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We love walking in the woods. It is such a lovely place and so well looked after. Is it okay to cycle on any of the paths or is it walking only?

tim, 23/Apr/2018

We're glad you enjoy Birchden Wood. You can ride your bike but please respect other forest users and slow down when passing.

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Disappointing that the Credit Card facilities are not working and I could see no information as to whether the machine charges a pro rate rate. i.e. If I want to park for 90 minutes surely I don't have to pay the day rate?

Rich, 2/Nov/2016

The Forestry Commission is working to make it's pay and display machines accept debit card payments and hope this will be resolved soon. The car park fees are shown on the Birchden Wood webpage. £1 per hour for up to 3 hours. If you are a regular visitor it may be better value to buy a Discovery Pass for Birchden Wood.

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I am a regular walker in Birchden wood and have recently seen and heard some birds of prey in the pines. Can you tell me what these birds might be?

Mandy Green, 11/Aug/2016

We're glad you enjoy Birchden Wood. It's difficult to say what the bird was without a picture but it may have been a sparrow hawk as they sometimes hunt through the trees or along hedgerows.

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I was pointed to the car park as the start of a 10 mile walk in the area, but faced with a 6 charge, I went and parked elsewhere on the route and walked in. 6 is too expensive for a single visitor.

John Bray, 1/May/2016

Great job you've done with the maintenance and access to the car park! keep up the good work.

Anonymous, 25/Apr/2016

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