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UKFS Guidelines on Forests and People

Forests and woodlands provide wide-ranging and diverse benefits to people in the UK. In addition to supporting livelihoods and employment, either directly or indirectly, sustainably managed forests deliver a range of environmental and social goods and services. they can enhance biodiversity by providing wildlife habitats, mitigate the effects of climate change, and provide opportunities for access and recreation. Forests also have a role in our historical and contemporary culture and contribute to attractive landscapes.

UK Forestry Standard Guidelines: Forests and People
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Forests and People is one of a series of seven Guidelines that support The UK Forestry Standard (UKFS). The UKFS and Guidelines outline the context for forestry in the UK, set out the approach of the UK governments to sustainable forest management, define standards and requirements and provide a basis for regulation and monitoring.

Printed copies of the Guidelines can be ordered from FC Publications.


Last updated: 2nd March 2017