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Stunning area, wonderful atmosphere. Glad to see nature protected like, hope area's like these become increasingly protected and common. A big thannks to the Forestry Commission.

Emily, 9/Aug/2018

Are dogs able to walk this route please

Donna Watkins, 4/Jan/2018

Yes, well behaved dogs are very welcome at Mallards Pike. Please ensure they are under close control or on a lead at all times and that any mess is cleared up.

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Very Poor Trail markings spoilt our walk - disappointing!!!

Anonymous, 6/Oct/2017

Thank you for your feedback, we are looking into improving trail signage at this site.

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Is there a charge for disabled blue badge holders at mallards pike?

Nicole Pember, 17/May/2017

Parking charges apply to all vehicles including blue badge holders.

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Thanks to Family Days tried and tested we found this beauty and thoroughly enjoyed the trail. Thanks family days - great way to get visitors into the forest. Ignore the negative comments.

Lucy Bradley, 8/Apr/2017

Are dogs welcome there?

Scott kilty, 8/Apr/2017

Well behaved dogs are very welcome. Please keep under close control, or on a lead, and ensure any dog mess is cleared up and disposed of.

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Rip off parking charges

Peter J berry, 15/Mar/2017
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Took my granddaughter for a walk just before Christmas, the little elf door were a wonderful surprise, they certainly kept her walking and really engaged her interest. Lets have them next year too.

Heather, 12/Jan/2017

This lot have attached a load of fairy decorations to trees around mallards pike - whilst it's a nice idea if we all did this the forest would be covered in Tesco Christmas decorations. if the link doesn't work their facebook page is family says.tried and tested

Anonymous, 16/Dec/2016

Thank you our rangers share your sentiments, the trail is being removed at the end of the holidays.

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Can you sail slow radio controlled electric model boats (i.e. not mini powerboats) here ?

Anonymous, 5/Oct/2016

No individuals with model boats are allowed on the lake, however, Gloucester Model Boat Club do hire the lake for organised events contact: Gloucester Model Boat Club

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can you use BBq's here

Joe, 3/Aug/2016

Yes you can bring your own. if using a disposable please do not place on grass or on benches as they will burn! and please remember to take the BBQ and all rubbish home - thank you.

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Hi, are there walks where dogs can be off the lead?

Anonymous, 31/Jul/2016

Dogs must always be under control if off the lead. Also there are wild boar in the area so keep a keen eye out and if you suspect boar call your dog to heel and retrace your steps - do not approach the boar.

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Are dogs allowed to swim in the lake?

Anonymous, 23/Jul/2016

We have a section of the lake that is called the dog dip and has signage to this

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Please can you let me know if the lake is safe for dogs to swim in thankyou

Rachel, 23/Jul/2016

We have a section of the lake that is called the dog dip and has signage to this

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Can this lake be fished please?

alex, 30/Jun/2016

No fishing on either pond. One is solely for watersports usage (authorised groups booked in with the FC in advance) and the other is a wildlife area.

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Do you allow guests to bring their own barbeques?

Anonymous, 26/May/2016

Yes, but please do not place on picnic benches or grass and please take it home with you when you leave - thank you!

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Well what can I say about this lake, it's a fab place to spend some time, great for walks and the like, but good help you if you want to use the toilets.

I'm local to the area but all I can say is shame on you the forestry commission for not cleaning the toilets out.

Anonymous, 24/May/2016

I am sorry to read your complaint. The toilets are cleaned every morning when opened up. Our rangers aim to check them every day too. We can only apologise that they were in a mess.

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I wonder if you can give me any information about the sculpture at the lake, the frog and mermaid? There does not seem to be any information about it or its sculptor, or story behind it, anywhere on the Internet. I have also emailed the forestry Commission

Jude Kelman, 11/May/2016

The artist was Ed Harris and it was installed by the Forestry Commission back in the 1990's after the toilets and other facilities had been built and the site became established for recreation.

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