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A lovely place to walk and play for both the dogs and the children. We loved the amazing sculptures and got lost a couple of times but all in all enjoyable afternoon. Maybe a printable or download leaflet would be fab on the website with paths detailed so no one gets lost!

Lou, 15/Feb/2018

Thank you for your comments. We are working with a local art group to see if we can improve the art trail. We're glad you enjoyed your walk.

Forestry Commission Response
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2 hours to walk around. Could do with a few more signs like someone mentioned. Loved the houses in the trees not too sure what animals they are for though, maybe another bin would be handy to have as we only saw one right at the very start. Apart from that no other faults the kids had a great time exploring and we met some really friendly dogs on the way round. Might be worth adding this to the walkswithbuggies website as we managed to walk around the red route with ours and there's not many places you can. Fab little(well big) forest.

Tracy, 12/Aug/2017
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We chanced across Kings Wood during a 3-day break in Kent whilst driving along the A251 through the coppiced section. The bluebells were still fantastic on May 10th and the red signed sculpture walk took us through all the varied sections of woodland. Great to see the wood is still worked and it makes England seem special.

Ian & Sally, 10/May/2017

I'm looking to come today what toilet facilities do you have as my children may need to use it plus we live 30 minutes away

Wendy, 15/Apr/2017

Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities at Kings Wood.

Forestry Commission Response
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Absoloutely wonderful, so peaceful. Perfect day picnic with our dogs in the sun.

Jess, 6/Jun/2016
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nice walk today would like to know where I can get a detailed map showing footpaths and sites of interest as there was none avalible at the car park as I would like to return and exsplore some more many thanks

philip collier, 17/May/2016
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PLEASE put more signs up especially for the way to car park. We got lost and took us 2.5 hours to find our way out!!

Anonymous, 15/May/2016

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