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Continuous Cover Forestry

Blengdale Forest is home to very big Douglas firContinuous Cover Forestry is the management of forest without clearfelling but using regular thinning to encourage regenertion or allow for underplanting to renew the forest.

Why Is It Important

  • It protects forest soils from erosion and reduces disturbance which reduces the emission of cabon dioxide.
  • Produces a stable forest habitat which is important for wildlife.
  • Looks attractive ro visitors.
  • Meets the  requirements of the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme.
  • Produces regular volumes of timber.
  • Maintains a continuos forest canaopy which is important for flood aleviation.

What are we doing in North West England

We have established 3 National Network sites in North and West Cumbria,around Bassenthwaite Lake in the forests of  Wythop and Dodd Wood and near Gosforth at Blengdale Forest in West Cumbria.

The National Network Sites are long term, large scale areas that act as a focus for practitioners to understand the operational, economic, social and environmental impacts of using low impact silvicultural systems. They will also be used to demonstrate to colleagues and others, inside and outside the forestry sector, the potential of a range of approaches.

For further information please contact Gareth Browning.

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