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Where is the parking machine, visits twice this week and could not find the machine.

Anonymous, 18/May/2018

Currently we have no ticket machine onsite, this should be reinstalled very soon.

Forestry Commission Response
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Love the place but why block off the one end ? Could expand this area for more parking as today (very busy ) was overflowing onto the road ! .

Anonymous, 18/Jun/2017

Thank you for your review. We blocked this route a few years ago as there wasn't enough room to safely pass two cars, a one way system was considered at the time. Wenchford can get very busy on hot sunny days and we are aware parking was an issue on the weekend.

Forestry Commission Response
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My first visit, yesterday. yes it was raining but the beauty of the area stood out. perhaps next time I'll choose a nicer day to explore the area. Good to see you have a cafe and toilet facilitys

pity the cafe wasnt open, a cup of tea and a sarnie and my brief visit would've been complete.

Jeff, 11/Jun/2016

Thank you for your feedback. The refreshment kiosk will be open very soon and in time for the school holidays.

Forestry Commission Response
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the streem was good, we did our geog trip there lol.

fraser dallas, 2/Oct/2015

Glad you had a successful school visit!

Forestry Commission Response
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Frustrated Forester needs to lighten up. This spot is not just for locals, its for everyone. These places should be busy with people enjoying their selves with their families. If it costs a couple of quid for the privelidge then its still a well worth it.

Non local, 24/Jun/2015

Is there crayfish in the stream?

Andrew jones, 18/Jun/2015

we are not aware of crayfish at Wenchford, if they are presetn they are most likely to be non-native species

Forestry Commission Response
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We all enjoyed our annual bank holiday picnic as usual.

We would like to know what was the original purpose of the weir and dam. Can you help.

Andrew Ashcroft, 25/May/2015
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