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What time do the gates open and close on Warwick Lane?

Ben, 4/May/2017

Gates open at approximately 7am and close at dusk.

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I want to see some bluebells at their best. I went to Cely Woods last year and they were beautiful. Can't remember what day I went last year! It's 16/04/2017 today - does anybody know if the bluebells are already out and looking gorgeous?

Anne, 16/Apr/2017

Hi Anne - the bluebells will normally start appearing over the next couple of weeks. Community Ranger

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When will bluebells appear?

Anonymous, 1/Apr/2017

Normally we will see bluebells start to appear over the next couple of weeks

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I used to come here as a child and have revisited it in the past week, so pretty with the bluebells out! Will now most certainly be a regular visitor as there is such an array of wildlife, trees and flowers. The best open space I have been too in a long time.

Julie, 17/May/2015

Thanks for your lovely comment Julie, great to hear you enjoyed your visit and plan to return! Kind regards, Clare - Community Ranger

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As spring seems to be here people are having food and picnics at the tables provided but there are no litter bins so they either leave litter on the ground or stuff it into the dog waste bins. Can you provide some litter bin for general waste to avoid the unsightly rubbish and tempting things for dogd to eat!

Anonymous, 26/Mar/2015

Thank you for your comments. We do not provide litter bins on our sites, as unfortunately we do not have the resources to empty them as often as they would require - this leads to overflowing bins attracting vermin and potential anti-social behaviour. We do carry out regular site litter picks, but we ask people to follow the Countryside Code by taking their rubbish home with them. If they have been able to carry it there, we expect they are able to take it back. I hope you can understand our position, and continue to enjoy visiting Cely Woods. Kind regards, Community Ranger

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Good paths even in wet weather. A dog walk once round takes about 40 minutes. Whoever laid this park out deserves praise. However enjoyment is spoilt because of the amount of dog excrement either not picked up or in bags and left. Why do people do that! Some enforcement would be very welcome.

Anonymous, 24/Mar/2015

Thank you for your feedback, glad to hear you enjoyed your visit. The majority of visitors with dogs are very responsible, but there are a minority who still do not pick up. Our Rangers cannot be on site 24 hours a day but do make regular patrols and will always speak with anyone they see not clearing up.

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