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My friend & i bought an annual pass, so worth it. We live a couple of miles form the woods, so regular walkers with a dog and we love all of it.Love the seasons, the magic of the woodland always amazes me, every visit is different and it is well maintained. The cafe is an added bonus, delicious coffee & food.Thank you.

Christine Cooper, 17/Apr/2017
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We had great fun on Gruffalo Spotters trail today. The app worked perfectly (I know there have been issues with it else where). The café isn't cheap but the cakes were excellent quality. Happy days.

Sara Nicholas, 17/Apr/2017
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We had our first visit to Cardinham yesterday, we were very impressed and are looking forward to going back again very soon

Sharon Howell , 17/Apr/2017
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Lovely stroll along the Callywith Trail today with the sun out. It is the first time we have been back to Cardinham Woods for several years and we were both impressed by the Cafe and other facilities.No wonder it was so busy! Very family and dog friendly.

Richard Helliwell, 12/Mar/2017
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we love cardinham and think you all do a really good job especially the Cafe

Dave, 18/Feb/2017

Having checked out Cardinham Woods on the net for opening hours, which I could not find, I visited the place yesterday to find the whole woods closed. No mention of when it will open. Very poor.

Barry Whitley, 25/Jan/2017

Apologies for this inconvenience. the forest was completely closed for a time for routine felling works.

Forestry Commission Response
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This 1 star could easily be turned into a 5 star if people were not letting their dogs run around everywhere off the lead! My 10 year old son has just joined the badger forest school (home education group) but has to endure several panic attacks from the car park to the forest school. You have signs clearly stating dogs must be on leads but not everyone takes notice of your signs it seems,in fact not many at all and when I politely asked a lady in the car park to put her two dogs on leads so my son could get out of the car and go past, she looked incredibly offended and held the collar but only after I shouted at her the second time because she had ignored me and my son was now with me. My son has autism and this causes him extreme anxiety including a dog phobia that cannot be reasoned with. I am soooo sick and tired of telling people to put their dog on a lead everywhere we go!!My job is hard enough! Why don't you specify a fine if it's not adhered to? I'm pretty sure that would stop them. These people are causing my son to hyperventilate because they are doing something they are not meant to be doing and that to me is a criminal offence by causing him mental harm. My son starts hanging onto me and pulling me. I am a disabled ex army veteran who's had major surgery on my spine, have a dead leg and awaiting a knee replacement. I can't afford to fall over and hurt myself! To add insult to injury, we came out of the forest school to find a woman with a large alsation off it's lead, so once again my son has an attack and hyperventilates :0 I ask her to put her dog on a lead and she can clearly see my son having a panic attack. She then ignores me, so I tell her again and she moves back very slightly. The other mums waiting for their kids to come out had to make a barricade for my son to walk down the path with the alsation coming down behind us. Should my son stop coming or should these people live by the rules put in place? Please can you update the signs! Add a warning of a fine? The countryside should be for everyone to enjoy, not just rude selfish, ignorant people like that. Thanks

Lorraine O'Farrell, 28/Sep/2016
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Bestest cream tea ever. worth the trip to the woods just for that. Son loved the play area aswell. Would definitely recommend

Anonymous, 4/Jun/2016
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I love the cycle trails. I haven't climbed the steep red one in one go yet! Perfect day out except we weren't always sure where we might have to look out safely for horses? Lovely cafe and staff

Charlie, 3/May/2016

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