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the horse riding was spectacular and the scenery was absolutely superb throughout the whole of the wyre forest.

Anonymous, 3/Apr/2017

Are dog ls allowed here?

Rebecca Drennan, 24/Feb/2017

Yes, dogs are welcome. We do ask that they are kept under control and on a lead around the busy area's of the site please. There are bins provided that you can dispose of any poo bags too. NEW for Wyre, we also have our Dog Wash on site. simply purchase a token from the Forest Café or Bike Hire and pamper your dog with a series of wash and dry options.

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We came from Devon hoping to see the Whitty Pear as part of a tour of Heritage Trees but the map we were given didn't match the posts we saw and there were no signs at any junctions to indicate where on earth we were. None of the people we met in th foes could tell us where we were on the map nor where the Whitty Pear was. We ended up returning to the Visitor Centre two hours later without seeing the tree. What a contrast to Sherwood Forest where the Major Oak was well signposted and every junction made it clear where each path led. Apart from our disappointment we did like the forest and the tracks were easy to walk along. there seem to be a good range of adventure activities.

Elaine, 2/Oct/2016
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What are the opening times of the cafe? I can't find them anywhere!

Anonymous, 7/May/2016

The Forest Café opens at 9am daily and closes between 4pm and 5pm depending on the time of year.

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Has the gruffalo child sculpture arrived yet?

Anonymous, 24/Mar/2016

Not just yet, She will be arriving soon though! Please like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the Gruffalo's Child Sculptures arrival.

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