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I love to visit this garden while I am in the area, but haven't been for about 2 years. I visited again in early August 2016 & can see a great deal of growth has spread of the Sasa grass, Gaultheria & Bamboo. It is much more overgrown than I have ever seen it.

I visit relatives nearby for long weekends 3 or 4 times a year & would love to help clear up this garden if its possible for visitors to volunteer by turning up & just getting stuck in. I'd use my own tools & am an experienced gardener, but would need clarification on where to put cuttings & spoil for clearance by Forestry commission.

andrew blackwell, 7/Aug/2016

Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind offer of help. The local ranger will be contacting you via e-mail to discuss things further.

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Visited the Japanese gardens today, the first day of Spring with blue skies and sunshine (pretty good for mid-March in the Lakes!). Though obviously well past their prime, it was clear that the gardens had at one time been something special. Good luck to the local community in bringing them back to their former glory.

Any idea on the origin of the name - Giggle Alley?

Rod Mitchell, 20/Mar/2016

Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit and that the weather was kind! The name Giggle Alley is a bit of a mystery, we've never been able to find conclusive evidence of the origin although it has been suggested that it means winding path between shrubs.

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I live within a 100FT of giggle alley and would like to help look after the Japanese garden as I go there every single day and would love to help

Alan Day, 28/Jan/2016

Thanks for your offer to help at Giggle Alley, the local ranger will contact you directly to discuss things further.

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