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5 Stars 5 Stars

Great night Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott never fail to deliver. Very well run event lots of stewards lots of loo's fast service at the food and beer tent.

Cannot wait for more acts to go see here

Sue, 25/Jun/2018
1 Star 1 Star

Attended the George Ezra concert in Dalby forest, George was ok but the traffic management ridiculous. The one way system actually caused delays, took over an hour to move 3.5 milesthen on way out why on earth traffic wasn't directed two ways, one the way we came in and one the other god knows, took an hour to move 200 yards out of the field then another hour to get out of the forest. I'm not unrealistic, I expected queues but this bad. One good point, well done the guy directing cars on the bottom gate, he was best organised letting one car at a time filter into the queue.

Sadly shan't be back any time soon.

NotAFan, 25/Jun/2018

Ive just been to see George Ezra @ Dalby Forest tonight & having been for 7 years running have never had quite so much hassle from the security/ parking staff! Its really spoilt the evening. Too many times being told not to stand here or there, stick to the footpaths on entering & exiting the was ridiculous! I went with my husband & 2 sons as always & over the years have really enjoyed listening to the live performances but never had so many rules & regulations to follow...a real shame & need to learn to live & let live & just chill out & not be sooooo bossy!!!

Anonymous, 24/Jun/2018
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic Rick Astley concert. Me and the missus enjoyed it immensely and we thought how well organised it was. You can't help traffic delays with everyone leaving at the same time. Will be back for more next year, keep up the great work Forest Folk........

Simon, 27/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Just attended this event for the 6th year running - it really is something special and if you haven't been your missing out! The local camping and apres concert atmosphere adds to a great experience that offers everything from quality music to escapism from modern day trappings!Roll on next year!

MR Happy, 26/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Great night, well run event, Ed Harcourt and Elbow were fantastic. Everyone in good spirits x

Janey , 25/Jun/2017
4 Stars 4 Stars

great time in a beautiful environment. Just wish you would ban smoking at the park or just give smokers designated areas.

Elizabeth davenport , 25/Jun/2017
4 Stars 4 Stars

Excellent concert ! Elbows performance was as excellent as usual. The normal chaos set by the volantering so called car park assistants .I will be contact them to explain the unorganised mess,being a Dalby resident ! other than that perfect night!

Tim Turner, 25/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Amazing venue for Rick Astley concert. Really well organised venue and facilities and helpful staff. Concert was amazing and tickets much cheaper than larger venues making this venue far easier to see the reason you bought tickets. Looking forward to oming to Dalby Forest venue again.

Deb Dawkins, 24/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Looking forward to Elbow this weekend. We enjoy the gigs but please can you organise some traffic control when we leave the venue, it's always chaotic and stressful getting out.

jacks, 20/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Guy Garvey was awesome last year, probably the best gig I've ever been to. Such an atmospheric venue! I was more than excited to see Elbow is doing it this year.

Sophie, 16/Jun/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic night last year watching John Newman. And loved Rag and Bone man. Will definitely be back this year to see someone.

Lesley Sims , 4/Feb/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars


NERYS, 20/Jan/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

The best venue! Enjoyed Tom Odell and guy garvey! Can't rate highly enough!

Emma, 16/Jan/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Had an unforgettable night watching John Newman with my family. Really helpful staff, well organised entry and exit of the car parks...looking forward to coming back.

Suzi Smith, 14/Jan/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Paloma faith last year, brilliant hurry back

Windy, 17/Dec/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic venue ! John Newman please hurry back. Looking forward to next year. Brilliant helpful staff.

DEB WARDMAN, 20/Nov/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Amazing night watching Kaiser Chiefs.....great venue with fabulous atmosphere, even in the rain!! More gigs please, and bring back the Kaiser Chiefs soon :)

Mel, 25/Jul/2016
4 Stars 4 Stars

Brilliant night in the rain watching Kaiser Chiefs. All very well organised and great entertainment. Would like to know who the company was that were selling coffee there! Anyone know!?

Lottie, 28/Jun/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Ace night at Dalby forest yesterday watching Olivia Sebastianelli, Rag & Bone Man, and John Newmam, great venue really great atmosphere , can't wait to come back

Chris Davison, 26/Jun/2016
4 Stars 4 Stars

Had a really great evening watching C Duncan and Guy Garvey first time for us in Dalby, Fabulous location really well organised and very atmospheric.

Mr Bee, 25/Jun/2016
3 Stars 3 Stars

We are regular visitors to Dalby Forest & we have always loved our visits to the Courtyard Cafe but over the past few months we have noticed a big difference in the cafe. We visited the Courtyard Cafe a few weeks ago and was served instant coffee...this is completely unacceptable and I was appalled that this was being sold. The quality has declined immensely and we are very disappointed to say the least!

Freddie, 17/Jun/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic venue seen paul weller,deacon blue, paloma faith ths year guy garvey the brilliant mr john newman and the kaiser chiefs fantastic venue although struggling getting transport this year from warren house campsite

Joe Martin, 24/May/2016

Erasure were awesome , along with Paloma Faith , world class

Tony Logue , 23/Mar/2016

An amazing venue. We are so lucky having such a stunning place right on our doorstep. Paul and Jacqui were great last year and I loved Paloma. This type of act (Will Young included) lend themselves so well to the feel of the forestry. I never would have even thought of going to an Erasure gig and that was possibly one of the best acts I have ever seen! The staff are a credit! I look forward to the acts every year!

David Michael Ward, 17/Mar/2016

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