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My son and I regular visit Sherwood Pines to ride the red trail and mess around on the skills and DH area.

Although we love visiting, it is such a shame about the amount of litter currently around these areas, particularly the dirt jumps - its embarrassing that people leave it in such a state. Is there any regular cleaning scheduled for this area?

Tom Witts, 6/Apr/2018

Hi, there is a regular litter picking regime for the dirt jumps as well as the visitor centre area and play areas. Unfortunately, despite this as well as providing wheelie bins at the dirt jumps, users continue to disrespect the site and leave rubbish. As we do not have the resources to increase litter collections the future of the dirt jumps is under review.

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Hi is The Highway Ray trail on at Sherwood Pines?

Charlotte , 25/Mar/2018

Hi Charlotte, The Highway Rat trail isn't on at Sherwood Pines. I hope you can get to one of the sites that does have it on.

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I understand the Gruffalo trail has finished but are the Gruffalo statues still there?

Anonymous, 30/Jan/2018

Yes the Gruffalo statue is still in place. Keep an eye on our facebook page for more for 2018.

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Will the gruffolo trial be back or has it been taken down for good?

Anonymous, 26/Jan/2018

The Gruffalo Spotters trail finished its run after October half term. More Gruffalo activities are planned for 2018.

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love sherwood pines, run and cycle there regularly, but what is the viking trail? no maps or leaflets for it but carved signs scattered around, often overlapping with the adventure trail, but not totally. been there probably 2 yrs now and still not on leaflets?

meranda foley, 12/Jan/2018

Hi The Viking Trail was a temporary name we gave to the Blue trail whilst we commemorated the Viking Thingehowe celebrations.

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Is the Gruffalo trail still on? I would like to bring my son in January.

Anonymous, 30/Dec/2017

Hello, The Gruffalo Trail ended at the end of October 2017.

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We came today specifically to do the gruffolo trial, there was a starting point as usual but when we started to go round we realised it had all been taken down. There was nothing to state this at the beginning and I had 2 very dissapointed children!

Anonymous, 30/Dec/2017

Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the Gruffalo Trail has now finished. However, we do have Gruffalo orienteering available. In order to take part you will need to buy an activity pack from the café which cost £1.50.

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Did the Gruffalo trail today, was unsure of the start point and there was no map included in the pack, which was overpriced.

Anonymous, 30/Oct/2017

Are there any very small deer in the Forest? Muntjac, perhaps?

I just saw something on my way out today... I thought at first it was a fox but couldn't see the fox tail and the face and head didn't look right for a fox

Eileen Broadhead, 30/Oct/2017

Hi Eileen, There are lots of Muntjac in the forest. This sounds like what you saw.

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My son and I made our first visit here today to try out the Kitchener red route trail, we both ride hardtail mtb's (makes it more of a challenge), the trail is not the most challenging or technical but still is fun, I would recommend doing a little detour through the bike park where you will find some slightly more challenging obstacles. Definitely will return here. The bike shop is well stocked and the general facilities are very good and at 6 parking all day It's pretty good value.

James , 10/Sep/2017
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Gruffalo trail is good, could do with more directions as we wasn't sure which way to start and ended up seeing the Gruffalo first. The other thing is the activity pack I think is a bit expensive for a few bits of paper!

Sue, 5/Sep/2017

Hello and thank you for your comments regarding the trail pack we will take these on board for the future and will ensure that there are more directional arrows leading to the trail start for any new trails.

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Nice place to chill out

DID some birdwatching saw tree pipit a first for me. Not as greedy as Clumber for parking charges

Anonymous, 18/Jul/2017
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We were stuck for something to do for my partner's 40th birthday. Despite the fact that I am terrified of heights, he decided he wanted to go to GoApe !! So off we went with our 5 year old daughter. I thought we were just going to do GoApe but we ended up spending the day there and loved it - we can't wait to go back. We did the Gruffalo orienteering and watched the bands warm up - a brilliant day but not long enough.

Fantastic Day Trip to Sherwood Pines, 26/Jun/2017

Why are there no car rallies in the woods anymore? Always enjoyed the excitement.

Anonymous, 25/Jun/2017

The Forestry Commission works with the Motor Sports Association to enable rallies to happen where appropriate on the public forest estate across the country. A number of our sites where rallies have previously been run are now too busy with a wide range of recreational activities within Central England to enable events to continue safely. We do still have a number of events running where suitable and would encourage you to check out the MSA events page to see where spectator events are being run.

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Visited tonight(23/06/17) for the Olly Murs concert. Absolutely amazing! Everything was very well organised, well sign posted and very safe. All your staff did an amazing job. Thank you for providing me, my friend and everyone that attended the best concert. Will definitely be returning!

Natalea Williams, 24/Jun/2017

We are coming to see Tom Jones.

What are the toilet facilities like and I know glass bottles are not allowed but can we bring cans in?

Many thanks

Charlotte, 14/Jun/2017

Hi Charlotte, there will be plenty of toilets. The link below details what you can bring.

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We wanted to have a picnic BBQ at sherwood pines for our daughters birthday. Just checking we are allowed to bring a gas BBQ. And what area we can set it up?

Hayley, 21/May/2017

We're happy for visitors to have a BBQ, we recommend the outer car parks.

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Are well behaved dogs welcome on the trail?

Amy May, 15/May/2017

Yes well behaved dogs are welcome in Sherwood Pines. Please be aware that you should not walk on the cycle trails. Enjoy!

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We are coming to Olly Murs, where would you recommend camping within walking distance of the event?

Jackie, 2/May/2017

Hi Jackie I would suggest you speak to the local tourist information office on 01623 824545. Thanks I hope you have a good evening.

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Love the Gruffalo trail so much we made a video review!

The Gruffalo trail review with video, 1/May/2017
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Nice adventure!!! Look there

Andrej, 25/Apr/2017

Do you allow dogs and if so must they be kept on a lead at all times? Thanks in advance.

Elizabeth Watson, 17/Apr/2017

Hi Elizabeth, we welcome dogs in the woods and they don't have to be on a lead but do have to be under close control. The visitor centre area can get very busy and a lead is often the best way to control your dog in this area but it is not essential as long as it is under control.

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Hi,what time do you open on this bank holiday Monday please?

Anonymous, 15/Apr/2017


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Hi, are the orienteering courses there all the time and do you have to book, or can you just turn up? Thanks.

Sandra, 9/Apr/2017

Hi Sandra, they are there all the time. You can just turn up with your map and crack on. Have a good visit.

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To say you allow horse riding within Sherwood Pines there is absolutely no information on routes for this! It would be nice to have maps like you do for the cycling and walking routes, so us horse riders know where we can ride! The only thing you have on the horse riding section is for the discovery pass!

Samantha Watson, 20/Mar/2017

We don't have designated horse trails, that's correct and it's not something we'll be looking to add in the future. We recommend for your safety and our other users to stick to the fire road network and avoid the biking and walking trails.

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Hi, are there any activities running over the Easter holidays other than the gruffalo experience please?

Louise, 19/Mar/2017

Hi there, Thank you for your enquiry. On Tuesday 11th April we have our Bushcraft for Familes event, suitable for children aged 6+. We still have a couple of places left so if you would like more information, or to book a place just give me a call on 0300 067 5463. Kind regards, Karina

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Is the gruffalo trail just on weekends? Thanks

Helen coupe, 12/Mar/2017

No it is there all the time. I hope you enjoy it.

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excellent day out on the Gruffalo spotters trail.

Please check out our Gruffalo adventure video here... Would highly recommend

Luke Whitham, 7/Mar/2017

Hi I have seen you have the Grufallo trail from the 6th match. How long will it be there for please?

Kerry copley, 17/Feb/2017

Hi Kerry the trail will be in place through to October so there's plenty of time to spot the Grufallo!

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Will the Dirt Jumps ever get re done or touched up has they are getting in bad shape

Anonymous, 11/Feb/2017

Yes. We are looking at how best to develop the jumps. However, in recent weeks the jumps have been damaged by illegal off road motorbikes causing considerable damage and expense.

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To Muddyside up and others.

Wherever you have a multi user, multi activity site such as Sherwood Pines you are going to get conflict, most people wade in and do whatever without visiting the information centre and not checking what where they can go to carry out their chosen activity, yes I have seen bikes on the walking trails, but also people walking along with children, dogs, on the Red cycling route, plus a horse and rider who had taken a wrong turn, bike riders coming in the opposite direction, it's one way for safety, and once last year a whole group of school children with their teachers. May I suggest we all walk ride with a smile and expect the unexpected.

Christopher , 5/Feb/2017

Great place for some mtb fun. Would be great if the dirt jump area was kept clean with bins more frequently emptied. Trails are interesting without being too hardcore and the short downhill is a fun distraction from the red trail.

Stuart Goodliffe, 27/Jan/2017

Hi Thanks for the positive comments. As for the litter at the dirt jumps, we do collect litter from there, however litter is the responsibility of the individual and we expect users to respect the site and others by taking their litter home with them.

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To Paul who wrote on 10th November:-

There are no dedicated walkers' trails.. There were a couple but bikers have churned them all up.. Sherwood Pines is now a dangerous place for walkers, dog walkers and families with children because bikers go everywhere they possibly can. They have no bells to warn people of their approach and seem to think it is a good game to get as close to walkers as they can, going as fast as they can! 😕 Bikers should stick to their own tracks..

Muddysideup, 27/Jan/2017

Hi Muddyside up. There are dedicated walking trails these are the Nighjar trail (coloured pink) and the Dragonfly trail (white) these are NOT for cyclists and we would hope cyclist respect the designation and stay on the Red or Blue Trail, or take advantage of the 39 miles of undesignated trails that criss-cross Sherwood and surrounding woodlands. We also have the Wild Run trail, this is also designed for customers who prefer to run or walk rather than ride. Similarly, we would urge any visitor; walkers, or cyclist to contact our staff on arrival if they are in any doubt to the trail designation rather than take an chance on the first trail they see.

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Can you tell me if you still open for a MTB night ride in the winter.

If so, can you confirm which day and open until what time.

Thank You

Gary Iremonger, 23/Jan/2017

Hi the car parks remain open until 10pm Wednesday nights.

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How will the Discovery Pass work with the pay on exit gates when they are up and running?

Kevin Stokes , 27/Dec/2016

The new parking system will have the details of existing Discovery Pass holders uploaded onto it. On exit the system will recognise your vehicle details, meaning that you will be exit through the barrier without any delay.

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This may seem strange but is it possible to hold weddings in the forest itself?

Loran howells, 4/Dec/2016

Hi, Sadly not. As Sherwood Pines falls under Countryside Rights of Way legislation we are unable to cordon off an area/provide an area for exclusivity.

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As a frequent user of the pines and in particular the red route I am coming across more and more walkers on the red route which is quite dangerous.I am speaking to more and more people who are encountering this on the other bike routes, walkers with there dogs which are not on leads, strewn across the pathways with there children running riot.

It is quite annoying when they have to reign in there children and dogs and make a loud tutting noise as you pass. It is a bike route after all.

I was talking to a cyclist on my last visit who had actually had an accident trying to avoid these people.

There should be dedicated routes for cyclists and walkers.

It is my view that a child or dog is going to get hurt one day and nobody wants that to happen.

It may be an idea to have signage to warn walkers that they are actually entering a bike route although I think common sense should prevail.

The pines are there for all to enjoy lets do it sensibly and safely.

Paul, 10/Nov/2016
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Love it here! Great outdoors day for the kids,mum and dad and the dog! Always go home tired but totally relaxed....unlike when you go to places such as wheelgate etc

Thanx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous, 3/Nov/2016

When will the new play area be open my grand children miss it

Anonymous, 31/Oct/2016

Hi Paula Unfortunately major builds like these take time. We have invited designers to tender and are awaiting their responses, as soon as we can agree on a design that works for Sherwood Pines we can started on the build.

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This is a family favourite of ours. Can not wait to see what replaces the old buggie walk.

Bee Outside , 24/Oct/2016
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