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South East Woodland News

Please note that The South East Woodland News is not currently being published.

You can download previous issues of the South East Woodland News below:

Current Issue 12: August 2010 (Pdf: 240kb)

Articles on wood products include:

  • A Local Harvest - sourcing for wood pellets
  • Woodland Products in Aquatic Engineering
  • myForest - Online woodland management website

 Issue 11: January 2010 (Pdf:1490kb)

  • Wight Heat - The island's first woodchip boiler
  • Funding for Forestry
  • RFS Excellence in Forestry Awards 2010

 Issue 10: Spring 2009 (PDF:361kb)

  • Woodland Butterflies are threatened in the South East
  • Red Squirrels and the Isle of Wight JIGSAW Project
  • Signs of Life - Bluebells

Issue 9: Spring 2008 (PDF:549kb)

  • Climate change and the impacts on native woodland
  • On site Conversion of timber
  • Wood Fuel Taking Off in the New Forest


Issue 8: Summer 2007 (PDF:1141kb)

  • Woodfuel 
  • How to ... Link into the woodfuel supply chain 
  • Ask the Expert - Which situations can I use logs, chips and pellets for woodfuel? 

Issue 7: Winter 2006 (PDF:458kb)

  • Deer and Woodland Management
  • How to ... Assess Deer Damage
  • Signs of Life - Deer recognition

Issue 6: Spring 2006  (PDF:486kb)

  • Forests of History
  • How to ...Care for Woodland Archaeology
  • The Land Information Search

Issue 5: Summer 2005 (PDF:309kb)

  •  Coppice woodland and management
  •  Restoring derelict coppice
  •  Butterflies and their larval food plants

Issue 4: Winter 2004 (PDF:194kb)

  • Ancient and veteran trees
  • Care for veteran trees
  • Bats

Issue 3: Spring/Summer 2004 (PDF:272kb)

  •  Why woods are good for you
  •  Opening private woodland for public access
  •  The red kite

Issue 2: Autumn / Winter 2003-04 (PDF:288kb)

  • Ancient woodlands
  • Pruning young trees
  • The dormouse

Issue 1: Spring/Summer 2003 (PDF:393kb)

  • An introduction to woods in the south east
  • Caring for planted trees
  • Badgers

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