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Nature's beauty almost entirely ruined by the selfish and arrogant attitude of those dog owners who seem to have designated St Leonards Forest as a public defecation area for dogs. Those choosing to leave behind either mess or poo bags epitomise the small-minded arrogance of all too many dog owners who expect someone else to clear up after them. As for the "stick and flick", that is plain lazy and when multiplied by the apparent volume of dog walkers becomes equally disgusting. Irresponsible dog owners, why not let your dog defecate in your garden? No doubt you don't like dog faeces in your garden. What makes you believe it's fine in public spaces?


The Average Walker, 6/May/2016

We try to encourage all of our dog walkers to be responsible owners and clear up after their dogs, and understand that the forest should be left so that everyone can enjoy it.

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