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Well good loved it. Me and my 10 year old lad went round the family trail and thought we needed something a little more challenging, we found it with this trail. Will definitely be back.

Tom&Fraser Rose, 30/Dec/2017
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this was my first ever trail I have rode on and it was beautiful and amazing highly recommended.

Darren, 31/Oct/2017
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Completed with my 9 yr old daughter in good conditions today. More challenging technically than we expected and more challenging than say the blue at Cannock, but shorter. Some areas are fast but quite bumpy on a hardtail, overall though, it's a great trail. Real achievement to finish it without having to push as some bits v narrow, rocky and steep. Well worth a try but harder than you may think!

Lefty, 30/Apr/2017
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I LOVE Verderers trail . Cycled with my 11year old son today .I had to wait and cycle back to him sometimes , but he manages the trail ok and i agree, so much fun you laugh !!!

Cecilia , 26/Mar/2017

Very good, a great day out challenging but fun with my son I'm not meant to rhyme but do it all the time

Anonymous, 16/Feb/2017
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for a blue trail it was very testing however it was amazing.2nd October 2016 :)

Elijah Fountain, 3/Oct/2016

Did this trail today with my son , loved it , quite challenging for inexperienced mountain bike riders. Pleased to get around unscathed

Mike Hammond, 6/Sep/2016
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First time to the centre and bringing my family. After the family trail I had a go at the Verderer's trail and loved it. Skills area first, then the trail and despite it being summer holidays with plenty of people around, trail was quite quiet, passing a few people as I went round. Great fun and looking forward,to doing it again. Parking great for whole day, reasonable price in the cafe too with great food.

Dids, 15/Aug/2016
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Brilliant fun

I haven't ridden it for a couple of years.

Have some of the grinding bits been taken out?

Anonymous, 27/Jul/2016

Glad you enjoyed your ride! Resurfacing and minor changes to trail sections take place on a yearly basis to keep the Verderers trail a highly rated cross country ride. Car parking fees are used for this maintenance.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

Rode the Verderers' trail for the first time with my son on 23rd July. Very impressed all round.

Ian , 27/Jul/2016
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Rode today,first time. Totally amazing route and not to busy which was a surprise considering the amount of riders around. It was a really humid day but it's a good balance or climbs and downhills, you'll get a sweat on!I'm not an experienced rider but think I coped well. There are some amazing jumps if you can handle them. The last downhill section is amazing. Also a good cafe at the end to get your energy back! I lost my water bottle somewhere!

Steve, 24/Jul/2016
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First time for a long time on the bike, great courses, look forward to coming back soon.

Guy , 19/Jun/2016
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Did the Verderers trail for the first time Monday 31st May with my son. Excellent day out. Weren't sure if we were up to it as hadn't done anything like this before but after doing the skills section gave it a go. Few harder uphill sections due to lack of fitness & skipping gears but magic downhill especially the last 1.5kms section. Best "legal high" ever... Great work to all the trail builders & volunteers!

Andrew, 1/Jun/2016
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Rode this trail with my son on Saturday 23rd April. Glorious weather helped but had a ball. Great fun from start to finish. Great work guys and thank you!

Owen, 25/Apr/2016
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Rode it from the start at the top to the end at the bottom. Not a loop, not a circuit, you just got to keep on going until you reach the end Ben.

Anonymous, 5/Jan/2016
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Rode the Verderers on Friday (18th September) and the work is complete. Contrary to some thoughts, I don't believe any changes have been made other than repair work (I may be wrong.....). It is still exhilerating and you will finish with the biggest of grins.

Gazlar, 19/Sep/2015
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A fun and at times challenging trail. I was a little nervous about tackling the final red section but I loved it.

Anonymous, 25/Aug/2015
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Did the trail today with my 8 year old son his first time on a 'proper' MTB trail great challenge for him which he loved even did the red section at the end, please don't change the end section it's great well done to all involved in creating the trail

Anonymous, 15/Aug/2015
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Excellent. The last couple of sections make you want to do the whole thing again massive fun.

Danny , 27/Jul/2015
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Don't change the last section! Blue grade riders have the easier option and as it exists, the red rating is not particularly high. Riders must just control their speed.

steveg, 6/Jun/2015
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Excellent trail, I think that the bottom section should be left as-is, it is awesome.

Willis, 5/Jun/2015

The trail was exhilarating! Fabulous! Such varied terrain. A big grin on my face all the way! First such trail I've done and I loved it. Normally bike off road in the Peak District and this took the fun to the next level! My riding partner found it a little bumpy in places so took some sections a little slower but enjoyed it none the less! A big thumbs up! And THANKS!

Martyn, 8/Mar/2015
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