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Have been bringing my dog to Jeskyns since it opened. I visit country parks all over Kent. Jeskyns is still my favourite. I love seeing it grow. The forestry commission have done a fantastic job.

Ellie, 15/Nov/2017

Do you have to pay for disabled parking?

April, 5/Nov/2017

Yes, normal parking fees apply of £1.50 a day.

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The park dogs off lead zone is great especially for my rescue although I do have one issue, on s Sunday a large group of dogs meet in the exercise area. It is an absolute joke. They run riot and fight. Many of times I've stood back and watched the owers jump in and get involved. On the other side we all just stand their shaking our heads. It's irresponsible and dangerous.

Holly , 4/Nov/2017

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Holly. Our Rangers will try and monitor what is happening in the fenced dog areas on Sundays speaking to any owners who are not keeping proper control of their dogs.

Forestry Commission Response
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lilly bloomfield, 26/Oct/2017
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I frequently walk my dogs at Jeskyns, and haven't seen that sort of behaviour and agree it is unacceptable. My gripe is the dog owners who don't pick up, (some of whom are so called professional dog walkers) especially when it is in the middle of the path and often near a bin. It is easy to get talking and be walking ahead of the dogs, therefore not watching them. Also there are some who bag it then lob it into the trees where it can be for years as it will not disintegrate.

I have enjoyed seeing the different sheep there this year, including the shy brown ones also the cows with their calves.

I think Jeskyns is great!

joyce, 23/Oct/2017
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Great day out in the fresh air and Kent countryside. I would defiantly go back. The only down side were some of the irresponsible dog owners who despite signs let their dogs run lose in the dog on leads zone.

The start sign for the graffalo appeared to show us in the wrong direction. We still had fun though. Great way to get out, get some fresh air and egg some exercise.

Anonymous, 13/Oct/2017

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you encountered some irresponsible dog owners, our Rangers will continue trying to enforce the on leads zone rules. I think we may have an arrow missing from the Gruffalo Start Sign - we will get this sorted. Thanks again.

Forestry Commission Response

Is this place good for kids or is it more for dog walking? Is it gruffalo themed?

Anonymous, 9/Oct/2017

Jeskyns is a great place for the whole community and many visitors come with and without dogs. We have a Gruffalo Trail and children's play areas. More info:

Forestry Commission Response

Irresponsible dog owners make me so angry its a place for everyone to enjoy not just dog owners. Met one today whose dog leapt up at me when i said please call it off she laughingly assured me he wouldnt hurt that is not my issue its the dirty wet paw marks all over coat and leggings. Also in August this year i was walking through the woodland path near the now disused childrens fort, and met an irresponsible female dog owner with 3 dogs all off leads, the 3 dogs all leapt up at me enmasse totally ignoring her call to get down they were all scrabbling at me and i had bare legs ifumed at her to get the blasted animals off she just advised me to keep walking( what!!). well i did and back at my car saw blood and a deep scratch caused by a dirty scratchy paw.This ended with me having to have a tetnus shot. This is totally unacceptable but too late to do anything about with person concerned If this happens again i am taking names and lodging complaints A dog owner should be able to control their dogs or they shouldnt be off leads.Also what if this had been a child whose parents were anti injections.

Anonymous, 8/Oct/2017

Sorry to hear about your experiences. We have shared your comments on the main page so that other visitors can see them.

Forestry Commission Response
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Visited today specifically for the Gruffalo trail. Cant rate the experience highly enough. Visited with my adult daughter and 19 month old granddaughter. We used the app on my phone to hunt the footprints and made sure we met the Gruffalo. The whole experience was excellent. From the staff manning the car park, to the cafe staff to the FREE craft activities. We wasnt rushed and everyone was helpful and friendly even when meeting the Gruffalo himself. Staff were on hand to take photographs.

A thoroughly good time had by all. Thank you to everyone and WELL DONE!

Anonymous , 7/Oct/2017

Thank you for your feedback - so pleased you enjoyed the day - we all had a great day too!

Forestry Commission Response
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Please can you "walk" the fence around the field containing cattle and sheep. I think it is designed to be dog proof, but a dog got in early this afternoon - Sunday (a springer I think) with mischief in mind. Fortunately it reached the cattle before the sheep and one of the big ladies got up and gave it an almighty kick with her back legs. I'm not sure if it was the owner or the dog who screamed, but it went scampering back to her and she managed to climb over the barbed wire to retrieve it. It seemed to have got in from the pathway which connects the two longer paths.

Robert, 1/Oct/2017

Thanks for taking the time to report this. We will bring this to the attention of the tenant grazier so that he can get the fences fixed.

Forestry Commission Response
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Love this place. I often foster for spaniel assist and whilst in foster the dogs are not allowed off lead and being spaniel's they need off lead to wear them out or try to with balls and recall training etc. So thus is perfect with its doggy play enclosed training areas except when get an idiot dog owner in there with not so behaved dog. Love the elks and lakes and our latest foster is 21mth old Cockermouth and he loves dogs and running like a whippet but needs the enclosed area x

Natalie Denham, 30/Sep/2017

Thanks for your feedback Natalie. Glad you are enjoying your visits to Jeskyns!

Forestry Commission Response
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Absolutely the best park around but again irresponsible owner,a man with uncastrated male keeps bringing it into penned area other males don't like it and it has badly injured another dog he's always there sat and Sunday am please can someone kindly talk to him it's never off lead so walk in park not pen,my dog hates whole males and had a go too and he grazed his face.

Anonymous, 20/Sep/2017

Thanks for your feedback. Please contact us via email with further details about this individual and his dog and we will do our best to speak with him.

Forestry Commission Response
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I love walking my puppy here, however a irresponsible dog owner letting her dog off the lead attacked my 16 week old pup, he's ok but is terrified of dogs he doesn't know.

Be aware of other dogs off the lead!

I reported it to the lady warden who was amazing as myself, son and pup were very shaken. Full description given.

Anonymous, 2/Aug/2017

Thanks for your feedback and we do hope your pup is recovering well. The description you gave was passed on to all site staff so we will keep our eyes peeled.

Forestry Commission Response
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I absolutely love this park with its big open spaces. If you enjoy walking even without a doggy it's a great place to exercise.

Sammy, 7/Jul/2017

Thanks for your feedback Sammy - glad you are enjoying your visits.

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Had a lovely walk Searching for the gruffalo but unfirtunately my daughter left her fitness watch in the ladies toilets by the cafe and it wasn't there when we got back. A lovely day weather wise and such a beautiful park to visit though!

Stuart Boyle, 26/Jun/2017

Thanks for your feedback Stuart. I will check with café to see if the watch has been handed in and let you know if it has.

Forestry Commission Response
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Recently went to jeskins to walk my dog... Opted for the enclosed area to let her of the lead,was very dissapointed to find that the grass was very overgrown.. Needs cutting...apart from that very nice hour or two out....

Barry, 9/Jun/2017
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A lovely place for dog walkers , and I'd love to cycle here more often as it suits my slower more leisurely pace than the rough off-road of shorne woods near by. BUT the height barriers they have in place mean that I can't get in with my families bikes all on the roof . And there is nowhere easily to unload outside the gates

Anonymous, 1/Jun/2017

Thanks for your comments, Unfortunately the height barrier is necessary to prevent fly tipping and illegal encampments. However, if you email us we can supply legitimate visitors such as yourself with the access code. Email:

Forestry Commission Response
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Love Jeskins for lovely long walks with my dog and children all year round

Anonymous, 18/May/2017

Hi, I noticed a handful of Ash trees which, I believe, are suffering from Dieback.

It's hard to describe where they are, but they're opposite the field where the cows were last year.

Ash Dieback, 9/May/2017
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Realise it is not Forestry Commission land but the state of the verges and Henhurst Road from the roundabout to the park is horribly littered. There could be some effort to at least remove all the litter to the verges outside the entrance. I visit FC parks in the north and they have pride in their environment. Will not be returning.

Brian Reynolds, 7/May/2017

Dog walkers should be able to enjoy the park in the same way as everyone else. However, there is no benefit in having 'on lead' areas, if owners use very long extendable leads and then fail to keep the dog under control, allowing them to charge up to people and risk incidents. Please could you include clear guidance to dog walkers. It would be preferable if it wasn't necessary, but some people are incapable of using a common sense approach.

Plh, 7/May/2017

Do you have a puppy area where they can't get out. And is there any parking concessions for blue badge holders

Anita, 4/May/2017

Thanks for your enquiry. We have two enclosed fenced areas for dog exercising and training. There are no concessions for blue badge holders.

Forestry Commission Response

Have you a secure fenced area for dogs to run in ?



Jacqui Bennett , 21/Apr/2017

Yes - we have two fenced areas which are great for training and exercising in safe environment.

Forestry Commission Response

Amazing park and wonderful walks with our dogs and grandchildren except often would like, especially in the summer time, to come later to the park the suggestion of 7am to 8pm summertime is a great idea. On average we spend an hour and half walking and in the cafe. Thank you

Mrs Dee Reboe, 10/Apr/2017

Thanks for your feedback Dee. Jeskyns currently closed at 8pm, but at the height of summer remains open until 9pm.

Forestry Commission Response

Are there paths for my kids to ride there bikes/scooters .thanx.

Lee harding, 4/Apr/2017

Are dogs allowed in the cafe?

Anonymous, 19/Mar/2017

Thanks for your enquiry. Only assistance dogs are allowed in the café.

Forestry Commission Response
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We had a lovely day out with our toddler doing the gruffalo trail. The food in the cafe was good, the grounds were clean. The only negative thing was when my son tripped over toward the end of the walk his hands went straight into a big pile of dog poo, lucky we was near the toilets so we could wash his hands quickly.

Charlotte , 12/Mar/2017
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Is a great place for dog walking - although my only gripe is there are not enough dog bins as you walk around! Please please get some more put in then people may start picking up after their dogs!!

Anonymous, 12/Mar/2017

Hi can you tell me what date the gruffalo is running till please

michelle , 3/Mar/2017

Is there anywhere on site to hire mountain bikes for the day?


Anonymous, 2/Mar/2017
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I have noticed that in some cases dog owners are not picking up feces un less it is on or very near the paths (some not picking up at all) however those that don't pick up at all are not easily delt with, but those who pick up may respond to a pick it up no matter where it falls campaign just a few posters pointing out the dangers and nuisance of dog feces and requesting people to pick it up no mater where it falls may help. I am a dog owner so speak only with the best intentions. I would also like to commend the rangers for making Jeskins such an enjoyable place to be thank for all your efforts well done.

D Chapman, 12/Feb/2017

Thanks for your comments D. Chapman. We appreciate how frustrating it is that a few inconsiderate owners are not picking up - especially to responsible dog owners such as yourself. We periodically place posters around site to remind visitors about picking up so will get some out in the near future.

Forestry Commission Response

Do we pay to get in etc?!

Anonymous, 31/Jan/2017

Jeskyns has a parking fee of £1.50 a day or £30 for an annual pass.

Forestry Commission Response


Is the Gruffalo trail open? And do you see Gruffalo as you walk around? Is there a shop on site where we could buy a Gruffalo teddy? Bringing our 2 Ye old for he's birthday on a few weeks

Caroline, 8/Jan/2017

Thanks for your enquiry. Yes we have a Gruffalo Orienteering Course on site and you will bump into the big guy himself on your way round. We have a café but no shop and do not sell Gruffalo toys. Further details on this page: Hope you enjoy your visit.

Forestry Commission Response
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Anonymous, 26/Dec/2016

Are you open new years day? Is the cafe also?

gillian runting, 11/Dec/2016

Yes, Jeskyns is open every day over the holidays including Xmas day. The café will be closed Xmas Eve and Xmas Day, but open the rest of the time (weather depending).

Forestry Commission Response

Is there a Gruffalo of Stick Man Trail currently at Jesktns?

Ruth, 22/Nov/2016

Yes, we have a Gruffalo orienteering course. You can purchase a trail map from the café £1.50.

Forestry Commission Response
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A jewel in the Kent country side

Gary, 19/Nov/2016
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Wonderful place,go there every day. One problem though, by the pylon the fences are mostly trampled downallowing my adventorous dog to go inand take his time coming out.

Mike, 21/Oct/2016
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I love it here, and so do my 2 huskies, the enclosed area is a god send for us, they can run about and play without me worrying they run off. Only thing, a double gate would be useful. We come up all the way from Maidstone nearly everyday because of the fenced area. Well done for this!!!

Daniella, 19/Oct/2016
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I visit Jeskyns most days with my staffie and have found the facilities to be the best in the locality - plenty of different paths to follow with access to Ashenbank Woods to add variety. 99.9% of fellow dog owners are courteous and mindful of their own dog's behaviours. Owners are generally helpful in warning if their dog is jumpy and will let you know if their boisterous dog is friendly! I just wish Owners with dogs which are likely to be more than 'verbal' if approached by another dog saying hallo or going too near their owner or their treats would keep their dog on a lead for everyone's safety - it is the 0.01% or less who fail to do this. That said, there are far less problems between dogs than anywhere else I have visited.

Jan Blease, 7/Oct/2016
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