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Are we allowed to hack on horses around the paths ?

Sophie, 8/Sep/2017

Hi Sophie you can ride at Chambers Farm Wood but you will require a Sherwood and East Midlands Horse Riding Discovery Pass which can be purchased online here Access at Chambers on horseback is restricted to the stone roads throughout the wood.

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When is the best time and where is the best place to see orchids in Chambers farm wood?

Sylvia, 27/Jun/2017

Hi Sylvia, I have spoken to the forester for the area and he said try Willingham Woods. It stands out for him as a better location.

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Hello, when is the best time to see the toads please.


Hayley, 2/Feb/2017

Hi Hayley, I would suggest Spring is a good time to see them when they come out of their dormant winter period and head towards ponds to mate. Check out for more information.

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I had the most wonderful afternoon on 26th Oct 16 with my 4 Grand children and daughter. So nice to be in an English woodland after living in Spain for 15 years, the smell, peacefulness, and fantastic autumn colours was out of this world. Would like to know how big the woodland is in acres?

Peggy Dann, 27/Oct/2016

Hi Peggy, I am glad to hear you enjoyed your recent trip to Chambers Wood. The woodland is 348 hectares in size.

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Me and son - today we saw a big snake crossing way between car parks 1 and 2. It was less than 1 meter of lengh, grey dark with some dark pattern on back. Any white patches near head. 80 % sure we saw an Adder.. Son tried to make photo but snake was quite rapid.

AA family, 21/Jun/2016

Hi, its so good to hear you saw a snake. From your description I think it would be a Grass Snake. Adders have a definite zigzag pattern. Check out the reptile ID section on this website it might help you decide what you saw.

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I love this woods regularly walk my dog there, but I may have lost my engagement ring there ive retraced my steps but if anyone has handed it in I'd be eternally grateful I'm so upset!

Angela Last, 4/May/2016

Hi Angela, I will pass this on to the beat team who will be in touch if they find anything. I am glad you enjoy walking there though. Fingers crossed it turns up.

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Visited Today for a fantastic walk. Loved seeing the primroses. Unfortunately I dropped my kindle in the car park after having a quiet read at the picnic benches. Did any one find it?

Jan, 22/Mar/2015

Glad you had a nice walk but sad to hear about your kindle. I have sent this to the local team and someone will be in touch via email.

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