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The forest is looking lovely with the bluebells in full bloom. What time does the car park close on Warrick Lane?

Brenda, 26/Apr/2018

Hi Brenda. The car parks are currently being closed at 8pm - some signage still needs to be updated to reflect the new closing times

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Had a beautiful walk yesterday at Cely Woods with our greyhounds. We want to go back when the bluebells are out, but not sure when they will be out this year

Tina, 16/Apr/2018

Hi Tina. The bluebells are out now - generally towards the end of April

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Such a shame that the woods carpark is not opened every day. This week its not be available since Tuesday. I am sure the comission pay for a service which is not happening.

Anonymous, 3/Mar/2018

Due to staff shortages and severe weather most Forestry Commission car parks within the Thames Chase boundary were closed between Thursday 1st and Saturday 3rd March. Apologies for any inconvenience caused

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What time do the gates open and close on Warwick Lane?

Ben, 4/May/2017

Gates open at approximately 7am and close at dusk.

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I want to see some bluebells at their best. I went to Cely Woods last year and they were beautiful. Can't remember what day I went last year! It's 16/04/2017 today - does anybody know if the bluebells are already out and looking gorgeous?

Anne, 16/Apr/2017

Hi Anne - the bluebells will normally start appearing over the next couple of weeks. Community Ranger

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When will bluebells appear?

Anonymous, 1/Apr/2017

Normally we will see bluebells start to appear over the next couple of weeks

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