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Sky Rainforest Rescue

Sky Rainforest Rescue

Through Sky Rainforest Rescue, Sky and WWF have teamed up with the Forestry Commission, to give you the chance to get up close and personal with the Amazon rainforest – to witness the wonders of the Amazon and learn why it’s so important to us all. Take part in the free Sky Rainforest Rescue Discovery Trails.

Sky Rainforest Rescue, launched by Sky and WWF three years ago, aims to help protect one billion trees in Acre, north-west Brazil. If you’re not involved yet, join us: together, we can help protect the Amazon we love, working hand in hand with the people who live there.

The Sky Rainforest Rescue Discovery Trails

The Sky Rainforest Rescue Discovery Trails are available at Sherwood Pines, Dalby and Hamsterley Forest!

Please note that all trails will be closed from the end of January.

Take part in the Discovery Trails and you (and your family) can listen to amazing wildlife sounds or simply learn and compare what products come from the rainforest. Along the trail you will also be able to take a photo in an Amazon rainforest setting and have the opportunity to test your knowledge on forests in England and of course the Amazon.

Adults can enter a competition to win a Forestry Commission Discovery Pass – providing free parking for a year at a Forestry Commission site in England.

Find out more about the Sky Rainforest Rescue project at

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