request to High Lodge Information Point for checking of Lost Property.

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Hi we're wanting to come visit you at the weekend, are dogs welcome to?

Ami, 1/Sep/2017

Dogs are welcome on site but we do ask that they are kept on a lead in busy areas.

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I have emailed you 2 times and i have not had any correspondance !! Can you tell me if you intend on getting back to me ????

Carolyn Flowerdew, 20/Aug/2017

Apologies for the delay in responding but there has been a glitch in the system, so we have not been notified of comments being left on the website. Alternatively you can e-mail

Forestry Commission Response

Hi There, thought I should mention Tick Bites and Lyme Disease.

I'm fairly certain my son got a tick bite and developed the tell tale Bulls Eye rash about 2 weeks after visting Thetford. He has now been prescribed the strong antibiotics required and should have no further complications. Always best the check out any bites that don't look like your normal mozzy bites.

Anonymous, 26/Jul/2017
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Many thanks to the staff at High Lodge for assisting us when our dog, Ruby, was bitten by an adder on 15th July 2017. You helped us find a vet and gave us transport to our car. Because of you, we were able to get to the vets within the hour of the incident. Ruby was deteriorating fast so she needed the help quickly. She was bitten on the paw which has caused severe bruising all the way to the chest. She is in recovery so we are just hoping the swelling does not get much worse. Many thanks again for reacting so promptly.

Maria White, 16/Jul/2017

Thank you for your comments and our staff were pleased to help. We hope Ruby has now made a full recovery and will be able to visit High Lodge again soon.

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I came to do 'Look out' archery on June 10th 2017. I am disabled and in a wheelchair, when I got to the area for the archery I found that there was no access for me there without help, as there is a large tree trunk laying across the entrance, and wood chips in front of the area where you do the archery which made it very difficult for me to move about and position myself to be able to take part in the archery.

If this could be addressed it would be very helpful, I offer my help as a disabled person if you require any help in this matter.

Apart form this minor problem. I had a very enjoyable afternoon and will be coming again.

Robert Carty, 18/Jun/2017

Thank you for your feedback regarding disabled access for this attraction. I have forwarded your comments to the Ranger who liaises with attraction providers so this can be discussed further. We look forward to welcoming you to site again soon.

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Cannot understand all the whinges about car parking fees where else can one go with family plus children, with lots of adventures to keep children occupied and happy while parents too can enjoy the forests walks, and relax while children are having a great day all for one parking price

Valerie Watkins, 16/Jun/2017
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We travelled on a quiet day in February, had a great time with my wife and 2YO, parking was a little high but when compared to entrance fees at similar places, we thought it was reasonable for the activities available. Will be coming again soon

Visitor from kings lynn area, 1/Jun/2017
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First time we've visited and we loved this place, no wifi or signal so GREAT for the escape from normal life, who would want to go to a beautiful place like this and sit there staring at their phone? The ONLY thing I was disappointed with was the signs for ice cream outside the shop, we got our hopes up for a nice cold ice cream but when we went in the shop there were just fridges full of ice lollies, still nice on a hot day but proper ice cream would of just been so much more enjoyable, apart from that we had a great day and are planning on coming back in a few week.

Shane, 29/May/2017

Thank you for your positive comments. There was an issue with ice cream deliveries over the late May Bank holiday weekend. This situation has now been rectified by our business partner, who manages the High Lodge Café.

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Visited Oak Lodge with U3A yesterday, had a lovely lady giving us a talk about history of forest, how it started, maintenance ongoing work etc very good interesting, she also took us for a walk in forest pointing out different things that she had been talking about, she made it so interesting. But paying for parking was a wake up call, bearing in mind we are all persioners and on limited budget paying out almost 7 for 3 hours was a huge amount out of my days money, so while I would have liked to stay for lunch just not affordable.

Spoilt what had been a very enjoyable visit

Anonymous, 17/May/2017

Thank you for your feedback. We believe that our costs to visit High Lodge offer exceptional value for money. Site Entry fees are vital in helping us achieve a sustainable business.The Forestry Commission Site Entry fees supports areas across the whole site from the road in and out, maintenance, cycle trails, car parks, play equipment, picnic benches, upkeep of toilets and first aid provision.

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Visited the park on a bank holiday weekend as we had booked Go Ape. We left in good time however ended up being late anyway as it took 15 minutes to park! Never seen it so busy in my life.

Go Ape itself was extremely fun and the staff were polite and helpful.

Car parking charges on the other hand are barbaric! 11 for a days parking? Our day ended up being more expensive than we had hoped. That was also without visiting the cafe, as it was too damn busy to actually sit down anywhere and enjoy a coffee.

My advice to anyone visiting - be sure to go on the quieter days.

Kirsty, 10/May/2017

Thank you for your feedback. We have been experiencing high visitor numbers on Bank Holiday weekends so now have additional car parking resource on site at peak times.

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While visiting your site yesterday with my family I was rather disturbed to see a painter appear to kick a dog and shout at the owner for no apparent reason

This ruined an otherwise pleasant day

Peter Ellis, 5/May/2017

Thank you for reporting this incident which will be passed onto the High Lodge Manager. Visitor Services Assistants and the Duty Manager are available at High Lodge Information Point.

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No internet signal sat at table foot was missing making table unstable my son moved his chair and it tipped hot chochilate all over him burning his hand stomach and my hand told cafe people basically didn't want to know told me to go to other cafe I asked for manager she came and apologised but never offered him another drink until my mum asked she did give my son cold packs for his burns

Susan Pickett, 14/Apr/2017

Thank you for your feedback and High Lodge Café is run by Churchill Catering which is a partner business on the High Lodge site. Your experience will be discussed with their management team.

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1 Star 1 Star

The staff at Bike Art are the most obnoxious, rude, unhelpful people and their prices are ludicrous - we will never return their and warn others to avoid falling foul of there "service"!

The Cafe staff were not much better and started cleaning floors and stacking chairs on tables whilst we ate almost an hour before closing. They even locked the door so we had to ask to leave, 15 minutes before closing time - again, we will never visit here again either.

Go Ape was "ok" but again, staff were less than bothered with any requests out of the norm. Chaos and lots of waiting time.

For a day out, what with the highest priced parking I have ever known, it certainly tested our patience but our boys seemed to enjoy their day so that was a saving grace.

Anonymous, 9/Apr/2017

Thank you for your feedback and High Lodge Café is run by Churchill Catering which is a partner business on the High Lodge site. Bike Art and Go Ape are also partner businesses on site. Your comments will be followed up with their respective management teams.

Forestry Commission Response
2 Stars 2 Stars

I think you need to have a word with the staff that run Bike Art. If you have a quick look across Google Reviews or Trip Advisor type sites, let alone the cycling interest groups, Bike Art's customer service has built up an infamous reputation for rude staff and shoddy bike service. Having a captive market means there is no choice for bike hire, which is where the Forestry Commission should step in. Much of the negative experiences cyclists have at Thetford comes from interaction with Bike Art. It is so bad that regular cyclists like myself prepare ourselves for the rude abuse that is part of the hire or servicing experience at Bike Art. Is this the kind of reputation you want High Lodge to have? Please - do something about this. They are also ruining the perception of the cycling community for those coming in to it. The owner(s) clearly think their behaviour is normal - they wouldn't last a few weeks in places like Cambridge.

Matt Polaine, 8/Apr/2017

Thank you for your feedback. Bike Art is a partner business on the High Lodge site. Your comments will be discussed with their management team.

Forestry Commission Response
4 Stars 4 Stars

Clean, fantastic woodland area with plenty of parks and trails to entertain all ages. I did find the hair braid/face painting lady quite patronising/rude though which is why I haven't given it 5 stars

Kim, 7/Apr/2017

Thank you for your feedback and the hair braid/ face paint lady is one of our additional attraction providers on site. Your comments will be passed on by the Ranger responsible for on site attractions.

Forestry Commission Response

Dreadful man management at the Lodge. Peak time, with the Lodge packed thanks to half-term, and only one person working the pantry, despite massive queues. What are they thinking.

Ron F, 6/Apr/2017

Thank you for your feedback and High Lodge Café is run by Churchill Catering which is a partner business on the High Lodge site. Your comments will be raised at our regular liaison meetings with their management team.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Love coming here. Have a discovery pass and frequently visit during term time with my dogs for some exercise and fresh air. Love the walking trails, seeing the forest change with the seasons and spotting wildlife. Excellent play facilities for my nieces and nephew to enjoy for hours and lots of outdoor seating for a bite or drink. Staff are always welcoming and helpful. Very fortunate to have High Lodge fairly close by.

G Rose, 3/Apr/2017

Thank you for your positive feedback which is always really appreciated by the High Lodge staff.

Forestry Commission Response
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We found the Gruffalo trails very difficult to follow, the signs are not very clear as to where to go! There are signs to start the trails but thereafter it all gets a bit vague!! I have to say we were not alone there were several families having the same problem, I think the signs should be much clearer after all we had to pay to take part but didn't/couldn't complete them!!

Anonymous, 26/Mar/2017

Please accept our apologies for the Gruffalo signage affecting your enjoyment of the trails. We are currently reviewing the level of signage following visitor feedback.

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We came to high lodge a couple of fridays's ago and after driving nearly an hour to get there it was closed for the day due to 'unforseen circumstances'! Very disappointing. Now i feel that i have to check with you before i come which is annoying! Are you open today???

deborah harker, 10/Mar/2017

We did have to close due to clear up operations following Storm Doris. We recommend that visitors check High Lodge website if they are travelling some distance to visit us, as this will be kept updated with any unforeseen closure information.

Forestry Commission Response

This is the second email to you about your closing time I took my Grandaughter and the young disabled boy she looks after to High Lodge Brandon last week dropped them off at 1.00 pm. The signs on entering the area said this site closes at 5.00pm nothing to say the gates will be locked at 4.15 so on arriving at 4.45 with no way of getting in or contacting anyone inside. Grandaughter had no phone signal due to area we were in eventually contacted High Lodge and they sent a Forestry Van who thankfully picked them up and brought them to the exit gate. Also people that just drop off and pick people up should be catered for by having someone at the entrance gate to let them through to pick the people up. But the main I would hope for is some signs put up informing people the gates are locked 45 minutes before the site closes not everyone looks on the internet to check everything. Thank you

alan blair, 20/Feb/2017

Thank you for your feedback. There can be a delay in your comments being published. We offer our apologies for your return stressful visit to site and pleased that our staff were able to help. There is a large banner with the closing time which also states the gates are locked 45 mins before this time. This information is also displayed in other signage at the entrance.

Forestry Commission Response

Obnoxious staff at Bike Art - never coming back!

Anonymous, 19/Feb/2017

Thank you for your feedback and hope that you will feel able to return to High Lodge to enjoy the varied attractions. Bike Art is a partner business on site and will be made aware of your comments.

Forestry Commission Response
2 Stars 2 Stars

I dropped my Grandaughter and the boy she cares for at High Lodge Brandon at 1pm today on the entrance gate it said these gates will be locked at 5pm ( no mention of locking them at 4.15 ) so came back at 4.45 to find the gates locked Grandaughter had no phone signal no answer on ringing High Lodge, quite stressed by then eventually someone answered the phone I explained my problem and the Lady was very helpful and sent a van to let me in luckily I had described my Grandaughter and her charge to the Lady the man in the van spotted them and brought them to the gate which I was very grateful for but do believe this could have been avoided with better signage thanks

Anonymous, 17/Feb/2017
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Had a gr8 day done the poacher trail 10 mile on bikes with the kids my youngest is only 4 years old they can't wait to go back so we the discovery pass great value

Tommy, 8/Jan/2017
3 Stars 3 Stars

We are annual pass holders and visit regularly. We love the location and with the pass there's no pressure to clock watch. We find something new to do every visit. My son is also a MBR and uses the red and black trails, so we really do get value for money. Today we have taken our 3 year old grand-daughter around the culture trail and in the park and she has really enjoyed it - would recommend the place to everyone.

However, I had cause last year to write about the catering and feel that very little has changed in the last 9 months. You really need to 'bang the drum' hard with your 3rd party catering company (I have managed catering companies for the last 20 years and know how bad they can be - in fact we moved back to in house eventually!) - they appear to be overstaffed yet underworked, as each time we visit there are 4 staff simply standing around. Today we were met with the sausage rolls were hot earlier, no offer to top up in the microwave for 30 seconds (this was at 12.15pm by the way, the rush started 10 minutes later) and the chips were only luke warm - in fact they tasted as though they had been in the server for 30 minutes or more on a low heat - the meal really was tepid and unpalatable. None of the dishes showed any sign of heat (bubbling etc...) and the staff had the attitude of take it or leave it (they didn't say as much, but there's no pride in what they are offering. If 4 staff standing around is designed to cope with the rush later in the lunchtime, then they could be doing more to ensure the food is better. The feedback I have seen previously was that Churchill were re-vamping the offering in 2016, well, they have moved the cutlery and salt and pepper to the other side and I think there was one more warm (I use that word loosely) dish on offer - but really its a poor show!

Its such a shame that High Lodge operates so efficiently, offers so much, is good value for money, but is let down so badly by its catering facility - please kick them into life for 2017

Richard Saul, 3/Jan/2017

Thank you for your feedback. We will pass on your comments to Churchill Catering who as you know provide the cafeteria on site and will also draw this to the attention of the High Lodge Site Manager.

Forestry Commission Response
3 Stars 3 Stars

Visited today with two small

grandchildren and had chips for a quick lunch. At 2.50 per portion the were a very expensive waste. They were awful. I did complain but noons was really interested. I will revert to taking my own picnic in future


Anonymous, 28/Dec/2016

Thank you for your feedback we will pass on your comments to Churchill catering who run the cafe on site. If you wish to provide more details regarding your experience please e-mail the High Lodge feedback account at highlodgefeedback@­

Forestry Commission Response
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Visited yesterday to Go Ape, the ticket we got on arrival stated we entered the site at 09:06 when we entered around 11:15, when going to pay to leave it appears that charges are worked out manually and what we thought would be about 8 for 3-4hours turned into 11 pound. It all seemed very unorganised and guess work which as you can imagine after spending nearly 100 on an activity already is very disappointing.

Anonymous, 27/Nov/2016

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please could you contact us at and we will happily resolve this.

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Is it OK to walk on the cycle trails at High Lodge? (Using common sense care and due consideration to cyclists).

J & S, 25/Nov/2016

Thank you for your comment, The FC managed areas within the High Lodge block are open access, however, we strongly advise for everyone’s safety that walkers/runners do not use the single track MTB trails at High Lodge. (Beater and Lime Burner, red graded trail). Walking and Cycle trail maps are available for purchase from the information Point at High Lodge.

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5 Stars 5 Stars

You asked me to contact you with registration numbers

23163:- EK07 OYZ & MT09 VDU

23164;- MW05 MXC & AO11 AGU

As I explained to you one is my son & wife other daughter & husband and depends whose car they go in but these are there registration numbers.


Thank you vey much for contacting us with your registration numbers. Two cars can be registered with each Discovery pass but only one of the two registered cars can be used at any one visit. Hope this helps.

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