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This is an excellent resource for all those that enjoy the outdoors. Adventure play trails for all ages, 2 playgrounds adjoining for different age groups, a miniature steam train ride, Go Ape, cycling trails, picnic areas and only about a tenner to park all day. Nice cafe with decent food. Parking is good value for a day out, people complain but it costs a lot of money to manage a place like this and the equipment is sturdy and safe. Where else can you entertain the kids all day for 10?

Jenz, 21/May/2018
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Always good value with plenty to do for all ages. I heard people complain about the parking charge but at 11 for an entire day it provided plenty of free entertainment for our 6 and 4 year old grandchildren. Take a picnic and enjoy the free facilities from two play areas, walks round the lake, building dens in the forest and print off your own Nature Scavenger Hunt online.

Maureen Green, 16/Apr/2018
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Great Park and good value for money, Thank you!

Anonymous, 11/Aug/2017
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Complete rip off im not paying 9 to park my car

Anonymous, 18/Jun/2017
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We visited at the weekend and even though it was very busy we managed to get some quiet space in the woods. There is so much to do and we had a brilliant day out for the whole family. It's comparatively cheap as well, as we only pay for parking and an ice cream. Our boys were very excited about the Gruffalo Trail, although the app didn't always work so well.

Anonymous, 10/Apr/2017
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Hi we visit the country park quite often,

To cycle or walk the play trail. We walked the play trail yesterday and the spiders web had been taken down and the next piece of play equipment was also taped off. Can you please let me know why they have been taken down or taped off. Thank you

Claire , 3/Oct/2016

Thank you for your question. All of our play equipment gets very well used and sadly after a busy summer, both Webs and Funnel trap showed signs of their high use and in our opinion were consequently un-safe, which is why they have been removed or taped off. We are busy planning replacements for both, as the play trail remains as important to us, as it is to our visitors. Many apologies for the gap in our trail this winter.

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We were walking in woods nearby and saw a snake, a mouse, some fox poo and heard an owl...all that's left to spot is a Gruffalo! ... I hear you have one in your woods, am I right?

Anonymous, 8/Sep/2016
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Had a lovely day at Moors Valley. The cycle trails through the forest were great, we loved them! Would definitely visit here again.

Jess, 20/May/2016

Hi could you please tell me if the stick man trail is still on? I can only find the start date but not how long it runs for. Thank you.

Anonymous, 12/Feb/2016

Thank you for your question. Yes the Stick man trail is still running at Moors Valley and will be running until the end of June 2016.

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