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Explore Oversley Wood
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 5/5)

This woodland is bursting with wildflowers, and in spring offer visitors the chance to see a velvet carpet of bluebells which covers the woodland floor.

Once there follow one of the circular walks to explore the wood, or visit the viewpoint for views to North West Alcester.

Interesting flora can be found along the wide paths and there is an ancient coppice in the heart of the Forest, making for a great wildlife spot.

Wheelchair users will need the padlock combination code if accessing the wood from the car park, phone 01299 266302 for details. There is an alternative all ability access from Alcester via the bridleway in the northwest corner of the woodland.

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

I have been going for years. Looking forward to seeing the bluebells again and also the many orchids.

Paul, 15/Apr/2017
5 Stars 5 Stars

It's been a while since we wandered around the wood due to my dog walking companion recently having a baby but now normal business is resumed! we usually go every couple of weeks even in the winter when it's chucking down with rain (I actually prefer it as it's quieter)and it's great, I live in Evesham, friend lives in Bromsgrove so we kind of meet in the middle, usually try and get 2 laps in if time allows and I feel very lucky to have this wood just down the road from us. My only criticisms are that parking is not great and as I don't have a fancy 4x4 with big wheels I worry about getting stuck especially when it's busy and space is very limited, the ditches down the sides of the tarmac road (especially in front of the main gate- gate side of the bridge also in general is slopey) are getting very worn and deeper and when it's been raining they are more of a challenge (I don't mind the mud...I have wellies for that I just don't want to sink my tyres!!), it's much better since you re-tarmac the entrance road so could you now look at the car park please? Only other minor point is that spring and summer the teeny tiny sign opposite the entrance on the main road is so small it gets swallowed up by the trees (I've been to the Wood 100's of times and on Saturday I missed the entrance completely as I couldn't see the sign)

Nikki Berriman, 31/May/2016

Hi Nikki, Thank you for the 5 star rating for Oversley Wood, we're glad to hear that you enjoy your visits so much. In Regards to your comments about the road access and car parking. We as the Forestry Commission don't own the road access or the area used for car parking, so we are unable to make major improvements to this area. If an opportunity arises by working with the landowner, we'll be sure to take your comments onboard.

Forestry Commission Response

not really about a "visit"..go there all the time. Just to let someone know,I came across a huge mess/camp yesterday and am returning to it today with gloves, black bags etc and someone to help!There is more litter there than I have ever seen before in the woods. If I can't manage to carry it all back to the car, I will leave it onthe edge of path. It will be far side away from A46. I use to have a contact email for ranger up there but seem to have lost it over the years! We're about to be consumed by blue bell lovers up there!

Helen Douglas., 20/Apr/2016

Thank you Helen! We are very appreciative of your help in clearing the rubbish you found and for reporting it to us. Our regular visitors are our eyes and ears in a number of our woods, and you can use the contact details on this page to make us aware of anything you may be concerned about. Many Thanks

Forestry Commission Response

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Last updated: 29th February 2016

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