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NEWS RELEASE No: 1651024 JULY 2015

Results of Boar Thermal Image Survey in the Forest of Dean

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Wild boar

Forest of Dean boar survey confirms population continues to grow

The results of the annual thermal image survey of feral wild boar in the Forest of Dean, carried out between 23rd February and 15th April 2015 estimate that the population has grown to more than 1,000 animals.

Now in its third year, the thermal imaging survey carried out independently by Forest Research, is helping the Forestry Commission to help decide how to manage wild boar on the Public Forest Estate in the Forest of Dean.

The survey results provide consistent evidence of both an increase in overall population, an increase in distribution of boar, and an increase in population density in the core forest areas.  The overall population has increased from an estimated 535 animals in spring 2013, to 819 in spring 2014 to the 1,018 mark in spring 2015, despite culls of 135 animals in 2013/14 and 361 in 2014/15.

This latest survey confirms that the population is still growing despite annual culls and those animals killed by road traffic collisions in the Forest.

Kevin Stannard, Deputy Surveyor for the Forest of Dean said:

“Our long-term aim of managing the population of boar to maintain a thriving population of around 400 animals on the forest has not changed.  The most recent survey results are disappointing in so far as they show a further population growth at a time when we also achieved a significant increase in the cull.  It remains our intention in the short-term to stop the population from increasing, and then to bring that population back to a level where the boar can live in harmony with our community and in balance with our rich woodland ecology.”


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