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Rode Kitchener early this morning and it was exhilarating and fun. Signs could be bigger as kept getting lost as it was my first time. Can't wait to go back on a muddy day :-)

Stuart Franey, 1/Sep/2018

Did a couple of sections today and had lots of fun. Would love to come back and try the whole trail. First time I've done this sort of trail so no rating as no frame of reference, but lots of fun so big thumbs up.

Toby, 2/Aug/2018
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I have riden the Kitchener today and thoroughly enjoyed it, I didnt see much damage but I suspect this is because of great weather we have been having so the repairs are easier to bed in than in any wet weather.

The main concerns I came across were people riding the trail the opposite way, this was on two occasions but towards the end of the trail. The main problem was a lady walking her 4 dogs in the middle of a downhill section, she was totally oblivious it was a specific cycling trail so maybe a little further encouragement on the signage to adhere to the correct direction/usage of the trail.

All in all a great ride.

Dan, 17/Jul/2018
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Did green, blue, red, blue, green today. Great ride, just let down by poor condition of the majority of the singletrack. In places it is now actually dangerous as berms have collapsed halfway round, the jumo landings have eroded away (especially on the rock ones). Signage was definitely an issue with several missing or laying broken at the side of the tracks. At the cost of parking its still a bargain and I had a great day, seems a shame that some of the basics arent even kept up with.

Chris, 4/May/2018

Hi Chris thank you for your comments. I think in terms of the Kitchener trail it has been in constant use throughout what has been a very long, wet winter. The same conditions have made it difficult to work on the trail as repairs/upgrades wear out quickly as the trail erodes through a combination of rain and heavy use. Work on the trail will continue over the coming weeks and months, however as it is a red graded trail don't expect groomed, smooth surfaces, uneven ground, exposed roots and rocks are a common feature and are essential to test and challenge riders ability, perhaps you should ride more of the blue trail if you're not confident on the red? Trail signs are being upgraded and replaced as soon as we can get to them.

Forestry Commission Response
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Hi any news on how long the diversions will be on kitchener trail

John, 2/Apr/2018

The diversions on the Kitchener Trail will remain in place whilst harvesting operations continue. As soon as they have been completed we will assess the infrastructure, trails, paths and roads and decide whether or not the reinstatement work can either be undertaken by our local staff, or contractors. Unfortunately, due to continued poor weather the process remains open ended.

Forestry Commission Response
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Could I just ask is the forestry commission becoming anti cycling because where the heavy machinery is working and the trails are closed there seems to be no consideration to protecting the trails they are just riding roughshod over them this inturn is causing more damages to the trails which just fill with water the Kitchener trail is in dire need of some TLC with parts being underwater after heavy rain also other riders have commented on families riding the red trail the wrong way i have witnessed this myself this does need addressing as I can see an accident arising soon on a more positive note there is some decent riding to be had on the more drier sections

Julian, 2/Apr/2018

Hi, Sherwood and all woodlands owned and managed by the Forest Commission on behalf of the country are first and foremost working forests. The timber is essential to the economy and industry. Having said that, the benefits provided to recreation and welfare from visiting our woodlands is something we take great pride in, so balancing the both factors is often a challenge and not something taken lightly. Following harvesting at our forest centres such as Sherwood Pines, a process of reinstatement begins to restore or replace damaged trails, obviously this takes some time to assess and decide on the correct course of action, to date we have been able to reinstate fairly quickly, with improvements at Tornado Alley, Hellfire Alley and Fifth Avenue, some areas due to ground conditions following the recent poor weather take longer to resolve.

Forestry Commission Response
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2nd visit today, new to this myself but was very able on a bmx many moons ago so myself and my and my Mrs did the blue 1st visit and all the red today, very wet weather but what a great couple of hours. We took our time as didnt know the course but loved it. We did see someone clearing litter and on one of our stops did see some empty bottles on the side so actually took the time to put them in our bag till back at the car park. We could all help to keep the place clean, I dont understand anyone littering but obviously some folk dont think the same. Overall there was very little rubbish, the trail was great, got some nice speed in places although the weather did hinder me a little as Im on a hybrid Specialized but just upgraded the tyres so more suitable. Cant wait to come back, excellent facility and parking is a bargain when you think just how much a place like this costs to maintain and improve......thanks for all the hard work done by all involved....

Carl, 15/Mar/2018
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Hi SteveC glad you like Pines, I'm also a pass holder (Sherwood Pines) and when you take out a pass with FC it is explained that's it's for use on one site only, I frequent Cannock Chase and have to pay parking there, don't visit enough to need a pass 'yet'.

As for family visitors to Pines, sorry but they are just as entitled to ride the trails as you/me and everyone else, please ride with care and consideration for other users young and old it is after all a public facility.

I do agree with you on the matter of rubbish, it is unpleasant, but it's not the FC's problem or job to clean up behind these people, but they do, if you see someone littering please ask them to pick it up and take it home.

Enjoy your future visits, speak to a local/regular to point out some of the off piste areas.

Christopher, 16/Feb/2018
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Fantastic facility. Went for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed. Spent the day doing all the trails and really enjoyed the red Kitchener trail and the downhill sections. Nothing very extreme but still plenty of challenge. A few observations though. First why is my Forestry Freedom Pass from Fineshade not useable for parking at Sherwood? I can only park in one car park at a time and am supporting you with an annual pass.

Second you really need to keep families and those clearly not experienced to ride red and blue trails off them. On more than one occasion yesterday I nearly wiped out small children and yummy mummy that were clearly out of their depth. They are an accident waiting to happen and cause carnage with people backed up. The entrance to every red trail segment should clearly be signposted with your signs highlighting the skill and risk level and stating they are unsuitable as a family trail.

I will echo what other people have said about rubbish, youhave to realise there are just some disgusting people out there who will dump rubbish and resign yourselves to doing a litter patrol. We all wish that people acted responsibly all the time but sadly its not always the case and the rubbish mars the beautiful facility.

The bike jet wash is absolutely genius. The cafe is excellent if a bit pricy but otherwise this is an amazing facility and show cases whit the FC can do to manage this natural resource and leverage it for public enjoyment. It will be a regular visit for us now.

SteveC, 5/Feb/2018
3 Stars 3 Stars

Great red trail. But please, fellow cyclists, take litter home with you! It's such a shame how filthy some parts of the trail are. It detracts from an otherwise wonderful site.

YDJ, 13/Jan/2018
5 Stars 5 Stars

I come here regularly and do a mix of red trail and off-piste trails that I have discovered. Over the years the Ranger team have done a fantastic job of making the trail ride-able all year round. In addition new features have been added from time to time that have added technical interest. The trail is one of the easier reds, but if you do not respect it, it will catch you out! If you are not getting an adrenaline surge at times, then you are not going fast enough! The green is a good trail for the kids or just to walk. The blue is an unexpected gem. It is a genuinely lovely trail to ride in dry weather, especially the Autumn. The parking is cheap and the facilities are excellent. Even if you don't bring a bike, there is something for all ages. If you go to the Dirt Jump area, for heaven's sake take your rubbish home with you! (angry face)!

I am not a Forestry Commission employee, nor a family member of one either, I just love the place.

Steve Sordy, 27/Nov/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Visited at the weekend, all trails were open, and it wasn't too wet either.

Rich, 19/Nov/2017
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Hi visited today 9th Nov, and as checked the website yesterday evening and this morning, before traveling 30mile to Pines, was surprised to find a substantial trail diversion, yes there are still lots of rideable trails, but, it would have been good to know before hand, and I do appreciate this work has to be done, just please let people know Ta! .

Christopher , 9/Nov/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Did 2 laps of the red the other day after having not been for about 18 months and forgot how much fun it is. Is this trail a true "red", no. It's a red for the fact it's the hardest trail at Pines. The only true red part I would consider is the double rock drop quite early on. Does this mean it's boring? NO! There are some fantastic flowy sections, Tornado Alley being my favorite. I'd love some more techy rock sections but the topography simply doesn't allow for it and I feel they have done the best with the land available. I feel the signage at times could be better, a few times I came out the end of a section and had to stop for a moment to find the entrance to the next part. Overall though fantastic facilities, parking, toilets, cafe etc and an excellent trail.

Michael, 2/Nov/2017
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First time doing a red route today really enjoyed it only issue was the first attempt i got lost due to lack of signs Last marker i see then the next one i see was 18 so decided to do it again and found my way where theres multiple tracks to go down there should be arrows most places there is but some are missing

Lee, 27/Oct/2017

Hi Lee, I am glad you had a good time on the red route. The route gets checked regularly so any missing signs will get picked up and replaced as soon as possible. Thanks for your comment.

Forestry Commission Response
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Been riding pines for many years great riding but I am finding more and more people walking on the red route or families with children riding the trail the wrong way nearly had an accident with one such group tried to tell them very politely what they were doing wrong but got a lot of verbal abuse for my trouble please could you place more no entry signs at the end of each trail section hope this will help to try and sort the problem

Freedy, 22/Oct/2017

Hi,I am sorry for your recent experience on the cycle trails. We do our best to educate people on the use of the trails and which are suitable for them. I will pass your comment on to the local team to see if there is more we could be doing to prevent these situations. I hope you enjoy riding here in future.

Forestry Commission Response
3 Stars 3 Stars

Some great ideas in the trail design but seriously in need of repair. Some of the erosion in areas is damn right dangerous and Im a seasoned rider. Rock slabs and tree stumps on the exits to higher speed corners means that those who are unfamiliar with the trail could come real trouble.

Nice to see people working on the trail today though.

Anonymous, 3/Oct/2017

Hi the features found on the trail either by design or via erosion are consistent with a red trail grading and mountain biking in general.

Forestry Commission Response
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Been doing the Blue route every Sunday for a couple of months, with my brother and sister-in-law. None of us are spring chickens (I'm mid fifties)and my brother's bike only has 1 gear (not a fixy)> Last Saturday we tried the Red Route, really enjoyed it, great workout and we'll be back again this week!

Adele, 26/Sep/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

1st time at the pines today and we did the blue route. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it ( even if it was raining cats and dogs). There was enough to keep the hubby entertained while I tootled round at my own pace. Looking forward to returning very soon.

Andrea Doble, 17/May/2017

Enjoy coming here, closer than the Peaks (Very different riding obviously) but for a quick blast out and home mid morning it's great. Well maintained trails and a fun run. Nothing over the top technical wise, but fun. The main thing that is frustrating is the amount of litter left by bikers. Come on, seriously, how hard is it to put an empty bottle in your bag until you get to the car park? Have some respect.

Rich, 27/Apr/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Been coming to pines with my son for weeks now so we decided to move on to the Red trail from the blue. We loved every minute of it especially the twisty downhill sections. My son can't wait for the weekend to do it all again. Brilliant route to learn all the skills and become a better trail rider. Just have to be aware of the faster riders coming up from behind with it being singletrack.

Jamz, 24/Apr/2017
4 Stars 4 Stars

First time cycling at Pines today. Did the red route twice. It's a nice length track meaning you get all the fun of a bike park and still be able to call back at your car for food/water. So you don't have to carry as much.

The track itself is very well built if not a little taime. It certainly flows allowing for a lot of pump rather than pedal.

I briefly called at the jump park too. Again it looks well built but it was disgusting. Rubbish all over the place, bins over flowing. I turned round and went back to the trail. I'm sure if it was clean it would be awesome. Easter hols maybe had a hand in this one?...

Overall I can't wait to go back and beat my times on the red route.

Richard Leach, 12/Apr/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

Rode the trail today - really enjoyed it. Shame I couldn't stay long enough to do the others, but I'll definitely be back :-)

Phil Metcalfe, 16/Mar/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

For my first time on this type of trail, I didn't really know what to expect! But it was really enjoyable and I loved the challenge, thanks!

Joe, 17/Sep/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

First time there today met up with a lad who pointed me in the direction of the red route, have to say best thing I did lately was upgrade to xt brakes, saved me all but once when I did my best superman over the bars impression. Fast single track good climbs and lots of twists and turns. Caf staff very pleasant food good too. Facilities are excellent. Thanks to Garry for showing me round. Will definitely be back. Already twisting my riding buddies arms to have a jolly boys outing there. Well done to the trail builders on a fantastic job. And to anyone who has not been yet but have read the professional complainers comments. Come and try it and make your own mind up. I did and so glad I did. The only downfall is the fact that on my way home and some deliberation my decision was made. At the expense of upsetting my better half. A full suspension is going to find its way to my shed.

Les , 9/Sep/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

I have come here on holiday, left the kids in the pool and went out on my own. I have a carbon full suss 29er and am 47 years old, I have been riding Mtb for 20+ years and your course was awesome I had a great time, so fast and fantastic views of the countryside as I am still not fit !! Really really good. It will trip you up if your not concentrating if not you are going too slow. A+++

Jon, 3/Sep/2016
4 Stars 4 Stars

I'm a big fan of pine. The blue trail was the first I tried, this website says it can do in under 2 hours. I managed it in 36 minutes without really pushing myself, it's OK for a leisurely ride. I've heard a lot of bad things about the red trail, some I've spoken to have called it boring however I quiet like it. It flows surprisingly well to say it's pretty flat ground and because of this the climbs aren't too punishing. The western front section is particularly good.

The green route is ideal for a warm up, takes me 15-20 minutes to get round. Dog walkers are getting a little out of hand, they seem to be venturing onto the trails more and more. They usually move without much fuss but it's frustrating to have to ask, there is plenty of land to walk on so why walk on a mtb trail?

Parking is reasonable at 4 for the day, however I always arrive just after opening and seem to be the only one paying which is confusing.

There's plenty of space down there for loads more trails, I'm hoping there's more coming but there doesn't seem to much activity on that front.

James , 10/Aug/2016

Hi James, so glad you like coming to Sherwood Pines. Maybe the other visitors have a Discovery Pass? This might be worth considering if you visit frequently. The details are here

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

This was perfect for me as I am trying to get into mountainbiking. It's so much fun with some of the downhill sections (especially section 10-11 "The Western Front") and the bike park with dirt jumps. My husband who used to go offroading a lot had just as much fun as I did. Defo coming back soon!

Dani, 19/Jun/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Went for my first ever ride with a group at pines yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant. Amazing facilities at the main centre, parking, toilets, cafe, bike shop. 4 for parking is very reasonable when you see the quality of the facilities.

Red route was very wet and full of puddles after heavy rain the previous day but still enjoyable, would love to come back for a blast when it's dried out as I think it would be even more enjoyable and a lot quicker. It's harder than you think in terms of physical effort, don't let the low mileage fool you. If you are an experienced rider with experience of more difficult trail centres then this route probably won't offer you too much, but for me it was pretty perfect.

It's quite flat, I would have enjoyed a few more tough climbs to really test the legs but the topography is the way it is and can't be changed.

We also did a lap of the blue after the red and incorporated that with a blast in the bike park for a few downhill runs which was great fun.

In total we did nearly 19 miles and just over 1000ft of climbing in around 2 hours.

Had a nice cup of tea from the cafe after and a sit down and chat before heading off home.

I think next time I come I will do 2 laps of the red route, hopefully in the dry so I can fully appreciate this place.

Michael, 13/Jun/2016

I think some signs warning dog walkers to be more respondinle around the bike trails are required

John , 2/Jun/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

A lot of experienced riders don't give the Red (kitchener) route enough credit. In fairness it's not as crackers or technical as other English red routes (Cannock/Dalby) however I think it's a fantastic introduction to red routes, which will give inexperienced riders chance to experience 'red' without taking them too far out of their comfort zone.

Anonymous, 20/May/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

An amazing trial, awesome decents good learning jumps and wall rides on point.

James swindell, 4/Apr/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

amazing track and all riders are frendly to all ages

Anonymous, 31/Mar/2016
4 Stars 4 Stars

The Kitchener is in great condition (14/03/2016) thanks to the trail builders. If you are looking for a long grind go elsewhere, the way to enjoy this is to repeat and go for a fast time. The new sections are good, and overall it is a great blast. The faster you go the more you appreciate the trail.

Gnashers, 15/Mar/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Best trail to improved MTB skills and endurance, although its only 8 miles in distance, its down to how fast you can managed to finished the 20 trails. If the trail is too short for others then do another round.

A.J, 1/Mar/2016

Good fun today on the KT at 50min circuits. Surprising number of people walking on it! Fab all weather surface with just a bit of mud. Some repairs been undertaken well, it's in great condition.

Anonymous, 27/Feb/2016
5 Stars 5 Stars

Another excellent day at Sherwood Pines Kitchener Trail. The changes made so far are realy good and looking forward to the rest being open.

Alan Smith, 27/Feb/2016

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