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My Christmas tree has been fantastic - not a sign of the needles dropping (even though it's the sort that does). I shall definitely buy from Alice Holt again. Thank you.

Jill, 3/Jan/2016

Hi. Do we need to pay for the car park when we're only there to choose a tree?

Tony, 10/Dec/2015

Thank you for your comment. If you are purchasing a Christmas tree you are able to have 1 hours free parking at Alice Holt.

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Have you got a 15 ft fir available? What is the cost if you have

Chris Harris, 3/Dec/2015

Thank you for your comment. The largest fir trees that we have in stock at our sales site are 8 to 9 ft Fir. These cost £89.00 each.

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Do you also sell the stands for the tree's, the ones that hold water? Thanks

Anne, 30/Nov/2015

Thank you for your question. We are selling Christmas tree stands at the site.

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Hi, bought a fab tree from you last year but have a much smaller car this year. Do you offer a delivery service?

Gabby, 30/Nov/2015

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a delivery service for our Christmas trees.

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Hi do you know or have a price list for the Christmas trees at Alice Holt this year?

Alex, 26/Nov/2015

Thank you for your comment. The Christmas Trees prices for Alice Holt are: Norway Spruce £8.00 to £32.00 and Fir £18.00 to £89.00.

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Are you still doing Christmas Trees in 2015 and if so, what stock have you got and when are you open so I can visit.

Jay, 23/Nov/2015

Thank you for your comment. The Alice Holt Christmas tree shop is open 9.30am – 5pm daily from today until 20th December. Or until stock runs out. We will be stocking Norway Spruce 3ft – 9ft and Fir 3ft – 9ft.

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Can you please let me know the opening times of Christmas tree sales this weekend.

Sue, 23/Nov/2015

Thank you for your comment. The Christmas tree sales site is now open daily 9.30am - 5pm until the 20th December (or until stock runs out)

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