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Hired the tramper today for my mother, who has servere mobility issues and hasn't been out on a "walk" for years. The forestry staff were superb, especially Rob who gave my mother a tramper lesson. Brilliant scheme to open up the wonderful walks to people usually denied this privilege. Great day! Great staff!

James , 31/Mar/2017
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Just wanted to say how much we appreciated being able to borrow the "Tramper" today. My son has M.E and been pretty much housebound for a year. Using the "Tramper" gave him back a sense of indepence as well as making him laugh. A main characteristic of M.E is post exertion malaise and no doubt he will experience payback tomorrow. However we all have a lovely memory of being in a forest for the first time in a year. Many Thanks to yourselves, Countryside Mobility South West and Ranger Jon.

Maria McGlashan, 19/Mar/2017
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Haldon forest park is lovely place great cafe walking area good if walkers stay safe on walking trails not on bike runs .blue is not family bike run trail very badly maintained can be little unsafe

For younger riders and tricky in places due bad lose rocky area .

Mtb , 5/Feb/2017
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Extremely expensive car park charges meant a cup of Coffee costs 5.20. Have to use my car being disabled as I don't have the option of arriving by bike. Won't be returning. Facilities appear good for able bodied visitors.

Keith, 29/Nov/2016

We are sorry you feel that our car parking charges are too high. All money raised from car parking goes back in to the maintenance and upkeep of Haldon. You can park for free at Mamhead, the other side of Haldon, although this isn't near to the facilities. Also regular visitors can save money with a Discovery Pass, which for £30 gives free parking for a year as well as a range of other discounts and benefits.

Forestry Commission Response
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Lovely walks and good views. Would have helped to have some maps en route and slightly better signage when you got off the beaten track, otherwise a brill place for our family and dog, well done!

Sally, 8/May/2016
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I think this is are 2nd time. HOLDON! Is great. It is way good especially to take the dog. If we go there again it will be great

Alfie, 6/Apr/2016

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