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Lovely, undeveloped part of the UK with developing cycle scene. Loved the family friendly route from Cannop, which offers choice of route/difficulty. Lucky to find Lydney Brew on our homeward journey - an indie coffee shop in Lydney with hosts Tom & Lucy - words cannot describe the food on offer, at affordable prices - parking at the rear so we had no worries about our bikes. A great day out in the Forest of Dean - we will return!

Anonymous, 25/Sep/2017
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I am a regular walker in Abbots Wood and I am fed up with the abuse of footpaths by horse riders. In and after wet weather the horses churn up the paths making them almost impassable at some points. This selfish and anti social behaviour on the part of horse riders. There are miles of metalled tracks but they still wreck the narrow paths.It is perfectly feaseable to do circular rides without the use of paths They also never pull the horse to one side when it needs to defecate.

SG Bosher, 13/Jun/2017
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We walked around Connop Lake today, and it was gorgeous. Lots of cyclists who were all friendly and appreciative of us holding onto our dogs as they passed. Thank you to all those who look after the beautiful F of Dean.

Anonymous, 11/Jun/2017
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The bluebells around wenchford this year were stunning. The family had a lovely walk from the picnic site and we really loved it. Thanks for all your hard work keeping the area so beautiful .

Julie, 20/May/2017

Is there any chance of filling in the very large potholes on the drive into the Wenchford site please, so many now difficult to avoid when driving in.

Anonymous, 19/May/2017

Thank you for your feedback, the potholes at Wenchford are scheduled to be filled shortly.

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yet again another evening walking around linear park foxes bridge and worgreen nature reserve ruined by idiots on high performance motorcycles ripping speeds of up to 60 mph.tonight was horrendous for people walking cycling or just want some peace and quiet. I am amazed no one got injured. what an advert for one of englands finest forest if I was a tourist I would be consideration for the general public they are finding it so easy to use it as there private racetrack obviously it will take a serious injury or death before somebody takes note.

concerned , 4/Apr/2017

Thank you for your comments. We are working in partnership with Gloucestershire Police and we would urge people to report all illegal motorbike and quad use on the public forest estate via 101. Also any sightings can be reported to us via

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Can I collect firewood if it's already fallen?

robert williams, 10/Dec/2016

You must hold a brushwood permit. A brushwood permit for collecting firewood which has fallen is available to purchase between the hours of 9.30am - 3pm, Monday to Friday from the Forestry Commission office, Bank House, Bank Street, Coleford, GL16 8BA

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There is a small amount of Japanese Knotweed growing pretty close to the Blaize Bailey viewpoint. For precise location, please contact me

kim lock, 7/Nov/2016

Thank you for your comments - passed to Beat Forester who will be in touch direct

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Hi can you go night time shooting here

Anonymous, 29/Oct/2016

Absolutely no shooting (Day or Night time)by the public on the Public Forest Estate

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Japanese knot weed infestation, next to trig point on chestnut hill, chestnut woods, George lane, little dean

Lulu Sanderson, 26/Sep/2016

The Beat Forester for the area will reply by email

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Can I ride my Segway on the trails in the forest?

Dave, 29/Aug/2016

No private segways allowed on Forest Tracks, I'm afraid, as they are classed as a motorised vehicle. You can hire segways through Go Ape at Mallards Pike and follow their specific trail.

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Wouldn't it be good for community relations if the FC provided an annual parking ticket (10?) for your parking zones for local residents? 3.50 is a lot of money if you just want to spend 30 minutes walking the dog. You may even encourage local people to take greater care of this environment. As a disabled person I do not object to paying a parking fee but I am more likely to park on double yellow lines on the road as permitted than what you are currently charging.

Mark Parry, 27/Aug/2016

Thank you for your comment. The Forest of Dean Discovery Pass costs £25 (less than 7pence a day!)and gives free parking at all our P&D sites plus many other discounts and offers across the Forest of Dean. It is available to purchase at the Forestry Commission office in Coleford or from cafes at Beechenhurst, Symonds Yat or Cannop Cylce Centre or go online

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My family and I love the Forest and it is a firm favourite with our two dogs. We would love to have a bench dedicated to my late partner, who passed away in 2007, as he spent many hours walking the Sculpture Trail. How would we go about this please?

Mrs Shirley Insley, 20/Aug/2016

The ranger responsible will reply by email, thank you.

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Are drones allowed to film and be flown on the premises? Providing there is a safe area to do so. I've not been to the Forest of Dean since I was relatively young, and willing to have the forest in a scene of a non-narrative documentary film to not only keep as a memory but for others to see who cannot visit England to see the Forest of Dean.

Chris, 31/Jul/2016

A filming permission is required and a drone may not be allowed. Our films permission administrator will reply by email

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Hello, am I permitted to canoe on the Cannop Ponds in the Forest of Dean.

Thanks in anticipation

Terry Hendry, 14/Jul/2016

Sorry, no boating/canoeing allowed on these ponds at all. Canoeing by organised groups is permitted at Mallards Pike Lake - contact for further information.

Forestry Commission Response

Is there anywhere to park a horse box to ride around the forest of dean? or can we use the main carparks?

angela, 13/Jul/2016

We have three Greenway routes in the Dean and one in Dymock woods. Two of the Greenways in the Dean have good car parking facilities as they can start at either Mallards Pike or Wenchford Pools, pay and display at usual price. The Greenway is signposted with green arrows. If you are driving (Carriage driving) then you will need a key from Forestry Commission office in Coleford for the gates. Can also park at Symonds Yat and ride the hard stone tracks there isn’t a trail as such but some lovely riding.

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A big thanks to Francis from the Forestry Commission who saw me broken down on my motorbike and gave me a lift to school. You're a gentleman and a life-saver.

Lyn, 6/Jul/2016

There is a fallen tree blocking the path just East of North from the Water Works on Mitcheldeanmeend Inclosure No1 at OS 654192 - probably already noted and planned for removal, but just in case no one has reported it! Lovely walk to Wigpool just the same!

Stan, 5/Jul/2016

Thank you this has now been noted and sent to relevant staff - and glad you enjoyed your walk

Forestry Commission Response

Can you please send me a booking form for a visit to Wenchford on Wednesday 22nd June. Can it be sent to the email address below. Many thanks.

Mandy Grant - Blakeney Primary School, 20/Jun/2016

No booking required - just turn up and don't forget to bring change for pay and display. (£10 for a coach to park) Enjoy your visit.

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It says 3.50 for parking...

How much is a ticket to walk around?

Natalie, 3/Jun/2016

The charge is JUST for parking - to walk or cycle to, in and around site is FREE.

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I sent an email last Friday to your westenengland email address requesting details of what proceedures your Rangers should take to inform the public when shooting deer, as I was walking my dogs in the woods above Lea Bailey when a deer was shot less than 50 metres from me. There were no signs on any of the footpaths or vehicle tracks and at the time one of my dogs was off his lead. To date, I have not had a reply.

Diane, 20/May/2016

Deer control is carried out as discretely as possible and always with public safety as the main priority. It would be costly and inefficient to erect signs on every access and it would be easy to neglect a little used access point which could create debate about insufficient notice. Replied by email.

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Hi there does anyone know of any horse riding places that would let me and my girlfriend pay to go on a trek in the forest

Jake, 15/Apr/2016

replied by email

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Beechenhurst is a lovely place and the staff are very nice

Dormant useful giraffe, 4/Apr/2016

Yesterday my Partner and I were out walking our two dogs and were charged by a male wild boar in a quiet area of the Forest. The boar knocked down one of our dogs. I would like to report this as I understand that the commission was making note of attacks in the Forest. Please could you advise me if this is the correct address or if not provided me with the contact details of who i should report this to.

Alison Turner, 4/Apr/2016

Your report has been forwarded to our wildlife staff. any further reports should be emailed to

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we have a discovery pass for Cardinham Woods which we and our son find very useful.

We also visit the Forest of Dean at least once a year and have tp pay to park. we are National Trust Members and our membership card allows us to park in any National trust Car Park,what a pity same does not apply with Forestry commission.

Elizabeth Beach, 28/Mar/2016

The Forestry Commission are looking into a National Pass which would cover all sites, the main issue has been the different costs of Discovery Pass across the country which varies depending on facilities etc. Thank you for your comments which will be fed to our National Team discussing this.

Forestry Commission Response

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