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Love the trail but is there any chance somebody could go round with a hedge trimmer?Some parts of the trail are so overgrown your almost crashing trying to avoid branches etc etc.

Tom, 8/Aug/2017

The ranger team do have this in their maintenance schedule but we'll flag up your comments with them and make it a priority.

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Would be 5 star but a couple of dodgy bits of boardwalk. My group included some of little experience, and they all enjoyed it...just walked rather more bits than others.

Mark L, 20/Apr/2017

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the trail. We do have a programme of maintenance work scheduled to improve the boardwalks so I hope you return in future to have another go!

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Been riding Grizedale now for well over 20yrs.Superb amenities,and quality of trails.The designated routes are well marked and perfectly categorised.If coming in wet weather make sure you have your seal-skins on as the harder trails do collect deep puddles and your feet WILL get cold and wet.

Edith, 26/Dec/2016
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I did the North Face Trail over the October half term, whilst my boys were doing a MTB holiday camp. Had a brilliant time - a good mix of single track, boardwalk and forest roads, with the most spectacular autumnal views. You can read more about it here:

Karen@CycleSprog, 4/Nov/2016
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Really enjoyed the ride on a very wet day. I have not ridden this trail for years and was very pleased to find much of the boardwalk replaced with rocky sections. Several of the short boardwalk sections could do with some TLC and there are various broken boards around the route. No problems with route finding - all well signed.

JoM, 5/Sep/2016
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Well after 4 years of trying to compete this due to broken bikes etc I'd like to say it was worth it but after around 4mls the trail markers were no existent or very poorly positioned as a result I ended up completing my ride on the red trail back to the centre, very disappointed.

Northface , 29/Jul/2016

So sorry to hear about your difficulties on the trail, we've not had any other feedback from visitors getting lost but we will head out to check the waymarkers haven't been damaged are all clearly visible. Hope you return for another attempt soon, you could also download a map from the website as a bit of back up.

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