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IAN ELLIOTT, 29/Dec/2017

Wild camping is not permitted anywhere on Forestry Commission land. There is a campsite at Tangham in Rendlesham Forest - this is open seasonally between March and October.

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Can anyone recommend any lodges in the area? Me and my son are fascinated by the RAF UFO story and would love to visit however my son is young and would not like to camp.

Tracey , 25/Dec/2017 has listings for many places to stay in Suffolk.

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Had a nightmare..signposts were completely misleading due to works going on. Partner and I got lost and really panicked. Better signposting required, particularly when diversions are in place!

Paul, 3/Dec/2017

Thanks for trying to obey the operations signage it's very important that visitors do for their own safety. We are sorry you found them hard to follow. We also have a web page which provides a map of work areas to help you. Check out

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Hello is it ok if you ride a 125 cc quad bike around the forest

Josh, 6/Sep/2017

The use of the forests is governed by the Forestry Commission Byelaws and under these the use of quad bikes is specifically not permitted.

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The forest visit is superb. Beautiful walks and well maintained paths. First time we have done the UFO trail and a lot of time has been spent making it fun and interesting. Gives you the information to make your own mind up about what happened here. Lovely place but if Im allowed one moan,then im sorry but it would have to be about the toilets. There are not enough and what there are, happened to be absolutely filthy. Not much fun paddling to the loo.yuck.

Gail Gray, 5/Sep/2017

We are sorry that you found the toilets to be unsatisfactory. We do appreciate that the number of toilets are sometimes not enough to meet demand and we are currently looking at options for increasing the facilities. We have a cleaner who visits the site every morning but I'm sure you can understand that during busy periods these are used by lots of visitors and the Recreation Ranger cannot always be on site to monitor the facilities.

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Yesterday (13/7/17) my wife and I walked the UFO Trail in Rendlesham forest and found this very enjoyable. The map in the UFO Trail booklet was useful and the trail itself was easy to follow. We felt that the free booklet dealt with a difficult to handle subject at just the right level. Thanks to all who were involved with the preparation, etc.

Carl and Judy White, 14/Jul/2017

Thank you for your positive comments - very much appreciated.

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Is there any enclosed areas in rendlesham suitable for huskies. I need to find somewhere for my husky to be able to go mad and run around no ply as there is nowhere suitable in felixstowe

Carol rosen, 26/Apr/2017

We do not have any enclosed areas dedicated for dogs I'm afraid. You are welcome to apply for a husky training permit - please ring the office number for further information.

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It is a shame that so many trees are being cut down. I understand the need for the "crop" however no planting seems to be happening.

Anonymous, 10/Apr/2017

We do have a lot of harvesting operations taking place at the moment here at Rendlesham Forest. This is mainly thinning work and is happening over large areas due to the age of the trees. Following the gale in 1987 a lot of the forest was replanted around the same time so these trees are now all due to be thinned at the same time. We do have a programme of restocking but there is a two year delay after harvesting has taken place to avoid problems arising from the damage by adult Pine Weevil on newly planted trees.

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I used to regularly bring my children to play in the play areas but unfortunately they are getting to old now!, We often walk the dogs here and have recenlty started to cycled the Tang trail. I was dissapointed that the 'diversion' in place for the FIDO trail was so short but we will try again once the forest operations are completed. A fantastic place for all the family to enjoy.

Anonymous, 3/Apr/2017

Thank you for your comment. The diversion on the F.I.D.O Trail has been necessary whilst harvesting operations are taking place. This work is now nearing completion and the trail should be fully open in the near future.

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Visited Rendlesham Forest today for the 1st time with my puppy. We followed the UFO trail. It's a beautiful walk but for me it was slightly ruined by the amount of dog poo left around. I had to carry my dogs poo with me for most of our walk due to the lack of dog bins (found only one at the start of the trail).

Anonymous, 12/Mar/2017

Our forest code is to bag and bin your dog's waste where you can or 'stick and flick' it when you are deeper into the woods.

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beautiful place defiantly recommend

Anonymous, 15/Feb/2017

Thank you for your comment. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit.

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Do you allow weddings in rendlesham forest

Jon, 8/Feb/2017

I'm afraid we do not have the capacity to host weddings here at Rendlesham. Some other Forestry Commission sites are able to offer this facility such as High Lodge.

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His there a cafe where we can get hot drinks and snacks what will be open during Feb?

And can we walk and cycle the ufo trial?



Ian, 26/Jan/2017

We have a mobile catering van which is onsite most weekends and during school holidays. If you are cycling on the UFO trail please be considerate to walkers.

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Can you confirm that the toilets at the rendlesham visitor centre are open 24//7 and if that includes winter months thankyou

Loulou, 12/Dec/2016

Yes the toilets are always open including during the winter months.

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Love this place ufos and ghosts by dusk and night , however as I have developed a gastric problem I was disappointed that the disabled loo was not 24/7 radar accessible

Loulou, 9/Dec/2016

We apologise if you were not able to access the disabled toilet. The toilets are always open and are not locked out of hours.

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Do you sell Xmas trees from Rendlesham

Pam stone, 20/Oct/2016

NO, we stopped selling Christmas Trees here some years ago.

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Pity the large wooden bird climbing frame had to be removed

Peter U;oth, 8/Sep/2016

Do you have any plans to set up a tea room or coffee shop?

I feel that this is a fantastic opportunity, to draw people to the forest and increase the enjoyment during a visit, which is currently being missed.

Adam, 30/Aug/2016

We do offer a independent mobile catering facility at peak time and weekends.

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why is there no bike hire now?that was really handy to have.

hannah allaton, 28/Aug/2016

We are presently reviewing the customer offer after our bike hire partner left the site.

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We would give 5 stars but one of our children is in a wheelchair and we found the area not at all wheelchair friendly the paths are such hard work pushing a chair and would it hurt to have a few play things where disabled kids could join in to? Toliets were also very dirty, but my able body kids did love the play things so.

Tim brown , 24/Aug/2016
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Loved our visit today. The lovely staff at the tea van in the main car park took a photo of our kids enjoying ice cream for their Facebook page. I didn't think to ask him what the name of the Facebook page or his business was. We are keen to see the pic if poss, would you be able to tell me what the name of the business is please? Many thanks.

Caroline, 25/Jul/2016
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Love tunstall trail great fun. Does anybody got down now and then to fix things up if so I wouldn't mind helping out keeping it in tip top shape for everyone who's enjoys it as mush as I do.

Dom, 24/May/2015
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