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You have still not chosen to answer as to why you deem it necessary to charge to carriage drive in the new forest when, walking and so called Nordic walking, dog walking both private and commercial , horse riding and cycling are all free.

Also do you check that all the participants have paid when they do drives from marchwood and others areas which are not run by the bds?

Andrew Hannam, 24/Apr/2017

Thank you for you comments. We are sorry for the delay in your initial query, which has been passed up to the Recreation Manager for a response. He has asked that you send your questions, along with your contact details to for the attention of Richard Burke to as he will then be able to provide you with a full response via e-mail.

Forestry Commission Response

It is totally wrong that cyclists and walkers can use the forests and car parks free yet horse riders and drivers have to pay.In addition, when we had a driving

permit we had to pay 25 extra for each key so it doesn't include a deposit for a gate key!!

Anonymous, 25/Aug/2016

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