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Tree Explorer Tree Explorer Tree Explorer Tree Explorer Tree Explorer

Tree Explorer

Learn about the trees around you, and love them for their wonderful secrets! Can you identify a tree by its bark, leaves or seeds? How much do you know about the life cycle of the forest?

We love trees. From the beauty of wood products to the shade and wildlife habitats they provide - trees are a crucial part of life.

Making clay faces on a pine tree  Get the Tree Explorer Activity Pack

Learn about what makes trees so special with our Tree Explorer activity pack, filled with exciting facts and activities for kids to enjoy! Download and print your copy, and take it to the forest to start the fun.

Cyril hart ArboretumTop walks for tree lovers

We've scoured the country for our top walks for tree lovers. We've found ten amazing walks which showcase some of the most beautiful varieties of trees in the country. From artisan arboretums to treasured ancient woodland - check out our top walks.

Harvester Thetford Kings ForestInteractive: The forest life cycle

From a tiny forest seedling, to a towering woodland wonder. From these great heights find out how timber is sustainably transformed into everyday products! Find out more with our interactive infographic.

Last updated: 29th June 2018

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