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Tree Explorer Activity Pack

Learn about what makes trees so special with our Tree Explorer activity pack, filled with exciting facts and activities for kids to enjoy! Download and print your copy, and take it the forest to start the fun.

Learn to love and care for the trees around you! Download the Tree Explorer activity pack to get a real understanding of the forest, and Forestry Commission England’s role in helping them flourish.

Inside you'll find the following activities:

  • Leaf Challenge: Find all the leaves and share your pictures for a chance to win a pack of Tree Trumps
  • Make a tree rubbing with paper, crayons and leaves
  • Recreation Ranger: What activities can you see in the forest?
  • Wildlife Ranger: Help the animals stay safe in their homes
  • Forester: Learn how to calculate the age and height of a tree
  • Tree Scientist: Experiment, and have a go at growing your own tree!

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Last updated: 20th March 2018

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