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Nice ride through on my adventure motorcycle, very scenic, will do it again next year when the road re opens good fun.

Warren, 28/Oct/2017
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I loved it, yeah there's a lot of the forest that has disappeared however if you wander through some of the little lanes. It really is spectacular, I would recommend that it's in an Suv or 4WD of some sort and have a back up plan if you get stuck, but me and my friend thought it was brilliant, half the people we met saying it's not great etc where all driving small pot pot cars,(nice for the lane I suppose) It's well worth the money.

Stu, 24/Aug/2017
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Too much de-forestation means the drive is now more of a gravel road. Still worth it, but not if traveling a long distance to get here. Lost it's magic now, far better a few years ago.

David Bishop, 7/Aug/2017
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This is a spectacular drive. However, due to rather drastic deforestation ("forest management"), not much forest is left along the roadside. Let's be clear, this is mainly an access road for heavy timbering equipment.

I would recommend the drive/ride, but it isn't the same in 2017 what it used to be 7-10 years ago.

Joe Smith, 15/Apr/2017

my comments have already been made to the keilder forest website, it is unfortunate that their website makes no mention of the trail being closed, so a 140 mile trip ended in disappointed for me

barbara turnbull, 11/Apr/2017

Sorry you had a disappointing trip to Kielder recently. The closure information has been posted on this page since last October although other websites may have been displaying out of date information.

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4 Stars 4 Stars

Went today, 15/8/16. Excellent drive, easily manageable with care, despite the untarmaced sections. Wonderful scenery and wildlife. Despite no specific picnic sites, there are plenty of places to pull off and take a break to admire the scenery. Very little traffic, and very peaceful. Well recommended.

SHELDON, 15/Aug/2016
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I took my motorbike and it was a really good ride.

Just remember that it is a 2 way road.

I was unlucky enough to meet two Audis coming at me at an uncontrollable speed. It was a joy for me to dive into watery ditch to avoid being hit.

Most of the road itself is made large gravel stones and runs through a beautiful area and apart from the rally driver wannabes I really enjoyed it.

Anonymous, 14/Jul/2016
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Thoroughly enjoyed our trip along the drive. Nice views and great to be in the wilderness away from traffic.

Anonymous, 16/Jun/2016
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Very disappointing.nowhere to park and walk or picnicdespite paying 6.00 for drive &parking. Most of drive consists of cut down trees.!

Anonymous, 8/Jun/2016

Sorry to read you were disappointed by the Forest Drive. There are spots to park and picnic at Kielder Burn and the wildlife hide, both towards the Kielder end of the drive. However, the drive is designed primarily as an experience to be enjoyed in a car with walking and picnic opportunities at either end (the £6 ticket you purchased covered the drive plus parking in the rest of Kielder Water and Forest Park).

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Is the forest drive now open as planned?

Tony, 25/May/2016

The forest drive is currently open.

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Hello, I have a 4x4 motorhome that wight up to 5t. Would I be allowed to take it on the drive? Thanks

Anja, 25/May/2016

Yes, the forest drive from the visitor centre to Grove Car Park (tarmac section) is accessible by vehicles of your size. The second half of the drive is not on tarmac and has a tight turn to exit from Blackling Hole.

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Do you expect The Forrest Drive will re-open as usual from May 1st this year (2016)?

P. Matthews, 5/Apr/2016

Yes, once winter repair work has been completed the Forest Drive will re-open. The opening is scheduled for the first May Bank Holiday weekend.

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Is it open this week (07/12/2015-11/12/2015 or is it closed with the bad weather

David Brown, 7/Dec/2015

The drive is currently closed due to storm damage

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I have a crf 250 would I be allowed to ride this here?

kris, 5/Apr/2015

You are permitted to take any road legal vehicle on the forest drive. Motorised vehicles, including trail motorbikes and quad bikes are not permitted elsewhere in the forest.

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