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'Why stars matter' trails and starcharts

Follow your nearest 'Why stars matter' trail to find out how stars affect people and the forest, taking part in fun activites along the way. Compete the trail to become a #ForestStar!

Find your nearest self-led trail on our map, and head out during the daytime for some starry-eyed learning and family fun.

Please note: from March 27th 2017 onwards, some sites will begin replacing the 'Why stars matter' trail with other family trails. Please contact your local site before your visit to avoid disappointment!



Download star charts to use in winter when looking north and south

Hold the star chart up in front of you in an open area when you visit the forest. Face the right direction and look at the sky!

Download our PDF version to print out for your stargazing visit.

Star map north

Image credit: Dark Sky Discovery

Star map north

Image credit: Dark Sky Discovery


Last updated: 28th March 2017

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