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National holidays took us from our hotel for a day at the new forest. We all thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of it all. Granddaughter loved your activity corner and made herself a badge while she was there to remember her day . What I really loved as well was your signs in the car park ..."SWITCH ENGINES OFF IF YOUR STATIONERY" they should have these outside every school for obvious reasons!

Liz (not the queen), 15/Jun/2017

Please consider building a couple of islands or purchasing floating islands for the far end of Hatchet Pond, where the wildfowl can nest without fear of disturbance by dogs, foxes or badgers. Thank you.

Sue Adams, 11/Jun/2017

I am getting tired of reading of damage to NF animals by speeding vehicles on that race-track across the forest. I KNOW it is an A road, but what is more important - preserving the uniqueness of the NF or cutting 10 minutes off some impatient motorists journey motorists journey time?

Trevor Allcott, 17/May/2017

Thank you for your comment, we understand your concern. Currently there isn’t strong support to fence off large areas of forest roads as the open nature of the area is part of its unique characteristics. Fencing the roads would have a significant adverse effect on the unique heritage of the New Forest and restrict the free movement of forest livestock. The constant grazing and free movement of livestock is vital to the Forest and helps to preserve many important species of plants that thrive here.

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Please refurbish the disabled parking signs at Hatchet Pond, and other car parks, as the are being ignored by non-disabled, they are worn out/less visible. Thank you

Janet, 19/Apr/2017

Thank you for your comment. It has been passed to our Recreation Manager.

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Scruffy uneven rough gravel car parks now with little lockable gates to keep us out. It gets worse and worse!

Lived in Bournemouth all of my life. The Forest used to be a great free place to visit and set up a picnic near the car before you parasites took over.

Barry Drake, 27/Mar/2017

When we bought our Christmas tree last year at New Park in the New Forest, free conifer seedlings were being given out with purchases. Could you tell me what species (presumably of Christmas trees) the seedlings are?

Jane Cade, 13/Mar/2017

Thank you for your question. The free saplings were Spruce.

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I felt happy and very scenic

Mr.Lord, 23/Jan/2017
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I love the woodlands and the balmer lawn hotel

Mr.Jensen, 3/Jan/2017

Fly tipping at Harbridge Drove opposite Somerley main gate.

Penelope Pannell, 9/Nov/2016

Thank you for letting us know. It has now been cleared.

Forestry Commission Response

I was out riding yesterday in Brownhills Enclosure. There is a hole that has appeared in one of the end planks of the bridge, on the main track at the bottom of the hill from the A3058 End. A horse could put a foot through the plank... Please could you deal with it as soon as possible...Thank you

Anonymous, 16/Aug/2016

Thank you for your comment. I have passed it on to our Recreation Manager.

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Lovely place . Take plenty of good , drink shops are far between .walking for little folk on a bit hot day can become to much. refreshments are not always to hand !!!!

Sally, 12/Aug/2016
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there is a large gate that needs the hinge post repairing between the Hawkhill enclosure towards the Culverley/Honey Hill car park, nr Pigbush.

M White, 8/Aug/2016

Thank you for your comment. It has been passed to the Recreation Manager to arrange the repair.

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Anonymous, 1/Jul/2016
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Spoilt by the plethora of signs advertising The Royal Oak beer festival posted on the trees at Pigs Bush, A boards next to the B3054 and at Hatchet Pond.

Anonymous, 28/Jun/2016

Thank you for raising this with us. The local beat Keeper is currently in talks with the pub landlord regarding removal of the signage.

Forestry Commission Response

Please could you tell me when the Burbush and the Mill Lawn car parks will be open again? The Mill Lawn car park has no sign to say why it is closed and how long for. Although the Burbush car park has a sign it does not say how long it will be shut for or when it will open. It is frustrating driving there to find out it is still closed.

Anonymous, 1/May/2016

Thank you for your question. Burbush car park has been closed as it is being used as a temporary store for materials to undertake improvement works to the cycle route along the old railway line. Unfortunately, the works were delayed for a few days while other priorities took precedent. Works have now started and should be complete within a week to 10 days.

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When I visited yesterday 25/03 around lunch time a gent from the forest commission was down with animal skins on a table and was using a fox as a puppet by putting his hand inside and making it talk which upset children and others thought very upsetting

Chris, 26/Mar/2016

Thank you for your message, and sorry to hear you found some of the animal skins off-putting. It sounds as though this was at the National Park Authorities mobile information unit, which the Forestry Commission do help staff along with the NPA Rangers. Generally the use of skins (all of which would have been acquired in a humane way, as part of the required management of certain species such as deer or through road traffic accidents) can be a very effective educational tool for learning about the animals and also to help encourage responsible behaviour in the forest to help protect the special animals that live there.

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i love this park it has nice wildlive and peopl

good animals, 8/Mar/2016
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Today I visited both Bolderwood and Acres Down car parks during a birdwatching trip. The surface of Bolderwood car park and the approach lane from the farm shop to the car park at Acres Down are both in desperate need of some pot-hole fixing. They were not good last year, but are now becoming very diffiscult to negotiate.

Ray Reedman, 2/Mar/2016

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on our website. The recent spell of wet weather throughout January and February as made it very difficult for us to undertake much surface maintenance of our car parks. However, I can reassure you that our civil engineer team started working last week, taking advantage of the colder, drier conditions and are aiming to get through 40 car parks this month before Easter, of which the two you are enquiring about, Acres Down and Bolderwood, are included.

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I'm a bit concerned about the website because I came on here for school work and I don't think that I really know much more about the New Forest than I did before. I am interested but the website has been a waste of time and I would like to make this clear. I now have to look elsewhere and if you work and are going to do this website I truly think it needs to be of a better standard. 😴Not Impressed😴

ForestXDistrict, 10/Nov/2015

Thank you for your comments. We are sorry to hear you have had trouble navigating to the correct pages to find the information you need. I would recommend visiting the Learning Pages There are also some useful fact files specifically on the New Forest:

Forestry Commission Response
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We visited the New Forest today to view the deer sanctuary feeding. We checked the feeding times, which stated every day between noon and 3:00pm. We arrived in plenty of time, only to be very disappointed that no ranger appeared, though we were lucky enough to see a herd of deer gather also seemingly expecting the event. The information centre was also closed. Perhaps a notice of when this is not going to happen could be posted on the outside of the centre for public information.

Anonymous, 13/Sep/2015

Thank you for your comment. Sorry you were disappointed visiting the Deer Sanctuary at Bolderwood. We will check the notice that is on the information centre because it should read now, between the end of the school summer holidays and the beginning of the school autumn holidays (Hampshire dates) the information centre remains closed. The deer feeding also stops at the end of the summer. We apologise if there was misleading information given at the centre and will change the notice up there. It might be useful to you to know that, even during the summer deer feeding season, the Forestry Commission Keeper cannot guarantee a time when feeding will take place and there may be days when the deer are not fed at all. We have found that feeding the deer to a routine is not actually good for them. However, we rely on the fact, as you have found, that the deer will still hang around the viewing platform anyway because they become accustomed to it and feel safe, so that visitors have a much better chance of observing them there than any other place in the forest. Thank you for providing the information. - New Forest Rangers

Forestry Commission Response

I would just like to know if Alabama rot is present around Hatchet pond.

Anonymous, 2/Jul/2015

Thank you for your question regarding Alabama Rot. I would recommend visiting the Dog health Pages on the Forestry Commission Website which includes the most up to date information about this disease. There have been reported cases throughout the country and therefore is not possible to advise if there are places “safer” than others to visit. Advice given by Anderson Moores Veterinary specialists is that this disease is still only affecting a very small proportion of dogs, and the best measure owners can take is to be vigilant to the signs, a link to which can be found on the website link above.

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The paths we use daily are degrading fast with no signs of being maintained. In particular the ford near post number 359 is virtually impassable now because the concrete is broken and has shifted. In addition the path approaching on both sides is fast disappearing under a morass of mud, detritus and leaf mould. This greatly detracts from our enjoyment of the area. Are there any plans to restore this path (and others)?

Ingrid Rock, 27/Feb/2015

Thank you for highlighting this growing problem. Please be aware we do inspect the cycle routes regularly for safety and if it is deemed unfit we will close sections while we repair them. The ford you mention is on the list for our civil engineers to fix. We awaiting their decision a to whether they should repair it or replace it with something else. Wet weather over the winter has prevented rapid action and we do share the engineers with the rest of the Southern District. Your comment has prompted a reaction, so we hope to see some progress very soon as it gets drier.

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