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Trying to find out information in regards to venue hire for a wedding, thank you!

Helena , 27/Sep/2017

If you'd like to email us at we'll happily send you the information about room/building hire here at Wyre.

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We came here today for the gruffalo trail had such a great time, but my daughter lost her rag doll in the woods

It would not of happened to be found 😕

Perkins, 24/Sep/2017

We're glad to hear that you had a great time. We're also sorry to hear that your daughter lost her rag doll, if we do come across it, we'll be sure to get in touch.

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very nice, great GO APE! such fun

Ellie, 19/Feb/2017
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How many people visit each year

Poppy, 28/Jan/2017

We have about 250,000 visitors a year to Wyre.

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Do you offer birthday parties?

Claire, 5/Sep/2016

We have two providers of Birthday parties that offer a range of ideas. Please visit or for more information.

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Is the Wyre forest stick man trail like the Cannock chase 1???

Rachel, 17/Jul/2016

The Stickman Trail panels are the same as you will find at other Forestry Commission forest centers. The Trail at Wyre, follows our Wren trail, which is also home to our "sleepy" Gruffalo sculpture. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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How large is the woodland where the Wyre Forest Visitor Centre is?

Mrs B, 12/May/2016

The Wyre Forest in its entirety is approximately 6,000 acres (or about 6,000 football pitches) of that the Forestry Commission manage approximately 2,400 acres.

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Can we hire bikes at Wyre Forest?

Lisa Thompson, 2/May/2016

Yes, Bike Hire is available in partnership with Bewdley Outdoors. For information on prices and availability please call 01299 266601 or visit

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When do you close at night?

Anonymous, 1/Apr/2016

The car park closes at 7pm during the summer months, and will close earlier at 6pm and 5pm during winters months.

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Is the stickman trail still on?

Anonymous, 28/Feb/2016

Yes, The Stickman Trail will be here at Wyre until after October half-term 2016. Enjoy your visit!

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Hi is the sleeping gruffalo still there?

Anonymous, 30/Jan/2016

Yes, he is still fast asleep in the deep dark woods. Enjoy your visit.

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